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    Michael Bay

    The eccentric producer-director behind "Transformers" and "Armageddon" is selling his three-story contemporary home at a $13.5 million listing price, real estate blogger The Real Estalker reports.

    The house has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, and four stone fireplaces, and it's located in the coveted Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles.

    There's also a private screening room, wine cellar, and a pool with stunning skyline views. It's an ideal Tinseltown escape, with high ceilings, beautiful details, and big windows that will let in plenty of that California sunshine. 

    The house is located on nearly an acre of property in the in-demand lower section of Bel Air.

    This small dining area opens directly onto the backyard area.

    The kitchen is sleek and modern, and the bamboo forest adds a touch of zen.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    the walking dead clementineWe've waited awhile for this, but the first trailer for the next "Walking Dead" video game has finally been released.

    Last year's first installment from Telltale Games was critically acclaimed, being heralded as last year's Game of the Year.

    This time around will be a lot different as you're playing as Clementine — a young girl who was abandoned after everyone in her group was killed. 

    There's no release date given for season 2 of "The Walking Dead." All we have to go off of is that it's "coming very soon." Hopefully, that means the start of next year.

    Check it out below:

    If you haven't played "The Walking Dead," I recommend trying it out.

    The role-playing game (RPG) isn't heavy on blood and gore.

    Instead, gameplay is dictated by human interaction and the choices you make — some of which are split second decisions. Sometimes, these result in life or death. Ultimately, it makes the game worth playing through a few times to try out different scenarios. 

    The first game had possibly one of the saddest endings to any game I've ever played. *spoiler* The main character you've been playing as the entire game gets bitten and is about to turn into a zombie. You're forced to take on the role of his companion — a young girl — and kill him before he turns so he doesn't kill you. *spoiler*

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    Maria Gabriela Isler

    Last month, Maria Gabriela Isler of Venezuela was crowned Miss Universe— the 62nd woman to be crowned with the prestigious title since the competition was founded in 1952.

    And while the Miss Universe crown represents one of the most honorable of all beauty titles, hundreds of pageants take place all over the world each year.

    Throughout the past 60 years of Miss Universe and Miss USA competitions, former beauty queens have gone on to have successful careers — journalists such as Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer, Oscar winners like Halle Berry, many leaders in philanthropy, and more.

    Check out the former beauty queens who are doing their parts to change the world.

    Miss Kansas Theresa Vail looked like the average contestant when she competed in Miss America this year.

    But during the swimsuit segment, this army sergeant became the first contestant to ever expose her tattoos.

    Miss Kansas Theresa Vail was only the second contestant in the military to ever compete in Miss America, and altough she didn't win, she placed in the top 10.

    She's also an expert M16 marksman, a bow hunter, a skydiver, a boxer and a mechanic, according to People

    Vail also became the first contestant to showcase her tattoos during this year's competition.

    "Why am I choosing to bear my tattoos?" Vail says. "My whole platform is empowering women to overcome stereotypes and break barriers. What a hypocrite I would be if I covered my ink. How can I tell other women to be fearless and true to themselves if I can't do the same? I am who I am, tattoos and all." 

    Lauren Nelson won the Miss America crown in 2007 and used her title for a good cause ...

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    bond mojitoAn analysis of the 14 James Bond novels reveals that the international spy consumed six or seven cocktails a day, on average, Michaeleen Doucleff of NPR reports.

    A team led by liver specialist Dr. Indra Neil Guha at Nottingham University Hospital in England spent a year studying all of Ian Flemming's Bond novels.

    The results are published in the Christmas edition of BMJ.

    From NPR: 

    It wasn't just chronic drinking that roughed up Bond's liver. He also went on some mean benders. In Casino Royale, Bond knocked back nearly 20 drinks before going on a high-speed car chase, getting in a wreck and then spending two weeks in the hospital. 

    The authors conclude that "the level of functioning as displayed in the books is inconsistent with the physical, mental, and indeed sexual functioning expected from someone drinking this much alcohol," noting wryly that they suspect "the famous catchphrase 'shaken, not stirred' could be because of alcohol induced tremor affecting his hands." 

    jamesbond_enl 8ee7dd54b2c84136eda221c9dbcb8a612dedaa9f

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    Beyonce has shocked music fans releasing a surprise album — simply titled “Beyonce” — on iTunes in the middle of the night. The track consists of 14 songs and 17 music videos.

    Screen Shot 2013 12 13 at 6.55.34 AM

    According to The Daily Mail (via Gizmodo), the album briefly crashed the iTunes store, where it was exclusively released.

    The release has made the Internet go nuts.

    Beyonce, and a bunch of related terms are trending on Twitter.

    Screen Shot 2013 12 13 at 7.02.10 AM

    Instagram is filled with images like these. 

    As for what people are saying about the album, here's Ebony with an early review:

    Turns out, this Houston rocket was just a little creatively bored. “I’m climbing up the walls ’cause all the sh*t I hear is boring/All the sh*t I do is boring/All these record labels boring,” she spits spoken-word style on “Haunted.” Many Beyoncé tracks (“Haunted” included) open with samples of childhood highs that recall the promo picture of her “Bow Down” single: tweenage Bey surrounded by dozens of trophies. But here when she says “perfectionism is so…,” you can almost hear the shrug in her shoulders. And when she starts to chant repeatedly about “people working nine-to-five just to stay alive” and wondering “how come,” she connects the boredom of mega-stardom to the everyday world-weariness we’re all used to.

    Beyoncé mainly features futuristic, sometimes tribal, mid-tempo tracks from songwriters and producers Timbaland, Pharrell, Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake, The-Dream, Hit Boy and others. Many songs shift midway through, abandoning original ideas for altogether different grooves like Donna Summer disco classics of old or Timberlake’s recent 20/20 Experience records. Sex is blatantly on the table too, in a way that may put Miss Carter’s sterling role model reputation at risk. Tsk, tsk.

    Surely this will dominate much of the pop media's conversations today.

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    Kevin Spacey House of Cards

    Netflix is out with a new trailer for "House of Cards," Season 2 of which premiers on Feb. 14. 

    Season 2 kicks off with Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) stepping into a new role as vice president — one he helped carefully craft for himself. In the trailer, he is already declaring that the "butchery begins."

    Meanwhile, investigative reporter Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) is putting together the pieces on a huge story (along with fellow reporter Janine Skorsky, played by Constance Zimmer) revealing the truth of what happened between Frank and Peter Russo. 

    "For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain," Frank says in the trailer, "there can be no mercy."

    Here's the trailer:

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    kids watching tvEver since the dawn of Netflix and all instant video-streaming services, we've had the opportunity to watch episodes of the shows we love one after another after another, sometimes in 12-hour benders.

    It's called "binge watching" and it's a real thing: a Harris Interactive survey released today found that the majority of streaming television viewers in the United States binge watch, and feel it makes the shows more enjoyable.

    CNN Money reports Netflix commissioned this survey, which was conducted online among 3,078 adults in the U.S. in late November. 

    Most people who took the survey said they define binge-watching as viewing "a handful of episodes (between 2-6 episodes) of the same TV show in one sitting."

    Netflix figured out early that releasing a series in its entirety meant users could be in control of the pace in which they watch the show; a positive for the business. But they've been toying with the idea of timed releases as well. CNN Money reports Netflix plans to release five episodes of the children's show "Turbo Fast" on Dec. 24, and then "release other batches of episodes — it calls them 'pods' — around future holidays." 

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    house of cards season 2 kevin spacey

    If you weren't pleased with the teaser trailer for "House of Cards" released at the beginning of the month, Netflix just released a new, longer one that should satisfy

    Kevin Spacey's back as Frank Underwood and ruthless as ever.

    Here's the plot synopsis for the new season from Netflix:

    Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) has masterfully maneuvered his way into the Vice Presidency, but his ascension faces threats on all fronts...

    Investigative reporter Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) is inching closer to the truth about Frank and Peter Russo (Corey Stoll) and will stop at nothing to break the story.

    And Frank's wife Claire (Robin Wright), the newly appointed Second Lady, must deal with the bright glare of the spotlight and how the intense scrutiny eats away at their once private existence.

    The series returns to Netflix February 14.

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    The results are in.

    The most popular photo on Instagram this year was none other than a snap of Justin Bieber and Will Smith.

    Bieber uploaded it to his account 4 months ago. The photo is captioned "Me and uncle Will." It currently has 1,496,070 "likes."

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    Beyoncé pretty much broke the Internet when she sneak-released a new album in the middle of the night with 14 new songs and 17 music videos.

    Beyoncé co-directed four of the videos, a few of which feature her family — a departure from the usually fiercely private superstar.

    Husband Jay Z raps on the track "Drunk In Love" and appears in the racy music video, mom Tina stars in "Grown Woman," and daughter Blue Ivy is the subject of sweet song "Blue."

    Shot in Brazil, "Blue" was directed by Beyoncé, Ed Burke and Bill Kirstein and Blue can even be heard on the track.

    "Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)

    While the full video has since been taken down, we were able to grab a few screenshots of the best mother/daughter moments:

    Beyonce Blue Ivy music video

    Beyonce Blue Ivy music video

    Beyonce Blue Ivy music video

    Beyonce Blue Ivy music video

    Beyonce Blue Ivy music video

    Jay Z appears in Beyoncé's super sexy "Drunk in Love" video directed by Hype Williams:

    Check out the power couple doing their thing on the beach in the black and white video:

    Beyonce Drunk In Love Music Video

    Beyonce Jay Z Drunk In Love Music Video

    Beyonce Jay Z Drunk In Love Music Video

    Beyonce Jay Z Drunk In Love Music Video

    Beyonce Jay Z Drunk In Love Music Video

    The video for "Grown Woman" directed by Jake Nava feature's Beyoncé's mom, Tina Knowles:

    Check out a quick mashup of all 17 videos below:

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    If you've ever watched Paul Rudd on "Conan," you've probably noticed that he has tricked the late-night host into thinking he's brought a clip from a new film not once, but every time he has appeared on the show.

    Instead of new footage from a film, he plays the same clip over and over again from '80s flop, "Mac and Me." 

    And it's not just "Conan." This stunt goes way back to "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" in the '90s.

    With "Anchorman 2" out next week, we came across a compilation someone made of the many times Rudd has pulled the stunt. If you've never seen, it's wonderful.

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    Bow down to Beyoncé.

    Last night, Bey released a secret album on iTunes and it's already a clear winner.

    The 14-song, 17 video (!) album — which the singer is dubbing a "visual album" — has already sold more than 80,000 copies in three hours, according to Billboard.

    It's also number one on the iTunes store.

    beyonce secret album number one itunes

    How good is 80,000?

    For comparison, the singer's last album, "4" debuted with sales of 310,000 copies in its first week.

    It's difficult to imagine where the new mother / singer found time to record a new album, make music videos to compliment each song WHILE keeping it all under wraps.

    Earlier this year, Beyoncé released an HBO documentary "Life is but a Dream" and now she's on her Mrs. Carter World tour.

    Now that's multi-tasking

    SEE ALSO: See Beyonce and Blu Ivy in her personal new music videos

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    In case you're just signing on to the Internet today, Beyoncé dropped her fifth studio album and first visual album last night.

    The best part? She kept it a secret from everyone.

    "I didn't want to release my music the way I've done it. I am bored with that," she explained. "I just want this to come out when it's ready and from me to my fans."

    "Beyoncé" features 17 music videos, 14 new tracks, and collaborations with hubby Jay Z, as well as Drake, Frank Ocean, and even her nearly two-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

    Take a look at previews for all 17 music videos below. Happy holidays, from Queen Bey to you.

    "Pretty Hurts"



    "Drunk In Love"


    "No Angel"











    "Grown Woman"

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    beyonce super bowl

    How did Beyoncé keep the news of her new album under wraps?

    She barely told anyone about it.

    Billboard reports the singer's latest album was such a secret that only a dozen or so members of her Sony Records family were aware of the set being pushed to iTunes yesterday evening.

    Earlier today, Beyonce's full music video featuring Blue Ivy was pulled on Vimeo due to a claim from Sony Records Entertainment.

    vimeo beyonce

    Maybe we'll be seeing a full version of it up again soon.

    The singer's new album has sold a massive 80,000 albums in a few short hours.

    SEE ALSO: Beyoncé's Secret Album Is Absolutely Crushing Sales After Just A Few Hours

    MORE: Blue Ivy stars in one of Beyoncé's new music videos

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    uncle samCheck out the Business Insider Jobs section >>

    As part of our new partnership with, each week we'll feature one of the awesome jobs advertised on the Business Insider jobs board.

    To learn more about this opportunity click here

    Follow Business Insider Jobs on Twitter here


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    YouTube generation sign

    A recent report from eMarketer says that YouTube is expected to earn more than $5.6 billion in gross revenue by the end of 2014.

    While that number is certainly impressive in its own right — it's a 51% jump from last year — it's especially so when matched up against the longstanding traditional TV networks YouTube is competing against for viewers and advertising dollars.

    For comparison, let's take a look at everyone's favorite trendy cable broadcaster, AMC Networks. The company owns AMC, IFC, WE tv, and Sundance Channel, as well as the IFC Films studios. In its last reported quarter, AMC Networks had about $395 million in revenues, which would total about $1.6 billion in net revenue over the course of a year.

    That would make Google's YouTube revenues about 3.5 times greater than what the home of hit shows like Breaking Bad and Walking Dead is pulling in.

    YouTube's revenues would also put it at about half the size of cable giant ESPN, which is expected to take in about $10 billion in revenue in 2013. What's fascinating, though, is that about $6.5 billion of that number comes entirely from cable subscription fees, the amount of money ESPN makes from cable providers for every subscriber who gets the channel. It's advertising business, on the other hand brings in just $3.5 billion.

    As for how the video sharing site stacks up against one of the grand, old, giants of the television industry? NBC's broadcast and cable divisions — which include properties such as MSNBC, USA Network, and Bravo — posted revenues of $3.8 billion for this past quarter, which would work out to $15.2 billion over the course of a year.

    The figure is certainly much larger than the $5.6 billion YouTube is working with, but not enough to make the eight-year-old video-sharing site look like the guppy you'd expect when compared with a company that has been broadcasting video since 1931.

    In short, YouTube's advertising business is starting to bring it on par with some of the biggest players in television. Though it's not quite on the same level as stalwarts like ESPN and NBC, its undeniable that at its current size, YouTube would be a player you'd heard of if it were in the business of cable TV.

    SEE ALSO: Facebook Video Pitch Deck Shows It Has Gone To War Against TV

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    the hobbit martin freeman

    Have you ever wondered what the weather was like for the hobbits, elves, wizards, and orcs of Middle Earth? If you're going to see the "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" this weekend, now you'll have a better understanding of what kind of climate the characters should be experiencing.

    Climatologists from the University of Bristol actually simulated what the weather would be like in author J.R.R. Tolkien's fictional world of Middle Earth from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    The climate of The Shire

    It turns out The Shire, where all the hobbits like Bilbo Baggins live, has a climate similar to "shires" in the United Kingdom — Lincolnshire and Leicestershire. On the other hand Mordor, the terrifying land that Frodo and Sam travel to to destroy the one ring in the final Lord of the Rings book, has a climate more like Los Angeles and Western Texas.

    Screenshot 2013 12 13 15.35.25It might sound a little far-fetched and silly, but the scientists from the University of Bristol actually used a climate model similar to the models used for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report released in November.

    "Because climate models are based on fundamental scientific processes, they are able not only to simulate the climate of the modern Earth, but can also be easily adapted to simulate any planet, real or imagined, so long as the underlying continental positions and heights, and ocean depths are known," said Richard Pancost, one of the scientists who worked on the climate model, in a press release.

    Radagast the Brown, one of the wizards from Tolkien's Middle Earth, is the scientific paper's author. The paper itself is written in a way that anyone, climate background or not, can understand. They've even translated it for Elves [PDF] and Dwarves [PDF].

    Dan Lunt, a climatologist who worked on the model, told "The whole Middle Earth thing grabs people's attention, but then actually the paper that we wrote... is aimed at the general public. It's aimed at someone who is interested in climate science but has no background."

    How the climatologists were able to simulate the conditions of Middle Earth

    In the paper, Radagast tells us that he used measurements "derived from maps and manuscripts from the extensive archives in Rivendell." In reality the scientists used the maps of Middle Earth that are included in Tolkien's novels for the data they plugged into the climate model computer.

    Middle Earth climateThe model requires a spherical representation, and since the only information about Middle Earth is available on flat two dimensional maps, there was some degree of accuracy lost converting it to a 3D model. The scientists also assumed the radius of Earth and Middle Earth are the same.

    The model can even predict wind power. The scientists found that the location Bilbo sets sail from at the end of Tolkien's story actually makes sense: the "Grey Havens" is actually the area on the map that likely produced the strongest winds.

    The scientists also found high levels of CO2 in Middle Earth and attributed it to the greenhouse gas emissions of Mount Doom: the volcano that Frodo throws the ring into in the last book.

    They were even able to determine what kinds of plants would grow in different areas of Middle Earth.

    shire plants

    The work is meant to be light-hearted, but using the models to simulate past weather conditions of actual Earth, not the fictional Middle Earth, can help test the accuracy of these models.

    "A core part of our work here in Bristol involves using state-of-the-art climate models to simulate and understand the past climate of our Earth," Lunt said in a press release. "By comparing our results to evidence of past climate change, for example from tree rings, ice cores, and ancient fossils of plants and animals, we can validate the climate models, and gain confidence in the accuracy of their predictions of future climate."

    It should be noted that the climatologists did not have any funding for this study and worked on it in their spare time.

    Some of the maps from the paper, showing the temperature, precipitation, and winds in Western Europe (left), the Cretaceous North Atlantic (middle), and Middle Earth (right):Middle earth maps climate

    SEE ALSO: The Most Alarming Findings From A Monster Report On Climate Change

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    khloe kardashian lamar odom

    Khloe Kardashian Odom has just filed court documents to divorce Lamar Odom, her husband of four years, reports TMZ.

    In the legal docs, filed by celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, the E! reality star cites "irreconcilable differences."

    According to TMZ, "the couple has a prenup so division of property will be a cinch -- they kept all their property separate. Khloe is NOT asking for spousal support and wants the judge to reject any bid by Lamar for the same."

    The site also adds that Khloe is asking the judge to take Odom out of her name, so she is once again simply Khloe Kardashian.

    Lamar has reportedly been battling drug addiction for the past two years. A leaked video of the NBA player rapping about cheating on his wife was apparently the "last straw" for Kardashian.


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