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    luke skywalker pants

    The pants Mark Hamill wore in the first Star Wars movie just sold for $36,100. 

    Auction house Nate D. Sanders sold Luke Skywalker's khaki-colored pants from the 1977 movie in an online sale, Wired reports

    According to the online listing, the pants were the ones Luke Skywalker wore "for most of the movie." 

    "Sand-colored 'cotton drill' Levi's pants are purposely distressed to display wear, with dirt to back right pocket and in spots to front of pant legs," the listing reads. "Mark Hamill said of the pants, 'By the way, those pants I wore were just bleached Levi's with the tag still in them.'"

    While the price tag is hefty, Wired reports that the auction house had originally expected to sell the pants for triple that price. 

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    Andrew Garfield showed off his basketball skills between takes of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," which has been filming all over NYC this week.

    Garfield played ball with some children at PS 1 in Chinatown, still in full costume, according to Gothamist.

    A Redditor has the following account of how it all happened:

    "I was one of the guys playing basketball on the far left side of the court. The movie guys were filming the same scenes of Spiderman on the front of an NYPD emergency vehicle driving down Madison Street. Garfield started playing ball with the kids when it started drizzling and they stopped shooting for safety reasons. Funny thing is that it continued to drizzle and they decided to resume filming and on one of the next takes Garfield slips and hurts himself and they had to take a long break."

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    Psy imposter

    Singer Psy has been spotted all around the Cannes Film Festival attending parties, premieres, posing for photos with fans, picking up free swag and even dancing on a French TV show.

    The only problem? It wasn't actually Psy, it was an imposter.

    The imposter was so convincing that even photo agencies have misidentified the man and he has weasled his way into the most exclusive parties.

    He "attended millionaire oil magnate and fashion designer Goga Ashkenazi and Le Baron’s 'secret party' at the Château de Garibondy. Photos show Faux Psy in sunglasses grabbing a mike behind a DJ booth," reports the NY Post“He had three security guards with him at all times, in suits and earpieces. He was scamming free drinks and bottle service."

    Even"Skyfall" actress Naomie Harris also fell for the act, tweeting an image of herself posing with faux Psy at the Chopard party:

    Ultimately, the real Psy — who is currently in Singapore — got wind of fake Psy and tweeted:

    The real Psy further called out his imposter by posting this photo:

    A Cannes organizer emailed colleagues yesterday: “We’ve been duped. I had a conversation with his label . . . it [wasn’t] him, just a look-alike.”

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    Girls porn parody

    HBO's hit show "Girls" has its fair share of nudity and sex scenes, but Hustler is taking things to the next level by shooting a parody porn video titled "This Ain’t Girls XXX."

    Adult film star Richie Calhoun, who plays lead character Hannah's boyfriend Adam in the porn spoof, tells, “I tried to make it as weird as possible. I tried to say really weird things and do really weird positions.”

    In the adult video, Lena Dunham's character, Hannah (played by Alex Chance), leaves boyfriend Adam to experiment with lesbianism — only to later return to dating men. 

    Dunham — the show's creator, star, director and producer — took to Twitter Thursday in response to the news of the porn video, and she isn't pleased:

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    Meredith Phillips The Bachelorette

    Former model Meredith Phillips starred on "The Bachelorette" in 2004, but her suitors — and ABC audiences  didn't know she was hiding a big secret.

    Phillips was an alcoholic, who, at her worst was drinking more than 20 bottles of wine a week and blacking out daily.

    "For years I'd wake up every day feeling like I was hit by a truck," Phillips tells People magazine. "But I realized I was going to kill myself. There wasn’t another path for me other than to stop.”

    After breaking up with her "Bachelorette" winner fiancé Ian McKee, Phillips says things started to take a turn for the worst.

    “It began with a lot of ‘Sunday Fundays," she told the magazine. “I would split a bottle of champagne with friends at brunch, then move on to wine.”

    “My lowest point was when I realized my mother was in a hospital bed dying of cancer and I was at her house, drinking myself to death,” Phillips admitted. “I just didn’t care.”

    Phillips told the mag that drinking became her “full-time” job and she had “little tricks” to fool friends and family  like switching to boxed wine because it was easier to throw away.

    Eventually, Phillips' brother intervened and offered to pay for treatment in rehab.

    Today, she’s now more than 150 days sober and married to her high school sweetheart.

    “I still have a lot of healing to do, but I’m feeling better every day,” she told People. “It’s not fun to start over again at 39 ... but life is short. And I have a second chance.”

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    The final episodes of Arrested Development come out May 26, 2013. 

    Learn how to avoid the financial disaster plaguing the Bluths with our compilation of financial lessons learned from Arrested Development!

    1. Keep an emergency fund 

    For the Bluths, there’s always money in the banana stand.  Hopefully you can keep yours in a more secure location that offers a decent interest rate, such as a savings account at a bank or credit union.  Check out NerdWallet’s advice on saving for a rainy day fund.


    2. Make a budget and figure out how much you spend

    Lucille Bluth had no idea how much bananas cost, and that family ended up in financial ruin. Be aware of your spending habits and budget accordingly, and use a cost of living calculator.


    3. Don’t let anyone push you into making a decision you are not comfortable with

    Even if you have a financial advisor, don’t take their recommendation without doing some of your own research.  Buster didn’t have to be in the army just because his mom told him to, and you don’t have to sign up for a high-fee checking account just because a banker recommended it to you. NerdWallet’s Ask an Advisor platform is a great resource to find answers from financial advisors for your money questions.

    4. Think outside of the box

    Just like Ann and her mayonegg, there may be a financial decision that’s right for you, but you haven’t thought of it because it is outside of the norm.  From debt consolidation to prepaid debit cards to leasing furniture rather than buying, make sure you think of all your options.

    5. Don’t be a chicken and procrastinate

    Everybody puts off the things they don’t want to do, but it pays off to get over your fears and avoidance and just do the things you are dreading, such as paying bills, switching to a cheaper checking account at a credit union or calling your health insurance to contest a claim.

    6. Be aware of what shows up when people Google you

    Just like George Michael’s Star Wars video, incriminating pictures or news can follow you throughout your professional career.  You may decrease your earning potential by locking yourself out of some job opportunities.  Before you drunkenly agree to an interview with the school paper during the homecoming game when you have letters written on your chest in body paint, think about how that interview might look to a potential employer a few years down the road when you’re looking for a job.

    7. Reduce, reuse and recycle

    While you don’t have to go as far as to make hot ham water, reducing your waste and clutter helps your wallet as well as the environment.  Try to use all the groceries that you buy, and don’t make purchases unless you’re sure they won’t be left in a closet indefinitely.

    8. Make a will and other financial plans in case of your death

    Gob’s coffin has a trapdoor in the back, and you should have a plan to provide for your loved ones in case of a tragedy.

    9. Know your priorities

    Family and breakfast are top priorities for Michael and George Michael.  Figure out yours and stick to them—if it means a lot to you to be at a friend’s wedding, splurge on a ticket.  While budgeting and finances are important, your happiness is more important.

    10. Don’t give up

    Things may be hard, but don’t give up.  It’s easy to become resigned to your credit card debt or high bills, but there are always steps you can take to improve your financial situation, whether that means moving to a cheaper apartment, negotiating for a raise or filing for bankruptcy.

    And if all else fails, try the good old slow wink and marriage proposal.  Good luck with your finances and enjoy the new episodes of Arrested Development!

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    Jennifer Lopez for Verizon

    Wednesday, Verizon announced a new collaboration with Latino mega-star Jennifer Lopez to launch Viva Movil, a mobile brand targeting America's expanding Hispanic population.

    Lopez is the majority owner of the mobile brand and its chief creative office.

    With America's Latino population having grown by 48% since 2000, Lopez told the LA Times that customizing a service specifically for the Hispanic market was "a no-brainer." 

    Viva Movil is already selling phones, tablets, and wireless plans on its website and will open its first store in New York on June 15. Other locations are set to open in cities with large Latino populations including Miami and Los Angeles.

    "I saw great opportunities in this space for Viva Movil," she said. "As an entrepreneur, empowering the Latino community is at the core of what I choose to have my businesses stand for and exemplify."

    To that end, every facet of Viva Movil's multi-platform service is designed to cater to the sensibilities of the Latino customer. The brand's online content will be offered in both English and Spanish, for example, and the stores' employees will all be bilingual.

    Furthermore, Lopez noted that since Latinos are known to shop with their families, play centers are being installed inside each of Viva Movil's retail locations.

    With Nielsen's recent findings that "Hispanics are 28 percent more likely to own a smartphone than non-Hispanic Whites" marketing mobile services to Latinos seems highly intuitive.

    Yet, as CBS reportsspecifically marketing cellphone service to Latinos in the U.S. has not been a winning formula so far. CBS cites the example of Movida Communications, a company targeting Spanish speakers which managed to raised $40 million in 2007 but filed for bankruptcy the following year.

    Unlike previous attempts to market to Latinos which focused on offering low-cost, no-contract service, Lopez's Viva Movil is selling a premium, contract-based service, supported by Verizon's top-rated wireless network.

    Lopez has launched the service with an intimate video (below) and will be the official face of the Viva Movil brand.

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    january jones grace kelly

    January Jones didn't list her son Xander Dane Jones' father's information on his birth certificate  and she won't be sharing it with you, either.

    “That’s my son’s business,” she tells The New York Times. “It’s not the public’s business.”

    The 35-year-old further opened up to Net-a-Porter’s magazine The Edit, revealing, “I knew I would be raising my son alone. It was something I went in to knowingly, I was prepared mentally – and I was excited about it.”

    But the busy "Mad Men" actress says, “I don’t have room for anything else, so I don’t know how I would have done it with a partner.”

    Further driving the privacy point home, Jones says, “I don’t divulge my sexual preferences. There are parts of your life – no matter what your job – that should remain private."

    Last week she explained to The NY Times, "Jack Nicholson once told me: ‘You should never give your personal life away, otherwise people will pick you apart. They’ll never believe in your character.’”

    “Women should have lots of secrets,” adds Jones. “It’s our right to have secrets. Otherwise, what would we write in our memoirs?”

    Jones is, however, willing to talk about her bizarre post-pregnancy routine, which included eating her son's placenta.

    “It was like taking a vitamin blended into a smoothie,” recalls Jones of the practice that is believed to help fight postpartum depression. “I’m a mammal. I nursed. I did all kinds of weird stuff.”

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    destiny bungie

    Bungie just released the first official trailer for it's next game "Destiny," and we already want to see more.

    These are the guys that brought us the Halo video game series. 

    For fans of "Breaking Bad" and "Revolution," the trailer has a voice over from Giancarlo Esposito.

    The first official gameplay will be revealed at E3 during Playstation's press conference on June 10.

    Bungie has previously said the game will not be released this year.

    The game will come out on both the Xbox 360, the PS3 and is set to run on the next Xbox and PS4.

    SEE ALSO: The first trailer for the next "Call of Duty" game >

    AND: Everything you need to know about the next Xbox >

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    We finally get to see the Valentino gown Anne Hathaway snubbed last minute at the Oscars earlier this year. 

    Hathaway ditched the dress after hearing her "Les Mis" co-star Amanda Seyfried was wearing something similar to the awards show.

    But Nicole Kidman benefited from Hathaway's dress diss, and just wore it at the Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of "Nebraska." 

    First, here's the pale pink Prada dress Hathaway wore to the Oscars:

    anne hathaway oscars 2013

    A lot of people said it looked like an apron because of the tie in the back:

    Anne Hathaway Oscars 2013

    And here's the one she turned down, worn by Kidman:

    nicole kidman cannes dress

    Here it is from the back:Nicole Kidman Cannes dress

    SEE ALSO: A deleted scene from "Star Trek Into Darkness" >

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    Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi Montecito mansionEllen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi have just bought a $26.5 million estate in seaside Montecito, Calif., according to TMZ.

    The 13-acre ocean-view estate has a 10,522-square-foot Italian-style villa that was built in 1929. It has six bedrooms and nine fireplaces — every room in the romantic home oozes Tuscan elegance.

    The original price was $24.5 million, but according to both TMZ and celebrity real estate blogger The Real Estalker, DeGeneres and de Rossi shelled out $2 million more than that. It had been listed with Village Properties Realtors agent Mitchell Morehart.

    Both DeGeneres and de Rossi are known for buying properties and flipping them, so even though this seems like anyone's dream home, don't be surprised if it's back on the market within the year.

    This is the Montecito mansion Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi bought for $26.5 million.

    The Tuscan-style estate sits on 13 acres of property.

    The mansion at over 10,000 square feet of space.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Irina Shayk Cannes 2013

    Celebrities, socialites, filmmakers and models have all descended upon Cannes, France for the 66th annual Cannes Film Festival.

    But people aren't just talking about the film premieres and parties, the buzz is all about the red carpet.

    While some celebrities have gone classy like Nicole Kidman, others like model Irina Shayk (right) are letting it all hang out. Literally.

    Model Cara Delevingne had to do a close wave to fans to ensure her dress stayed in place at the festival's opening ceremony.

    Paz Vega attended the opening ceremony in a beige bodysuit with a sheer, beaded overlay.

    She later went to a premiere nearly revealing her derriere.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    michelle rodriguez fast and furious 6

    Michelle Rodriguez reprises her popular "Fast and the Furious" role in the newest film out this weekend.  

    However, in an interview with Vulture, the actress revealed she wasn't happy with the initial vision for her character, Letty Ortiz.  

    "Originally this girl was a slut. Girls don’t respect girls that are this way, and guys don’t respect girls that are this way," said Rodriguez. "They want to bang them, or they make a good one-night stand, but no man respects a floozy." 

    Rodriguez disliked the character so much so that it left her in tears offering to leave the part.  

    “I was crying on the set. I was like, 'Look, dude, I love you guys, I really want to be a part of this, but I can’t play a slut in front of millions of people around the world.' I’d rather go back to Jersey City, doing my small little indie movies." 

    Instead, she fought with director Rob Cohen to alter her role into an independent fighting machine because to her, it shouldn't matter who's throwing the punches.  

    Rodriguez made it clear she doesn't settle for demeaning female character roles, and doesn't think other actresses should either.

    "I’m really about that girl power, you know, not just about me, but just about anyone who’s in the game repping what we’re repping," said Rodriguez. "You need to bring it. And if you’re a girl who’s not bringing it, it’s kind of pointless to me."

    Check out the latest trailer for the film:

    SEE ALSO: Reviews for "Fast & Furious 6" >

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    gisele butt ad BLK DNM

    When you’re a world-famous fashion model, your face is your fortune. Odd then, that Gisele Bündchen’s new campaign doesn’t feature hers.

    In her latest assignment for cult New York label BLK DNM, the Super lets her pert posterior do the talking in a pair of the label’s jeans. She follows in the footsteps of Caroline de Maigret and Stella Schnabel, who have both leant their behinds to the brand for past 'Wild Poster' campaigns.

    The image is part of the brand’s ‘guerilla’ advertising technique which sees them plaster posters around downtown Manhattan each season. Accompanying the central shot is a series of black-and-white portraits of a topless, contorted Gisele, shot by the BLK DNM’s creative director Johan Lindeberg, in which she wears no make-up, no hairstyle and is entirely untouched by the airbrush.

    READ: Gisele is the new face of H&M

    “I’m a massive feminist. I’m the one who thinks that women should take over completely,” Lindberg told WWD at the unveiling of the campaign last night. “I’m anti-retouching and [anti-] plastic surgery. I think a woman is beautiful how she is."

    Ever the earth mother, Gisele was totally on board with the au naturel idea. “I really had so much fun,” Bündchen told Styleite .“Because I feel like it’s so rare that you get to really express yourself the way you want to express yourself. Because you know, I’m a model, so you do whatever the designer wants. There’s a whole idea behind it. And here it was just about not looking perfect, but about looking real and authentic - no hair, no retouching — just going through what you feel.”

    It’s been good six months for the Brazilian beauty so far; not only has she scored a Chanel and H&M campaign, she’s welcomed her second child, daughter Vivian, and been named the most powerful model in the world for the second year running.

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    Michelle Rodriguez Fast and Furious

    At the heart of explosive, globe-spanning, physics-defying "Fast And Furious" franchise lies a real-life story about street racing in New York City.

    The movies, which had earned $1.6 billion globally before today's release of "Fast And Furious 6," were inspired by an article by Ken Li in the May 1998 issue of Vibe.

    "Racer X" tells the story of street racer Rafael Estevez from Washington Heights and how he Estevez transitioned into the sport of drag racing.  

    The article also divulges on the popularity of Japanese import car customization and the operations in place to crack down on New York City street racing.

    Universal featured "Racer X" on a feature-loaded "Fast and the Furious" disc that came out in 2002 that's missing from the latest Blu-ray edition of the film. 

    In the features, director Rob Cohen reveals he was inspired to make the film after hearing about the article and subsequently watching a race in Los Angeles.

    As a result, Cohen convinced Universal to make the film and the studio bought the rights to the article from Vibe. 

    The result was a film featuring an LAPD officer (Paul Walker) go undercover into the world of illegal street racing joining the ranks with a well-established racer (Vin Diesel). 

    Watching the film now, it's easy to see the article's influence in the movie. 

    Here are excerpts from "Racer X": 

    A black Nissan 300ZX and a white Mitsubishi Starion pull out of the pack and creep up to the starting line. As the sun dances on the nearby river, the sound of honking horns and screaming drivers is drowned out by the sonic blast of the two engines revving for takeoff. A stocky Latino dude in a blinding yellow shirt stands in the middle of the highway and raises his hands. Both cars lurch and halt like chained pit bulls, their wheels spitting out black smoke. The hands drop.

    Young men have been fascinated with tweaking and tuning big block Chevys and Mustangs since the days of Rebel Without a Cause. But the new guys wouldn’t be caught dead driving the gaudy muscular beasts of yesteryear. Instead, they’re tricking out low-buck Japanese imports like Honda Civics and Acura Integras and tattooing them like skateboards with Neuspeed and Greddy car parts stickers. By stroking the engine, adding a supercharger, and hitting the “juice” (nitrous oxide: a gaseous liquid once used to boost bomber planes in WWII), they can smoke the herb in the Iroc at the stoplight.

    Read the full piece HERE.

    Here's the latest trailer for the film:

    AND: What critics are saying about "Fast 6" >

    SEE ALSO: The coolest cars that will be featured in the film >

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    The Internship Vince Vaughn Owen WilsonOn June 7, a comedy about two 40-somethings becoming interns at Google hits theaters. 

    Liz Gannes of AllThingsD recently got a chance to attend a screening of the movie, "The Internship." Her take: "It's a two-hour commercial for Google."

    "The Internship" is positive toward Google, but still feels authentic, Gannes said an interview with director Shawn Levy. 

    For example, Google either sent or verified and approved every computer screen and white board featured in the movie. Levy wanted the movie to be as accurate as possible, even in the small details. 

    Google co-founder Sergey Brin even has a couple of cameos. At one point, he's seen on an elliptical bike wearing "bizarre neon green slippers."

    But Levy stressed to Gannes that they didn't pay Google, and Google didn't pay them. 

    "I've been very impressed with how much autonomy they've given us creatively," Levy said. "They were just really happy, because the movie was funny, and it had the spirit that they were hoping for."

    Head on over to AllThingsD to check out Gannes's Q&A with director Shawn Levy

    SEE ALSO: Being A Google Intern Is So Funny, Hollywood Made It Into A Comedy

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    Amanda Bynes police

    Amanda Bynes was arrested Thursday night in New York City after throwing a bong out of her 36th floor apartment.

    "A building official called police after spotting Amanda in the lobby with a joint, acting erratically and talking to herself," reports TMZ. "When cops arrived they knocked at her door and she let them in ... when police saw the bong Amanda quickly tossed it out the window."

    She was first taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation before being brought to central booking where she was charged with marijuana possession, reckless endangerment and tampering with evidence.

    TMZ has video of a handcuffed Bynes, wearing a platinum blonde wig, being led by cops from her building to a police vehicle:

    SEE ALSO: "Bachelorette" Meredith Phillips reveals she was an alcoholic: 'I was drunk every night' >

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    It's Bob Dylan's 72nd birthday.

    In honor of one of the world's greatest songwriters, here are Bob Dylan's Top 6 songs.

    1. "Isis"

    This song off of the album "Desire" is the best-ever song written about raiding tombs. It's got a driving piano line, and really shows off Dylan as a story teller.

    Here's a live, electric version.

    2. "Song to Woody"

    An early Dylan song, written as an ode to his hero Woody Guthrie. The song truly captures the perspective of a young man from Minnesota hoping to replicate the life of his folk singer idols.

    3. "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"

    One of the best songs ever written about love and heartbreak. Here's a great cover of it by Joan Baez.

    4. "Like A Rolling Stone"

    Rolling Stone called this the greatest rock and roll song of all time back in 2004. This song is everything: Rock and roll, punk rock, sneering protest folk. When I heard this song in a store when I was 11, I ran around looking for my mom, so that she could tell me what the heck amazing song I just heard.

    5. "Oh Sister"

    Bob Dylan went through a born-again phase, which often gets laughed at, but some of his greatest work is where he straddles the edge between his traditional work, and his faith. That was the case in this song, which was pre-born again, but where he was slipping in that direction. This song contains the great line: "Oh, sister, am I not a brother to you And one deserving of affection? And is our purpose not the same on this earth To love and follow His direction?"

    6. "Tangled Up In Blue"

    A classic with which you can't go wrong.

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    Mariah Carey had a major wardrobe malfunction this morning on "Good Morning America."

    Before performing on the live morning program, Carey chatted with host Lara Spencer when she interrupted their banter to announce: "Oh shoot, now the back of my dress just popped.”

    Carey tried to keep it funny about her broken Versace frock, adding “I love you Donatella, but it popped.”

    Carey then showed off the back of the broken dress to the delighted crowd before the show cut to a commercial break so a stylist could sew up her broken seam.

    After the commercial break, Carey accidentally said "Oh sh--!" on national television.

    The crowd gasped and Carey joked, “You didn’t hear that.” Watch below:

    SEE ALSO: Amanda Bynes arrested for throwing a bong out her window >

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    pam upset the office

    A couple of days ago, a BusinessWeek columnist, Liz Ryan, got everyone all hot and bothered by writing about sex at work.

    Sex at work is a reality, Liz Ryan argued. And it's time everyone just acknowledged that.

    (One lawyer told Ryan that his firm had to remove cameras from office stairwells because they kept recording attorneys jumping each other late at night. Ryan herself met her husband at work. And so on...)

    Anyway, we figured it would be a good idea to get some actual data on sex at work.

    So we put together the survey below.

    Please take a few minutes to fill it out. We'll publish the results soon.

    (And rest assured: We have no idea who you are. So your secrets will be safe!)

    Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.

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