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    samantha bee

    Late-night host Samantha Bee went to bat for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Monday night following a tweet sent out by the network that airs her show, TBS, which compared Clinton's laugh to a wild hyena.

    The content originated from the TBS website The Heckler, which spoofs politics, sports, and pop culture. It posted a video comparing the presidential nominee's laugh to a hyena. The TBS network Twitter handle then tweeted the video, and included the hashtag #ImWithHyena.

    This motivated the "Full Frontal" host to retweet it through her personal handle with the dreaded "delete your account" phrase.

    Bee deleted her tweet minutes later, but here's a screenshot of it:

    samantha bee delete your account tweet

    Bee must have gotten the point across that she wasn't pleased with the video, as TBS has since deleted its tweet and the video can no longer be found on The Heckler's site.

    The "delete your account" phrase on Twitter is commonly used for those who object to a tweet, but it has been heightened this political season as Clinton's handle used the phrase when retweeting Donald Trump in June.

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    NOW WATCH: Disney just released 3 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage from the new 'Star Wars' movie

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    There are a lot of clever ways to cheat in and hack Pokémon GO. But we may have just found the best one of all.

    In "Pokémon GO," you have two major ways to advance your Trainer to higher levels more quickly: using Incense, and using Lucky Eggs

    In the case of Incense, you use it and it attracts Pokémon to your location (instead of you having to go find them). In the case of the Lucky Egg, you use it and it doubles all XP you earn over the next 30 minutes. 

    Pokemon GO Sydney Opera House Australia

    In both cases, using one starts a 30-minute timer. And these are items that are in very short supply. You can buy more with real money, but who wants to do that? But it doesn't have to be this way, apparently — there's a crazy simple hack that reportedly enables you to use an unlimited amount of both. 

    Here's how you do it:

    Use your item(s) as you wish. Maybe you use an Incense or a Lucky Egg, or maybe use both at once! Simple.

    2x1 incense

    Now for the hack — exit out of "Pokémon GO" and navigate to your phone's settings. This works in both iOS and Android, by the way.

    Nexus 5X

    Go to the time and date menu. Great! Now that you're there, turn off your phone's automatic time/date setting. Here's what it looks like on an iPhone:

    Apple iPhone

    Now navigate to the time setting, and set your phone's clock back by however many minutes (warning that this only works up to 60 minutes, so don't set your time back further than 30 minutes). 

    When you return to the game, you'll notice that the time left on your Incense/Lucky Egg has increased by however much time you've moved back the clock.

    Pokemon GO (arrows)

    That's it! Voila!

    There's some discrepancy over whether the time increase actually increases the time that an item is functioning, but as far as we can tell the extended incense we're using is working like a charm. Look at this rad Tauros I just caught! 

    Pokemon GO (arrows)

    Unfortunately, when we tested the functionality using a Lucky Egg, the cheat went bust. Though the timer had increased, the effect it confers (double XP) did not. This may also be the case for the Incense, though in that case the visual effect of it swirling around your Trainer last for the entire time. When it comes to the effect of the Incense, however, things are less clear — since it confers the ability to attract Pokémon at a somewhat arbitrary rate, we can't be sure if that effect is extended.

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    NOW WATCH: This fake cheat pretends to give you unlimited time for incense and lucky eggs in 'Pokémon GO'

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    wayward pines fox worst tv shows

    With more A-List stars, directors, and producers creating television, many are calling this the next golden year of TV. But regardless of who's involved, there's bound to be some shows that don't shine quite as brightly.

    After all, they can't all be winners.

    More outlets are creating TV content, from streaming-video companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu to cable networks increasingly getting into the scripted-show game, like Bravo, E!, and Spike.

    But what's worth your time and what isn't? In times like this, you should let the experts watch so you don't have to.

    Metacritic keeps track of a curated group of critics, assigns each review a number according to how positive or negative it was, and then creates a weighted average score for each show.

    Among the shows least-liked by critics, Fox has the dubious honor of having the most shows on the list with four. It's followed by NBC in second, with three shows. Which other networks had the misfortune of landing shows on the list?

    Here are the 20 worst-reviewed TV shows of 2016 so far, using Metacritic scores.

    Note: Only shows that have been reviewed at least seven times qualify for this list.

    SEE ALSO: RANKED: The 20 best TV shows of the year so far according to critics

    DON'T MISS: The 10 favorite TV shows of Democrats and Republicans

    20. 'Maya and Marty' (NBC)

    Score: 48

    19. 'Second Chance' (Fox)

    Score: 47

    18. 'Roadies' (Showtime)

    Score: 47

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Dr. Dre

    Dr. Dre was reportedly placed in handcuffs and searched by police after a confrontation with a man whose car was parked in front of his Malibu home on Monday, TMZ reports

    Police came to the scene after the man called and claimed that Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, brandished a handgun and ordered him to move his car. 

    According to TMZ, Young only pulled out a cellphone to record the man, who was cursing at the rap mogul. At that point, the man allegedly said, "Here we go again, another black guy with a gun," and called the local sheriff. 

    Police arrived at Young's home and "searched, handcuffed, and briefly detained" the rapper-producer in a patrol car, Billboard reports. Officers said Young was cooperative during the search and "denied all allegations regarding a handgun," and the police released him after finding no weapon at the scene or on his person.

    Young's lawyer has reportedly declined to comment on the situation. 

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    NOW WATCH: We took a ride around NYC in the new ‘Ghostbusters’ car which is actually a 1984 Cadillac hearse

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    stephen colbert crashes dnc stage late show cbs

    Stephen Colbert was looking to repeat his practical joke from the Republican National Convention last week and crash the Democratic National Convention stage in Philadelphia. But he found that to be a bigger challenge.

    Once again dressed like a character from "The Hunger Games," Colbert hit the DNC looking for a way onto its main stage.

    "We have arrived," the host announced. "Behind me, you see the podium upon which Hillary Clinton will be crowned the nominee. Oh, smell that? The air is thick with [Bernie Sanders'] crushed dreams. It's like a musk hanging in the air."

    He also tested the room's acoustics, yelling, "Lock her up! Lock her up!"

    "The one thing left to do was the one thing Democrats really didn't want me to do," he later said. "Mount the podium where Hillary will be crowned."

    Happily flashing a "podium pass," Colbert was still blocked from getting on the stage by security. He even tried to barter with security by asking if just his pet weasel (a stuffed one, by the way) could be onstage. That didn't work.

    Colbert even called on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for help. She answered Colbert's call with her kids in tow.

    "I need you to throw some weight around here," Colbert told Pelosi, as she laughed. Yet even Pelosi couldn't get Colbert past the security.

    It would take some sneakiness, the guise of shooting a CBS promo, and Colbert's own athletic prowess to finally reach his goal – even if for a fleeting moment.

    "I'm not one to gloat, but I won," a thrilled Colbert declared.

    Watch the hilarious caper below:

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    NOW WATCH: Watch Michelle Obama rip into Donald Trump at the DNC

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    narcos daniel daza netflix

    The creators of the hit Netflix show "Narcos" will release a cell phone game this September to coincide with the release of season two, Variety reports

    The game will be called "Narcos: Cartel Wars," and put you in the shoes of an "up-and-coming cartel lieutenant." You'll get advice from Narcos characters, possibly the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar himself, whose rise and fall the Netflix show chronicles. In the game, you'll have to build your cartel and maximize your power, while either working with, or trying to destroy rival cartels.

    “'Narcos' is about a lot more than violence, money and power,” Aaron Berndtson, FTX Games’ head of business development, told Variety. FTX worked with "Narcos" producer Gaumont Television on the game. “We really wanted to explore the moral ambiguity from the show, where right and wrong are subjective. We’re very excited to put these choices into the player’s hands.”

    The game will be free, but there will be in-app purchases.

    Earlier this month, Pablo Escobar's brother demanded $1 billion from Netflix for "Narcos." Just wait until he hears about all the money from in-app purchases.

    The second season of "Narcos" will be available on Netflix starting September 2.

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    NOW WATCH: How to find Netflix’s secret categories

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    Sigourney Weaver Vivien Killilea Getty final

    It's been over three decades since Sigourney Weaver gave us one of the most memorable characters in sci-fi with Ripley in "Alien," and she's not through with the character yet.

    At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the sequel "Aliens" with a panel discussion that included all the principals, Weaver touched on the "Alien" project "District 9" director Neill Blomkamp is working on.

    “[Neill and I] started chatting about how the series left Ripley,” Weaver said. “I had not wanted to do a fifth one. I just didn’t want [the film to take place on] Earth—I thought going to Earth was a little boring. We started just talking about it, and four months later, I got a script that was so amazing, and gives the fans everything they’re looking for. [And it] innovates, in a lot of ways. He has [other movies] to do, I have [other movies] to do, and I’m hoping when we finish those jobs, we’ll circle back and start to do it.”

    So it sounds like you shouldn't expect a Ripley-focused "Alien" movie in the near future, but the director behind the franchise, Ridley Scott, will fill that void until then.

    He's currently putting the final touches on "Alien: Covenant," which is the sequel to "Prometheus," and opens in theaters next summer.

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    NOW WATCH: Nobody wants to buy 50 Cent's massive $6 million mansion

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    star wars force awakens harrison ford chewbacca

    It's possible that Harrison Ford could have been killed when a hydraulic door from the Millennium Falcon landed on the actor on the set of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in June 2014, a court in the UK heard on Tuesday.

    Foodles Productions Ltd., a subsidiary of Disney, pleaded guilty to two criminal charges in the case surrounding the accident, in which Ford suffered a broken leg, according to The Guardian.

    But Andrew Marshall, the prosecutor in the case, painted a more grim picture of what could have happened.

    "It could have killed somebody," Marshall said in court, referring to the hydraulic door that landed on then 71-year-old Ford. "The fact that it didn't was because an emergency stop was activated."

    A health and safety executive told the court that the weight of the Millennium Falcon door is similar to that of a small car.

    Foodles is due to be sentenced on August 22. According to The Guardian, a spokeswoman said that the company had cooperated fully with the investigation.

    "The safety of our cast and crew was always a top priority throughout the production," she said.

    Joonas Suotamo, who was one of the Chewbacca doubles on "The Force Awakens," told Business Insider earlier this year that he was standing behind Ford when the door landed on him.

    "That was a horrible day," Suotamo said. "I immediately tried to lift it, but it wouldn't even move. It was stopped by an emergency button, but none of us knew that. We were all freaking out. But [Ford] was great, he wanted everyone to not worry about him."

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    NOW WATCH: A Harvard law professor reveals what ‘Star Wars’ teaches us about Donald Trump

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    AP susan sarandon dnc angry

    Susan Sarandon wasn't having a very good time at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday.

    Sarandon, one of Bernie Sanders' most outspoken celebrity supporters, was captured several times on camera shaking her head no, wincing, and frowning during the DNC's first night. And the "Thelma and Louise" star isn't denying it.

    On Monday, a Now This News producer posted a video of a displeased Sarandon at the DNC, which stated, "Susan Sarandon is having literally the worst time at the #DemocraticConvention."

    Sarandon later retweeted it along with one word: "Accurate."

    It's clear why Sarandon would be in such a foul mood. Monday's DNC speakers included Sanders calling for his supporters to get behind Hillary Clinton. That message was repeated again by comedian and actress Sarah Silverman, who said that Sanders supporters who refuse to support Clinton are "being ridiculous."

    That couldn't have been good for Sarandon to hear. In March, she told MSNBC that her beliefs clashed with Clinton's stances on several subjects, so much so that she wasn't sure if she'd vote for Clinton even if it meant stopping a Trump presidency.

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    NOW WATCH: Watch Bernie Sanders get booed for telling supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton

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    Office Christmas Party Paramount final

    Yeah, we know it's the middle of summer, but it's time to show you the mother of all holiday parties that's coming to theaters December 9.

    "Office Christmas Party" has wrangled an all-star cast that includes Jason Bateman, T.J. Miller, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Munn, Kate McKinnon, Courtney B. Vance, and Rob Corddry (to name a few), for this comedy that looks to pull out all the stops of everything you could think of at an office party (if human resources didn't exist).

    Watch the trailer below:

    SEE ALSO: Watch Stephen Colbert hilariously try to crash the DNC stage

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    NOW WATCH: Kit Harington explains why he showed up to his 'Game of Thrones' audition with a black eye

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    facebook surround 360

    It's no secret by now that Facebook is betting on virtual reality as its next big thing.

    We're already starting to see a little of the future that Facebook is envisioning: In June 2016, Facebook added a feature to let you take and upload 360-degree photos, paving the way towards our VR future. 

    But Facebook has grander ambitions, as it tries to push a new wave of virtual reality movies, TV shows, and videos, as a way to incentivize the whole world to get on board.

    And the same way that "Terminator 2" brought about a revolution in using computer graphics in film, Facebook is trying to usher in a new era in movies, TV, and any other video by using virtual reality to make them more social.

    Today, we're seeing the first step in that master plan, as Facebook releases unto the world the open source schematics and instructions for its Surround 360 camera — its flying saucer-shaped virtual reality camera for taking videos in a total 360-degree sphere, first unveiled at the Facebook F8 conference a few months back

    With those schematics out in the world, says Facebook Engineering Director Brian Cabral, people can do whatever they want with the Surround 360 camera design. Build their own, make smaller, cheaper versions, make bigger, premium versions, whatever. It's designed to be easy to assemble from readily-available parts and hackable.

    facebook surround 360

    Because the plans are released as open source, people and companies are free to build, market, and sell those derivatives themselves (Facebook isn't selling it directly).

    The videos made with these cameras, so long as they stick to the standard set here by Facebook, will be ideal for the social network's own Oculus Rift VR headset, pushing the whole market forward. And the test videos I saw are great, and will definitely leave visually-minded folks wanting to explore the possibilities. 

    "We wanted high-quality results to inspire people," Cabral says.

    Here's a Facebook video showing how easy Surround 360 is to assemble:

    But it's all just part of a subtle master plan.

    The master plan

    Cabral says that the best way to think about where Facebook is going with virtual reality is to think about Facebook itself. When you think about Facebook, it's not as a photo sharing service, or a way to post videos, or links. It's much bigger than any one of those aspects.

    "Is it text? Is it video? It's all of those things," Cabral says.

    Similarly, Facebook is looking to mash movies, TV, virtual reality, and video games together into a brand-new format unique to virtual reality. 

    Oculus Rift Oculus Touch

    The Oculus Rift headset has so far found its most success among video gamers, presenting immersive virtual worlds for players to explore. But the Surround 360 camera is designed to take super-high-definition virtual reality video.  You know, from real life.

    Cabral and his team demonstrated a few videos shot with Surround 360 for me, including a courtside look at the champion Cleveland Cavaliers warming up at the NBA Finals. Those videos are super-impressive, providing a depth-of-field that I've never seen before in virtual reality. But it's a very different, more passive way of using virtual reality than playing a video game.

    Where things get interesting

    This is where things get interesting. Cabral says that from Facebook's and Oculus' point of view, there's no difference between the video game stuff and the real-life stuff when it comes to virtual reality. He describes them as "orthogonal." 

    Instead, Cabral describes virtual reality as a "continuum." 

    He envisions a world where you're (maybe, hypothetically) watching a live NBA game with a friend, in virtual reality. You'd "see" them sitting next to you, and also, there are computer graphics projected over the court, providing statistics, instant replays, and memes from the internet, all while simulating the feeling of sitting courtside with a buddy.

    So, much like how Facebook combines photos, and text, and comments, and GIFs, and all of that into one big social experience, Cabral sees virtual reality doing the same thing in a much more immersive way. In the past, Facebook has likened virtual reality to "teleportation."

    terminator 2

     It's a new, more social way of thinking about video that fits right into Facebook's mission. And the same way that "Terminator 2" and "Jurassic Park" ushered in a new era of computer graphics that resulted in their presence being totally non-noteworthy in movies of today, Cabral sees this social philosophy as the wave of the future. 

    But before any of that can happen, people need to actually be able to film in virtual reality. The plan is that with the Surround 360 providing such an easy way to shoot high-quality virtual reality video, it'll be easy for filmmakers both amateur and professional to get started. With the film community making their own twists on the camera, too, it'll be accessible to everyone for very specific needs.

    Once the power to make virtual reality movies is totally commoditized, Cabral explains, then the curve of when all of this takes off can really accelerate. He says Facebook has talked to major "commercial artists," and that it's "not a whether" this happens, just a matter of when.

    "It's happening," Cabral says.

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    NOW WATCH: What the stars of the 'Terminator' movies look like 31 years later

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    Craig Robinson Caraoke Battle Spike

    James Corden's viral sensation, "Carpool Karaoke," is being adapted into a weekly series at Spike.

    According to a network press release on Tuesday, the show will be titled "Caraoke Showdown," with "The Office" star Craig Robinson set to host.

    Produced by CORE Media Group, with Howie Mandel serving as one of the executive producers, the 10-episode series will shoot in Los Angeles and New York City this summer and premiere next year.

    Robinson will be behind the wheel and pick up unsuspecting people. They'll then find out they're competing for cash in rounds of karaoke, which will include singing their favorite songs, finishing song lyrics, and acting out songs.

    "Carpool Karaoke" has been an amazing success for "The Late Late Show," and it has helped to bring some recognition to Corden, who was better known in his native Britain than here in the U.S. when he started hosting.

    A viral hit for CBS, Spike TV's corporate sister under Viacom, "Carpool Karaoke" has landed several A-list stars. Last week, it scored Michelle Obama and nearly 32 million views on YouTube. In February, the segment with Adele broke YouTube records for late-night videos, amassing 42 million views in five days.

    Spike has also found success from adapting another late-night bit. "Lip Sync Battle" is based on a segment from NBC's "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."

    Watch video of "Caraoke Showdown" below:


    SEE ALSO: How Spike's new 'Lip Sync Battle' landed its A-list celebrity contenders and became a breakout hit

    DON'T MISS: How Spike miniseries 'Tut' helped solidify the network's new future

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    NOW WATCH: The music world is standing up for Kesha after she lost a legal battle that would have put her career back on track

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    Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild E3 2016 Nintendo Wii U

    The first details of Nintendo's next-generation video game console, codenamed "NX" and slated for a March 2017 release, have started to leak, and it sounds pretty crazy.

    The idea, it seems, is that the NX is a portable console like the Nintendo 3DS, but it'll have some way to hook up to a standard TV to play games that way, like the Nintendo Wii U. It confirms a lot of other leaks over the last year or so.

    It's a little weird, especially when you consider there are conflicting reports about whether the NX will use some modified version of Google Android as its operating system. The finished product will stand out on the shelves, if for no other reason than it'll be like nothing else before it.

    But there's one gigantic reason why Nintendo might want to go down this road, and to borrow a phrase from former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, it can be summed up as "developers, developers, developers." And it speaks to a trend that's sweeping the tech industry.

    Fading superpower

    Nintendo is no longer the superpower in video games that it used to be.

    The Wii U console is a veritable flop, selling only 13.3 million consoles worldwide in the almost four years since release. The Nintendo 3DS is faring better, with 59.8 million systems sold, but that's still about a third as much as its predecessor, the Nintendo DS, which was Nintendo's best-selling device ever with 154.9 million units.

    It has meant that Nintendo has entered into kind of a death spiral from which it's very difficult to recover.

    While both the 3DS and the Wii U have been the recipients of some of Nintendo's finest-made games to date, there isn't a ton of support on either console for non-Nintendo game developers. It's one of the biggest complaints people have with both consoles, especially the Wii U.

    Nintendo Wii U and 3DS

    With Nintendo only able to deliver one or two of those top-shelf games itself per year, it needs outside developers to keep a steady stream of new titles coming in to keep existing console-owners happy and attract new ones.

    With Nintendo's console sales so low, though, there's not much incentive for those developers to put in the effort to bring their games to Nintendo's camp. And without those games, consumers won't buy more systems. It's a vicious cycle with little hope for recovery.

    Meanwhile, the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox product lines are happy to pick up Nintendo's slack in the mainstream market, making themselves the platforms of choice for modern blockbusters from outside studios like "Call of Duty" and "Grand Theft Auto."

    Playing with power

    This is why building one system that's both portable and for the TV might actually be a smart move.

    Sony and Microsoft might have the TV console market locked up to the point where it would be a serious uphill struggle for Nintendo to regain any lost ground with developers and consumers alike.

    But portable gaming has long been Nintendo's strength, going back to the original Game Boy. While it's true that sales of the 3DS aren't as strong as the preceding DS, they're still a lot stronger than Sony's current PlayStation Vita portable console, which has sold 14.2 million units.

    super mario nintendo ds

    That means there's far less competition for Nintendo to attract first-tier portable game developers, combined with its much stronger reputation and track record in that market.

    The beauty of this plan is that it means Nintendo gets kind of a twofer deal with developers: Hook 'em with the portable gaming aspect, and suddenly it has a robust library of TV-based games, too.

    The developer doesn't have to do much, if any, extra work. Build the game once, and it works both ways. If Nintendo does tap Android, even better, because developers already know how to work with Android. It's all about knocking down the barriers to making games for the NX.

    Once those games start attracting customers, it'll keep that flywheel spinning. More games appear for the NX; more people buy it.

    Ta-da. Death spiral escaped.

    The Microsoft-Apple connection

    What Nintendo is doing here is actually similar in a lot of ways to what both Microsoft and Google are trying to accomplish, as the lines between phones, PCs, and tablets start to blur.

    As people look to use their devices in different ways, they don't care about the underlying operating system so much as they care that their apps or games are available when and how they want them.

    With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new Universal Windows Platform app standard — basically a way to sell apps once and have them work on Windows-powered smartphones, tablets, and PCs. By pooling those different devices, Microsoft holds, it can make for a tremendous audience that developers can't ignore.

    microsoft universal windows platform

    "The fundamental truth for developers is they will build if there are users," Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in 2015.

    Similarly, Google is working to combine its Android and ChromeOS operating systems in an effort to make an uber-operating-system that can work on laptops, tablets, and smartphones — and win over more developers.

    The real holdout here is Apple, which still maintains four different operating systems — MacOS, iOS, tvOS, and WatchOS — with no plans to unify.

    When the Nintendo NX launches in 2017, it'll be a big indication of which philosophy is right. If Nintendo can turn a unified platform into a position of strength after its current period of lagging, it'll go a long way toward proving the concept.

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    NOW WATCH: This is what a ridiculously souped-up $500 Nintendo looks like

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    adele garth thumbnail

    How far would you travel to see your favorite artist in a live performance?

    This is the question that Vivid Seats, a ticket resale marketplace similar to StubHub, set out to answer by analyzing the median distance fans traveled for each concert ticket ordered on the site, dating back to January 2012. 

    As one might expect, people really went the distance for high-profile acts like Adele and Taylor Swift over the past four and a half years, but there were also surprising artists and bands that showed up among the top performers. 

    Read on to see which artists fans traveled the farthest to see in concert.

    SEE ALSO: Here's the most popular music artist in every state, according to Pandora

    MORE HERE: RANKED: The 10 best albums we've heard so far this year

    14. Selena Gomez

    Median distance traveled: 29.8 miles

    13. Twenty One Pilots

    Median distance traveled: 31.9 miles

    12. Billy Joel

    Median distance traveled: 32.22 miles

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Game of Thrones

    With much of the US suffering through a heat wave, this is the best time to crank up the AC and watch movies and TV shows on your favorite streaming devices.

    The latest additions coming in August include Disney's "The Jungle Book," the original "Cloverfield," "Bachelor in Paradise," and season six of "Game of Thrones."

    Here's the complete list. We've highlighted some of our top picks you shouldn't miss in bold.

    SEE ALSO: RANKED: The 20 worst TV shows of the year so far, according to critics


    Available August 2

    "The Angry Birds Movie"
    "The Huntsman: Winter's War"

    Available August 9

    "The Nice Guys"
    "A Hologram for the King"

    Available August 16

    "Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping"
    "Money Monster"
    "Love & Friendship"

    Available August 23

    "The Jungle Book"
    "Now You See Me 2"
    "A Bigger Splash"
    "De Palma"

    Amazon Prime

    Available August 1

    "Inside Llewyn Davis"
    "A Clockwork Orange"
    "Maxed Out"
    "Approaching the Unknown"
    "The Eclipse"
    "The Others" (2001)
    "The Piano"
    "Foot Fist Way"
    "How She Move"
    "Coffee and Cigarettes"
    "Game of Thrones" (Season 6)
    "A Good Woman"
    "House of Lies" (Season 5)
    "Joe the King"
    "Marathon Man"
    "Shattered" (2007)
    "Six Shooter"
    "Spices III"
    "Tales from the Darkside: The Movie"
    "Wicker Park"
    "The Matrix"
    "The Matrix Reloaded"
    "The Matrix Revolutions"
    "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
    "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2"
    "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3"
    "You’ve Got Mail"

    Available August 2

    "The Huntsman: Winter’s War"

    Available August 3

    "Teen Mom Vol. 15"

    Available August 4

    "Celebrity Food Fight" (Season 1)

    Available August 5

    "The Grim Adventures of Bill & Mandy" (Season 6)

    Available August 8

    "Be Somebody" (2016)
    "The World’s Fastest Indian"
    "Ong Bak – The Thai Warrior"
    "Odd Squad Movie"

    Available August 9

    "A Hologram for the King"
    "The Phenom"

    Available August 10

    "Shaun the Sheep"
    "American Ultra"

    Available August 11

    "Catfish: The TV Show"
    "Investigation" (Season 1)
    "Michael Ian Black: Noted Expert"
    "No Country for Old Men"
    "Truth About Murder" (Season 1)

    Available August 12

    "Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation"
    "Very Good Girls"

    Available August 16

    "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" (Season 3)

    Available August 20

    "Strange Wilderness"

    Available August 22

    "The Hunter"

    Available August 23

    "House of Lies" (Seasons 4 and 5)
    "The Jungle Book" (2016)
    "She’s Funny That Way"

    Available August 24

    "Blue Ruin"
    "Ink Master" (Season 8)

    Available August 25

    "Elvis & Nixon" (Amazon Original)

    Available August 26

    "The Kicks"

    Available August 29

    "The Strain" (Season 3)
    "13 Assassins"


    Available August 1

    "You’re The Worst" (Complete Season 2)
    "A Good Woman"
    "The Accused"
    "Beavis and Butt-Head Do America"
    "The Best Man"
    "Beverly Hills Cop"
    "Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey"
    "Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure"
    "Black Hawk Down"
    "The Care Bears Movie"
    "Chasing Amy"
    "Coffee and Cigarettes"
    "Death Do Us Part"
    "Disturbing Behavior"
    "Dr. Strange"
    "Erotic Getaway"
    "Foot Fist Way"
    "Frank and Jesse"
    "The Hills Have Eyes"
    "How She Move"
    "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"
    "Joe the King"
    "Kicking and Screaming"
    "Lars and the Real Girl"
    "Legally Blonde"
    "Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde"
    "Lenny Cooke"
    "The Limey"
    "Little Odessa"
    "Marathon Man"
    "Permanent Midnight"
    "Phat Beach"
    "Planet Hulk"
    "Pope of Greenwich Village"
    "The Puffy Chair"
    "Robocop 2"
    "Robocop 3"
    "Runaway Bride"
    "The Silence of the Lambs"
    "Six Shooter"
    "Species 2"
    "Species 3"
    "Split Decisions"
    "Stake Land"
    "Tales From the Darkside"
    "The Invincible Iron Man"
    "Thor: Tales of Asgard"
    "Trees Lounge"
    "Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?"
    "Ultimate Avengers"
    "Ultimate Avengers 2"
    "The Usual Suspects"
    "The Virgin Suicides"
    "Wicker Park"
    "Wonder Boys"

    Available August 2

    "Running Wild with Bear Grylls" (Season 3 premiere)
    "Avalon High"
    "Cloud 9"

    Available August 3

    "Bachelor in Paradise" (Season 3 premiere)
    "Adam Devine’s House Party" (Season 3)

    Available August 11

    "American Ultra"
    "Michael Ian Black: Noted Expert"

    Available August 12

    "Casino Royale"
    "Ghost Rider"
    "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation"
    "Rocky Balboa"

    Available August 13

    "The Gift"

    Available August 15

    "Bastard Executioner"

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    the get down netflix

    Netflix's hip-hop musical show, "The Get Down," is its most expensive TV series ever.

    With "Moulin Rouge" director Baz Luhrmann acting as showrunner, "The Get Down" cost $120 million to produce, according to Variety.

    Set in the late 1970s, "The Get Down" tracks the emergence of hip-hop through the eyes of kids from New York City's South Bronx.

    There are several reasons cited for the large budget, which ballooned from its initial $98 million sum since Netflix outbid FX for the series more than two years ago.

    There were several production starts and stops, including a move from Los Angeles to New York City, which Luhrmann believed would be more authentic. That meant losing the series' original showrunner: Shawn Ryan, creator of FX's "The Shield."

    In NYC, Thomas Kelly ("Blue Bloods," "Copper") joined as showrunner. But Luhrmann and Kelly had creative differences, so the show's second showrunner left the production. After that, Luhrmann decided that he'd take the job. There was a learning curve for producing a TV show for Luhrmann that slowed down production for a time.

    The show's big budget also included licensing music and a company of full-time dancers.

    Netflix bore the cost of production. In addition, it raised its usual 30% premium fee to the production company, Sony Pictures Television, to 60% because the project was highly coveted. That was a good deal for Sony TV, since it lost some of that premium fee when the show went over budget.

    After all that, the series isn't quite done yet. Only its first six episodes will hit Netflix on August 12. The rest of the first season, which is undergoing finishing touches, is expected to hit by mid-2017.

    There's no word yet on whether there will be a season two. If "The Get Down" lasted only one season, then it would be Netflix's first original series to do so.

    Watch the newest trailer for "The Get Down" below:

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    DON'T MISS: Tony Robbins is a self-help rock star in the revealing trailer for this Netflix movie

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    reed hastings

    Netflix has a bit of a subscriber growth problem. Increased cancellations last quarter sent the stock into a nosedive when the company announced its earnings earlier this month.

    Netflix blamed some of the cancellations on media chatter in April, which focused on a price increase Netflix began rolling out in June to many customers. People don't like the concept of a price hike, CEO Reed Hastings argued, and that caused them to drop Netflix.

    Hastings' implication was that Netflix was still providing these customers tremendous value, they just didn't see it.

    That might have an element of truth, according to calculations done by AllFlicks, a site that tracks Netflix data and analyzes the streaming industry.

    AllFlicks did some rough estimates and found that the average Netflix subscriber pays $0.20 per hour watched, versus the average cable subscriber who pays $0.61. That's a difference of over three times.

    AllFlicks used Netflix's metrics for total hours streamed and number of subscribers to estimate that the average subscriber watches about 100 minutes per day. Taking the $9.99 standard plan, which is by far the most popular, AllFlicks came to around $0.20 per hour.

    To compare this to cable, AllFlicks took Nielsen data that said the average US adult cable subscriber watches 2,260 minutes of TV per week (this includes time-shifting). Combining this with data from Leichtman Research, that says the average American pays $99.10 for cable, AllFlicks came to about $0.61 per hour.

    Here is a chart from AllFlicks:

    cable vs netflix per hour

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    Michelle Obama James Corden Carpool Karaoke

    The popular "Carpool Karaoke" series has a new owner — but not everyone is happy about it.

    Apple Music has emerged as the buyer for the series, which is a spinoff of a segment on CBS’ “The Late Late Show with James Corden.”

    For the uninitiated, the series involves Corden picking up a celebrity guest to ride along with him in a compact car while singing their and others' hit songs — past guests have included Adele, Justin Bieber and most recently, First Lade Michelle Obama. According to Variety, the series has helped boost sales and streaming for those songs that are performed on the segment. 

    The "Carpool Karaoke" spinoff will be available on Apple Music worldwide, and apparently "The Late Late Show" segments will still be available on YouTube — but fans are not pleased, because a spinoff could still affect the original show. More resources could be allocated to a spinoff or more celebrity guests could start appearing on the Apple Music show instead. Plus, some fans wondered whether a show hosted by anyone other than James Corden might just not be as good. 

    Carpool Karaoke reaction

    Fans of the show took to Twitter to express their displeasure, too — although they mostly seem unsure what to expect with the new version.





    The episode featuring Michelle Obama already has more than 32 million views on YouTube since it was posted on July 20, which means there's a huge following for the show — one that may not want to pay for an Apple Music subscription to watch the new show. 

    The music giant has licensed 16 episodes at a half-hour each — current episodes are more like 10 or 15 minutes — that will be produced by Corden and Ben Winston, the executive producer of "The Late Late Show." A different host will be cast later. 

    Apple did not immediately return a request for comment. 

    LIVE: Apple earnings

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    NOW WATCH: How to find Pokémon in 'Pokémon Go'

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    tim cook

    Investors and Apple fans have long been waiting for Apple to do something big with TVs. 

    Sure, Apple has sold the Apple TV box for years. But that box is really just a streaming box that attaches to your television, not much different from a Roku.

    The real hope is that Apple would completely re-invent the television, the way that it reinvented cell phones with the iPhone. But year after year, despite analyst forecasts, Apple has disappointed those waiting for the big TV play.

    Now Tim Cook has gotten their hopes up again. 

    During Apple's quarterly earnings conference call on Tuesday, Cook gave an interesting answer to a question about Apple's plans for TV and video content:

    "The introduction of Apple TV and TV OS last October and the subsequent OS releases and what’s coming out this fall... think of that as sort of building the foundation for what we believe can be a broader business over time. I don’t want to be more precise than that. But you shouldn’t look at what’s there today and think we've done what we want to do. We’ve built a foundation that we think we can do something bigger off of."

    That leaves plenty of room for interpretation.

    Perhaps Cook is referring to Apple playing a bigger role in the content business. In fact, just before Apple announced its earnings on Tuesday, Variety reported that Apple has bought the popular "Carpool Karaoke" television series.

    And Apple was previously reported to have been working on developing a streaming television service of its own to compete with cable TV. 

    But Apple's hardware roots might mean that any streaming service would come alongside a new kind of television set itself — not just a settop box. 

    Whatever Apple has in store, Cook's latest comments are sure to start a new round of speculation.

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    Tim Cook

    Apple CEO Tim Cook loves Pokemon, even if he has a funny way of pronouncing it.

    While taking questions about Apple's quarterly earnings on Tuesday, one analyst asked about Pokémon Go— the mobile gaming phenomenon that some analysts believe could boost Apple's sales by $3 billion per year. 

    Turns out, Cook thinks it's "incredible" what Pokémon Go has done in the past three weeks, although he called it "Pokee-man."

    Many Pokemon players joke that "Pokee-man" is what old people call the game — there's even a Twitter bot that corrects erroneous usage on the internet.

    Cook believes that Pokémon Go's success is somewhat of a reflection of Apple's success with its App Store platform, and that it suggests a bright future for augmented reality. 

    Here's what Cook said (bolded for emphasis): 

    "In terms of AR and the Pokeman phenomenon, it's incredible what's happened there. I think it's a testament to what happens with innovative apps and the whole ecosystem and the power of a developer being able to press a button and offer their product around the word. This certain developer has elected not to go worldwide yet because of the pressure on their servers. [Laughs.] But I'm sure they will over time. It also does show, as you point out, that AR can be really great. We have been and continue to invest a lot in this, we are high on AR in the long run, we think there are great things for customers and a great commercial opportunity. So we're investing, and the number one thing is that our products work well with other developers' products, like Pokeman, and that's why you see so many iPhones in the wild out there chasing Pokemans.

    I know there are people who want to call [AR] a new computing platform and we'll see, I think there's a tendency in this industry to call everything new 'the next computer platform.' However, that said, I do think AR can be huge. So we'll see whether it's the next platform. But regardless, it will be huge."

    Sadly, the analyst on the conference call didn't think to follow-up and ask Cook how many Pokemon he's caught while playing the game. Maybe next quarter.

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