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    mark zuckerberg facebook star wars"Return of the Badge" isn't a planned movie for the "Star Wars" franchise, but it is something Facebook decided to celebrate.

    The social-network company transformed part of its campus into Endor and let its employees pose alongside stormtroopers and Chewbacca to celebrate May 4 — the date is wildly considered to be "Star Wars" Day, as in "May the Fourth be with you."

    Here's what Facebook's "Return of the Badge" looked like:

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    Facebook's "Return of the Badge" kicked off by totally redoing part of its campus into a "Star Wars" set.

    Instagram Embed:
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    The "Star Wars" set was modeled after Endor's forest moon, the home of the furry alien species the Ewoks.

    Instagram Embed:
    Width: 658px


    Even the lunch was "Star Wars" themed.

    Instagram Embed:
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    SCREENROOM the kent nyc

    A new luxury condominium development on Manhattan's Upper East Side has launched sales today, and it has some unusual features.

    The Kent is an 83-unit tower built in an old-fashioned Art Deco style — but it's decked out with every amenity a contemporary buyer would want. That includes a one-of-a-kind "Sound Lounge" designed by Kravitz Design, helmed by famous musician Lenny Kravitz.

    "The Sound Lounge was inspired by one of my personal recording studios," Kravitz said in a statement. "We wanted to create an inviting and inspiring multipurpose environment where the residents can play music together or practice their instruments." 

    It will be stocked with a full set of instruments, amps, and practice equipment for both professional and amateur musicians to play. And that's not the only specially designed room: there's a drawing room with a fireplace, a garden salon with a billiards table, and an "interactive play space" called Camp Kent.

    Developed by Extell Development Group, The Kent was designed by Beyer Blinder Belle with interiors by Champalimaud and landscape architecture by West8. Units will start at $2.45 million a pop. Penthouse pricing has not yet been released, but it could be as much as $20 million.

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    Up on East 95th Street, The Kent is a new luxury building in a neighborhood currently devoid of the towers that populate the rest of Manhattan. Extell bought the property for a little over $6 million back in 2013.

    It's a classic 1920s Art Deco design on the exterior.

    Source: DNAInfo

    And it retains Art Deco influences in the streamlined interior, as well; the floor pattern in this entrance hall is a throwback to that era.

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    million dollar listing

    Fredrik Eklund wants everyone to become a millionaire. But since that's not going to happen, he'd at least like everyone to look like a millionaire.

    The colorful realtor may be at the top of the New York real-estate game now, but Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing New York" star remembers that it wasn't always like that.

    When he arrived to New York City in 2002, he didn't have one listing or any real-estate training. He described the journey from there to his success now in his book "The Sell: The Secrets to Selling Anything to Anyone." 

    "Let’s say, you’re not making a lot of money yet, and you don’t have any savings yet, and you want to look like you’ve already made it," Eklund told Business Insider. "I tried to make every chapter like that, because it wouldn’t be interesting if you were some guy who made it in New York City real estate, and had a fabulous life, and had a good clothing budget. That wouldn’t be interesting."

    Eklund told us his top four tips for looking like a success no matter how much money you have:

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    Start at the bottom: your shoes.

    "Shoes are very important," Eklund said. "It doesn’t have to be that expensive. It’s better to go for a lower price and get new shoes, get them redone, get them shined. It doesn’t matter if you have thousand-dollar boots if they’re dirty."

    A stellar watch sends a message.

    "A nice watch is always important," Eklund told us. "I think that’s important for a woman, too. It’s a statement."

    You can get your hands dirty, but keep your nails clean.

    "Good nails are very important. I’m a nail biter, too, and I’ve overcome that," Eklund said.

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    For the last 30 years, Rob Reiner has been best known for directing movies like “Stand by Me,” “The Princess Bride,” “When Harry Met Sally,” and “A Few Good Men.” The titles have brought joy to millions.

    But the Reiner household hasn't been all happy. The legendary actor/filmmaker’s son, Nick, 22, has been battling drug abuse since his late teens.

    Most families would want to keep that part of their lives as hidden from public view as possible. But Reiner admits that, even at the darkest moments of his son’s addiction, he thought of making a movie. Yet it was too painful to put pen to page and begin a script.

    Rob Reiner Evan Agostini Invision APInterestingly enough, his son came to the same realization as a means to rehabilitate.

    While at a rehab center in Los Angeles four years ago, Nick befriended fellow addict Matt Elisofon. The two began writing about their challenges with addiction and the people they met at rehab. Eventually they came up with a script for the movie “Being Charlie” (in theaters Friday), which they asked Rob to direct.

    The film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last September to a sold-out crowd.

    It’s a mix of drama and comedy that focuses on an 18-year-old named Charlie (played Nick Robinson of “Jurassic World” fame) as he struggles with addiction to heroin and cocaine. As Charlie jumps in and out of rehab, the aggravation of his actor-turned-politician father (Cary Elwes) grows, and he doesn’t know how to help his son.

    “It was a real corrective emotional experience,” Nick Reiner told Business Insider following the TIFF screening about making the movie.

    It took “Being Charlie” four years to get to the screen (in that time Nick has been sober), evolving from a half-hour comedy, then an hour dramedy that was rejected by the TV networks, to finally a feature film.

    According to Rob Reiner, what the project lacked in its early development was telling both the father's and son's sides.

    “It needed what he has been through but also what we had been through,” Rob told Business Insider, referring to himself and his wife, Michele, who was sitting beside him.

    Michele Rob Jake Romy Nick Reiner Evan Agostini Invision APNick and Elisofon were by Rob’s side throughout filming. According to Rob, the script was tweaked daily to make the scenes more true to life.

    “I relied on him,” Rob said of his son. “He’s the heart and soul of the film.”

    One of the biggest adjustments came while shooting the film’s ending, in which Charlie and his father finally have a heart-to-heart.

    Rob and Nick couldn’t find the right tone. After constant rewrites, they finally felt they had something a few days before shooting the scene. It’s a gripping moment when both the father and son open up to each other like they never have before.

    The Reiners compare getting the ending right to the whole experience making the film.

    "We were healing as we were going along," Nick said. "And it all doesn’t happen overnight. Certain things we hadn’t dealt with for a while but we were able to through this movie. It didn’t fix everything, but it really tapped into — "

    Nick paused to find the words, then his father, sitting across from Nick, finished for him.

    "It forced me to really have to understand what he had been going through for a long time," Rob said.

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    NOW WATCH: The new trailer for ‘Steve Jobs’ makes it clear that Sorkin is going to show us the man like never before

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    Michael Moore Kevin Winter Getty

    Michael Moore has always been known as the face of his own movies.

    For his popular documentaries “Fahrenheit 9/11” and “Bowling for Columbine,” which won him an Oscar, he traveled the country plugging his work in countless media outlets.

    But for his latest movie, “Where to Invade Next,” the face of the movie has hardly been seen.

    Moore was taken to the intensive care unit at a hospital in New York City after coming down with pneumonia on February 5, a week before the film hit theaters, and was unable to tour with the film after that.

    Though the movie is the highest-grossing documentary of the year so far in the US, with close to $4 million earned to date, it’s not taking in the kind of money that his previous hits have.

    Moore sold the film at the Toronto International Film Festival last September to a startup distributor run by Tom Quinn and Jason Janego, who had left The Weinstein Company's VOD arm, Radius, to go out on their own.

    The yet-unnamed company, which is also run by Alamo Drafthouse’s Tim League, has only bought “Where to Invade Next” to date. It's been mum to the press on its plans going forward.

    I spoke with Moore on Thursday in promotion of the Blu-ray release of “Where to Invade Next” (available May 10), and asked the filmmaker about his thoughts on the company that released the film.

    “Do you know the name of the company?” Moore said.

    When I said that I didn't know if it had one yet, he responded, “Hm, so maybe you’ve answered your question. There is no phone number for this unnamed company. There’s no address. I don’t think there was even a payroll. I think everything was contracted out to freelancers,” he said.

    Michael Moore Tom Quinn Jason Janego Getty Kevin WinterWhen asked if he felt Quinn and Janego overpromised what they could do for the film, Moore said, “I'm not prepared to talk about this right now. I think it needs some time and some investigation and when I have it all before me I'll have something.

    "I will say this, Tom Quinn and Jason Janego seem to be good and decent people," Moore continued. "I didn't know them before this transpired. But they certainly have a good track record, but honest to God I can't answer your question because I honestly don't know if there is a company, was a company, what they're doing now. And that's a different story for a different day.”

    Quinn, however, told Business Insider that he loves the movie and is proud of the work he and his company did to make it the top-grossing documnetary of the year so far.

    “There is no smoking gun, it’s an issue-driven movie, and I think Micheal Moore doing that kind of movie was interesting,” Quinn said. “That’s why I bought it.”

    Moore has been known throughout his career to be tough on his distributors. He even sued the head of the distribution company behind the release of “Fahrenheit 9/11,” Harvey Weinstein, over profits for the movie.   

    The company releasing “Where to Invade Next” certainly seemed to be planning a signature Michael Moore release, including a 50-state bus tour

    But while pictures of the bus surfaced on social media, the tour never happened. When asked why, Moore told BI, “Like I said before, I'm not ready to talk about this right now. I saw the same picture and it looks like a nice bus.”

    Quinn said of the canceled tour, “He got sick. We had two buses. Unfortunately he couldn't do it, because of his health issues.”

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    NOW WATCH: The 'Property Brothers' raced to see who could build IKEA furniture fastest — it wasn't pretty

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    Tom Holland Anthony Harvey

    English actor Tom Holland, 19, has been hard at work to achieve his Spider-Man look for "Captain America: Civil War," in which he makes an appearance.

    Best known for starring in "Billy Elliot the Musical" in London in 2008, he found international attention when he was named the new Peter Parker in June. And he beat out some stiff competition of rising young actors to do so.

    He'll also get his own standalone Spider-Man movie next year.

    Recently, the actor has been busy showing off his training regimen for the role on Instagram.

    Check out how Holland has been getting Spider-Man fit below:

    SEE ALSO: New Spider-Man Tom Holland may have won the role thanks on his insane stunt videos on Instagram

    "Back in the boxing gym," Holland said a month before the release of "Captain America: Civil War," no doubt getting ready for his Spider-Man standalone film.

    Instagram Embed:
    Width: 658px


    He said he's doing his boxing in a gym in Brixton, London.

    Instagram Embed:
    Width: 658px


    He was already looking more ripped several months ago.

    Instagram Embed:
    Width: 658px


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    Last week, the now-presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, accused Hillary Clinton of playing the "woman's card." Moving on.

    That apparently got Adam Smith, the co-creator of the viral-meme sensation Texts from Hillary, thinking:

    And that's where Zach Wahls came in. When he saw Smith's tweet, he told Business Insider that he had a breakthrough. He didn’t want to sit around and wait for the Clinton campaign to sell cards (though it did).

    So he decided to do it himself.

    He wrangled his sister — a senior at the University of Iowa graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in painting — to help him create The Woman Cards, a small Kickstarter campaign. It looked to raise $5,000 for "a deck of playing cards celebrating American women at a time when we are only going to hear the phrase 'The Woman Card' used by Donald Trump more and more often."

    The plan: Zach’s sister Zebby would hand draw portraits of 13 exceptional American women to feature in a full 52-card deck (plus two jokers still to be determined). Hillary Clinton was the first pick.

    The women

    Clinton was the face of the Ace of Hearts because the "ace" denotes “single” or “one," and the Wahl siblings are placing their bets on her becoming the first female president of the United States.


    Filling the shoes of King and Queen in the deck were Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Beyonce, respectively.



    Dwindling down the list to just 10 other women was the toughest part.

    Ultimately, the pair landed on a carefully-curated list of women, thoughtfully assigned to card numbers for very specific reasons. For example, new face of the $20 bill, Harriet Tubman, took the eight-card slot because she served as a "conductor" of the underground railroad for eight years. And Dr. Sally Ride landed on the two-card after journeying to space twice.

    What the Wahls didn’t bet on was an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response. Just three and half hours after setting the project live on Kickstarter, they had passed their $5,000 goal with 29 days to go. Now, on Day 5, the campaign has raised more than $80,000 and counting.

    They’ve even generated global interest, with international order requests coming in from New Zealand, Australia and South Korea.

    'That kid from YouTube'

    Zach might seem like just another 24-year-old living in his parents' Iowa basement. But he's no stranger to the viral power of the Internet.

    Back in 2011, he made major waves after defending same-sex marriage before the Iowa legislature. His parents (the ones with the basement) are lesbians. After writing an article about them for his high-school newspaper, the state invited Wahls to speak before the hearing.

    View his speech below:

    Quickly dubbed ‘that kid from YouTube’ after the video went viral, Zach found himself swept into the heart of political activism. So he withdrew from college to pursue activism full time, going on to write a New York Times bestselling memoir: "My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family."

    Wahls became a co-founder of Scouts for Equality, an advocacy group lobbying to end LGBT discrimination in the Boy Scouts of America. He still serves on the organization’s board of directors.

    The Future

    So for living in his parent’s basement, it’s been a busy few years for Zach Wahls. And based on the success of "The Woman Cards" project, it doesn't look like he'll be slowing down anytime soon.

    The Wahls siblings have already picked out their top choices for a second-edition deck: Zach is set on Admiral Grace Hopper, one of the first programmers in computer history, while Zebby is going with Margaret Hamilton, a NASA scientist that developed the on-board flight software for the Apollo missions.

    And they’re taking names, too. Already, over 200 suggestions have poured in, and you can email if you have your own. My personal favorite: Ellen DeGeneres as the joker.

    SEE ALSO: TRUMP: 'If Hillary Clinton were a man, she wouldn't get 5% of the vote'

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    NOW WATCH: Hillary Clinton just released a Trump attack ad that uses the GOP’s words against him

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    taylor swift

    Even Mick Jagger can't touch Taylor Swift's moves.

    Though her last year hasn't been totally easy — including a revived feud with Kanye West— she came out on top in the music world in terms of the money she earned.

    Billboard released its annual list of the highest-paid musicians, which ranks how much artists made in 2015, with touring being the primary factor — especially as album sales across the board continue to dwindle.

    That accounts for why Adele, despite skyrocketing sales, had to bow down to Swift, who earned $73.5 million in 2015 while she was on her 1989 tour, as well as popular legacy acts that command high sales, from The Rolling Stones to Billy Joel.

    See the ranked list of the top 20 highest-paid musicians below:

    SEE ALSO: Inside Prince's massive $10 million mansion where he was found dead

    20. Fleetwood Mac - $11.3 million

    19. Florida Georgia Line - $11.5 million

    18. Juan Gabriel - $11.6 million

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    jeff bewkes

    This story was delivered to BI Intelligence "Digital Media Industry Insider" subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here.

    Time Warner announced that it brought in $7.3 billion in revenue during the first quarter, a 3% year-over-year (YoY) increase. This was largely attributed to the strong performance of its HBO and Turner Broadcasting units.

    Revenue from Turner – which runs cable channels including CNN, TNT, and Cartoon Network – eclipsed $2.9 billion, rising 7% YoY. Increased affiliate fees – or the fee that cable companies have to pay networks to include their channels in cable packages – were partially responsible for the revenue increase.

    Increased investment in higher quality original programming as well as a partnership with CBS for the rights to NCAA Men's Division I basketball championship helped Turner negotiate higher fees during the quarter. 

    HBO tacked on $1.5 billion in revenue during the quarter, up nearly 8% YoY. Both an increase in subscribers and an uptick in subscription pricing contributed to HBO's revenue growth. HBO is available as both a premium add-on channel for pay-TV packages and as a standalone streaming service, HBO Now.

    The company did not update its HBO Now subscriber numbers, but earlier this year it claimed 800,000 subscribers.

    International licensing agreements also contributed significantly to the premium channel's revenue growth. Like other premium streaming service, HBO is looking to boost its offerings overseas and plans on launching in Brazil and Argentina this year, Variety reports. The standalone streaming service is currently available in eight countries outside the US.

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    Disney has finally found its young Han Solo!

    Deadline reports 26-year-old Alden Ehrenreich ("Hail Caesar!") will play the gunslinging smuggler in one of the planned "Star Wars" spin-off movies. According to Deadline, the actor is currently negotiating the deal.

    Ehrenreich will take on the mantle from Harrison Ford  as a young Solo before he was part of the Rebel alliance.

    young han solo

    Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote the original "Star Wars" trilogy, will serve as an executive producer. 

    The untitled Han Solo film is set for a May 25, 2018 release right now, and will be directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller ("The Lego Movie", "Jump Street" franchise). Yeah, this should be a fun one.

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    NOW WATCH: Daisy Ridley's 'Star Wars' lightsaber training is intense

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    justin timberlake

    It's hard to be a music superstar these days without a splashy release strategy, and Justin Timberlake doesn't disappoint.

    Timberlake released his first new single on Friday since his last album, "The 20/20 Experience," in 2013.

    The electro-pop track is called "Can't Stop the Feeling," and it's dripping with '80s style. It also comes with a music video featuring a diverse group of people dancing along to the song, plus a handful of celebrities, including James Corden, Gwen Stefani, and Anna Kendrick.

    The song was produced by pop mastermind Max Martin, who's worked with Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and The Weeknd, among many others.

    "Can't Stop the Feeling" will be included on the soundtrack for the DreamWorks movie "Trolls," but it's no doubt an indication that JT is ready to make bigger moves in music again.

    In any event, a lot of people will be feeling "Can't Stop the Feeling" this weekend, so get ready for it.

    Watch the video below:

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    Comedian Louis CK has decided to quit the internet for the time being. On last night's episode of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," the comedian declared: "I decided I don’t want to be on the internet anymore, I don’t like the way it feels anymore."

    CK went on to explain that the main reason behind his decision was a feeling of detachment, specifically from his daughter, whenever his phone would notify him, which would lead him to glance down at his device instead of staying in the conversation. "One thing I realized in life is you can’t just go by how a person reacts to you. You can’t just go like ‘well it’s alright with her’, because she’s my kid. But she dies inside every time I do this."

    It's been about a month since CK has Googled anything and he says he's doing just fine offline.

    "I just go up to people and ask them questions, which is more fun" he told O'Brien, before proudly announcing he'd spent his now free time reading Pride and Prejudice. Giving up technology cold turkey isn't new for the CK; he gave up Twitter last year after it stopped feeling good to use.


    SEE ALSO: LOUIS CK: Twitter Is 'Kinda Awful' And 'I Hate It'

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    NOW WATCH: Uber is making customers pay for having drivers wait

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    stephen colbert hillary clinton donald trump republicans cbs

    Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Stephen Colbert decided to give Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton some campaign advice for the general election on Thursday's "Late Show."

    It's no secret that the Republican party has been divided in its support of Trump. So Clinton wants to bring some of those anti-Trump Republicans to her side.

    "[Hillary Clinton] figures she can pick up some votes, because no GOP candidate has been so reviled by the establishment since their 1884 nominee, Tub-o-beef-tallow-in-a-top-hat. She's appealing to what's called 'thoughtful Republicans.' So that would be people who want to repeal gay marriage with a nice, handwritten note."

    Colbert decided to give Clinton a hand in a segment called "Just the Tip: Courting Republicans Edition."

    Colbert presented four ways to win over disgruntled Republicans. One of Colbert's tips, for example, is about how to behave when approaching them.

    "Don't yell — they'll say you sound shrill. But don't be too calm — they'll say you're an ice queen. Other than that, just be yourself!" he said.

    The rest of the tips deal with focusing on mutual anger with Bill Clinton, and annoyance with Ted Cruz and Barack Obama.

    Watch the segment below:

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    DON'T MISS: Stephen Colbert and cartoon Donald Trump gave Ted Cruz a harsh 'Hunger Games' farewell

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    NOW WATCH: Hillary Clinton just released a Trump attack ad that uses the GOP’s words against him

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    The ninth annual Digital NewFronts, a conference for marketers, is going on in New York City this week and next.

    A bunch of companies like AOL and Refinery29 put on events during the conference, including YouTube, which always holds a giant bash called Brandcast where it trots out some of the site's biggest stars and tries to convince advertisers that they need to spend less money on TV, and more on digital video.

    As one fellow attendee put it, of all the Newfronts parties, YouTube's is the one to attend.

    Check out why:

    SEE ALSO: A huge ad company just shifted $200 million of its TV money to YouTube — and the reason why ought to terrify TV execs

    To enter the event, you had to walk down a red carpet flanked by a crowd of screaming teens.

    They weren't shrieking for the YouTube execs or the bigwig advertisers, though. A gaggle of YouTube stars traipsed up and down the line, taking selfies and signing autographs.

    The message was loud and clear to advertisers: Young people are obsessed with YouTube stars. During its presentation, YouTube quoted a Variety story that reported that 8 of the top 10 most popular and influential celebrities are YouTube stars for US teens.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Have you ever wondered how Hollywood creates those enormous battle sequences with hundreds of thousands of individuals? Sure, they could hire that many extras, but in reality a software company called Massive is behind these scenes.

    Massive offers free 30-day trials of their software.

    Written and produced by Ben Nigh

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    T-Pain was getting anxious on premiere night for the new season of "Game of Thrones."

    The musician shared on Twitter that he was racing back home from the airport so he could be sure to catch everything and avoid spoilers.

    It turns out the "Bartender" singer is one of the bigger fans of the HBO fantasy drama out there. He talked to Tech Insider all about his deep fandom for the show in a new interview.

    When the Jon Snow reveal happened on the most recent episode, T-Pain actually caused a disturbance in his hotel room.

    "It f---ed me up. It was f---ing awesome. I screamed in my hotel room. I got a complaint and the f---ing hotel security came up to my room and was like, 'We heard a woman screaming and we wanna know...'" he said.

    T-Pain dropped all kinds of wisdom (hilariously) about the show, including why Jon Snow and Daenerys might be set up for a "yin and yang"-style conflict in future episodes. And why he thinks Reek just has to go.

    "He’s a snitch. That’s what it is. In the hood you can’t keep those kind of people around," T-Pain said.

    He also provided pretty much the ideal ending for "Game of Thrones" fans who want satisfaction at the end of all this. Behold:

    "I would say if Tyrion can be on the throne, and then somehow Sam comes back as like a full-on maester ... like that would be f---ing ah-MAZING. That would be the craziest s--- in the world to me. I would love that. If Sam can come back as like a full-on maester and like, no d--- or nothing, oh my God, it would be so great."

    No, you don't need to be a eunuch to become a master. But this is "Game of Thrones." Why not?

    Read the full interview with T-Pain for his thoughts on "Game of Thrones," Twitter, and being a voice of Waze, over at Tech Insider.

    SEE ALSO: 

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    NOW WATCH: Muhammad Ali’s daughter went undercover as an inmate in an Indiana jail — here’s what she thought of the food

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    Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer on the popular television program "Pretty Little Liars," regularly posts videos and pictures of herself performing aerial stunts on her Instagram page. The actress practices aerial training at Wildman Athletica in Los Angeles.

    Written by Lisa Ryan and produced by Alana Yzola

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    captain america civil war

    Marvel hasn't had much trouble getting audiences to see its films, but it looks as if the studio has created a landmark moment with its latest movie, "Captain America: Civil War" (opening Friday).

    With a rating of 92% on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes as of Friday, "Civil War," the first acclaimed blockbuster of the summer season, isn't just being called a great movie. It's being called one of the greatest superhero movies ever made — at a time when some people seem to be tiring of the genre.

    Any movie in which the Avengers duke it out will set up major expectations (the movie has set the record for most advance ticket sales for Fandango). But the refined storytelling and buildup of drama in the movie, in which Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) form factions, count more.

    The box office for "Civil War" is certain to break records this weekend, but here's why it could also propel Marvel and other superhero movies forward and why you should see it:

    SEE ALSO: Justin Timberlake just make his comeback with a celebrity-packed new music video

    It’s the best Marvel superhero movie yet.

    We know — it's a bold statement. But with the combination of action, suspense, and emotion from the story, it's hard not to call it that.

    "This is Marvel at their best: a pacey, intelligent super-sized blockbuster and a roaringly fun night out," Time Out London wrote.

    "'Captain America: Civil War' feels like a pinnacle for Marvel," Uproxx wrote. "Like, I can’t imagine their movies getting any better. This feels like the crescendo. This feels like the movie this series has been building towards for eight years. After all these movies, Marvel earned this fight. This is the best Marvel movie so far."

    It makes you forget about "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

    Released soon after the dark and depressing "Batman v Superman," this movie proves that you can touch on dramatic material but still have fun.

    "For audiences feeling burned by the superhero brawling in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,' just hang on — it's not what you’re thinking," TheWrap wrote.

    "Forget 'Batman v Superman.' Here you get Ant-Man v Spider-Man, Hawkeye v Black Widow, Scarlet Witch v Vision, The Winter Soldier v Black Panther, and (well, duh) Captain America v Iron Man, all rolled into one. And that is what you call the ultimate Marvel superhero event," Empire wrote.

    The big Avengers battle is a set piece that actually delivers.

    It's the moment you're most excited to see, and it's done perfectly.

    "This scene is easily the best in the movie; it manages to feel dangerous and fun at the same time, a feat in and of itself," Nerdist wrote.

    "The climactic battle in Leipzig Airport is Civil War's high point: fast, inventive, and funny," The Village Voice said. "It also finds suspense, and even some pathos, in the idea of superhumans pulling their punches; they're explicitly trying not to kill each other, and it turns out that's sort of hard."


    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    captain america civil war

    With the critical reception for "Captain America: Civil War" universally positive and the marketing blasted wall-to-wall, the latest Marvel movie is looking to have a huge opening. 

    That's especially true now, as it made $25 million at the domestic box office in its Thursday night preview, according to Box Office Mojo.

    That's the 10th largest figure for a Thursday night showing, just behind what "Avengers: Age of Ultron" took in ($27.6 million) and this year's previous superhero flick "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" ($27.7 million).

    But this is a good start for "Civil War" to hit the $200 million by the time Sunday comes around. "The Avengers" in 2012 made $18.7 million on its Thursday preview and ended up with a $207 million opening weekend. "Jurassic World" made $18.5 million on its Thursday and took in $208 million over the weekend, and its eventual $1.6 billion gross worldwide made it one of the top 10 moneymakers of all time.

    "Civil War" will also no doubt be helped by the great reviews it's getting and the word of mouth it generates.

    Things, of course, could always go wrong. Having a $20 million+ Thursday doesn't guarantee a $200 million weekend. "Batman v Superman" came out of the gates fast with $27.7 million but ended the weekend with $166 million

    But if you see the movie this weekend, you'll see it's no "BvS."

    Internationally, "Civil War" is doing great, having already taken in $291.2 million, after opening in many territories last weekend.

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    kristen bell

    Kristen Bell says she has been suffering from depression and anxiety since she was young. And she wants people to know that there is no shame in dealing with the mental disorders.

    "I'm extremely codependent," the "Veronica Mars" actress said in an interview on DirecTV's "Off Camera." "I shatter a little bit when I think people don't like me. That's part of why I lead with kindness and I compensate by being very bubbly all the time because it really hurts my feelings when I know I'm not liked. And I know that's not very healthy and I fight it all the time."

    The 35-year-old said mental disorders run in her family. When she was young, she witnessed her mother going through the hardship. Later, her mother revealed that Bell's grandmother also suffered from mental disorders. She also told her daughter what to look for.

    "[My mom's] a nurse and she had the wherewithal to recognize that in herself when she was feeling it and when I was 18 said, 'If you start to feel like you are twisting things around you, and you feel like there is no sunlight around you, and you are paralyzed with fear, this is what it is and here's how you can help yourself," Bell said.

    Bell, who's married to actor Dax Shepard and has two children, takes prescription medications for depression and anxiety. She wants others to know that the stigma attached to medications for mental disorders is ridiculous.

    “If you do decide to go on a prescription to help yourself, understand that the world wants to shame you for that, but in the medical community, you would never deny a diabetic his insulin. Ever,” she said. “But for some reason, when someone needs a serotonin inhibitor, they’re immediately crazy or something.” 

    In addiction to medication, Bell seeks medical help whenever she needs it and eats a healthy diet.

    The actress has a lot of company. According to the National Institute of Mental Health40 million adults in the US over the age of 18, or 18% of the population, suffer from anxiety. And while anxiety and depression are different disorders, many people suffer from both.

    Watch Bell talk about depression and anxiety below:

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