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    Amy Schumer

    Is anyone having a better year than Amy Schumer?

    She’s about to come out in her first leading movie role with “Trainwreck,” her show on Comedy Central, “Inside Amy Schumer,” is one of the biggest hits on TV, and now she’s nominated for an Emmy.

    As the nominees for the 67th Emmy Awards were announced Thursday, one of the biggest surprises was hearing Schumer’s name called as a nominee for outstanding actress in a comedy. (Her show was nominated for outstanding variety sketch series.)

    She will be vying for the award alongside some stiff competition that includes Edie Falco (“Nurse Jackie”), Lisa Kudrow (“The Comeback”), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep”), Amy Poehler (“Parks and Recreation”), and Lily Tomlin (“Grace and Frankie”).

    It’s not likely Schumer will walk away with the prize, but it’s great to see that her biting brand of comedy — this season ranged from skits addressing Bill Cosby’s sexual-assault allegations to commenting on ageism in Hollywood (with some famous ladies) — has been recognized.

    Inside Amy SchumerSchumer's nomination may also be an indication for what Emmy voters will be looking for in the future. With the end of shows like "Nurse Jackie" and "Parks and Recreation" on the comedy-category side, it (hopefully) has opened the door for television's biggest night to consider the talents of some of the comedy stars that are pushing the envelope of what we see on TV.

    Here’s Schumer’s great reaction to her Emmy nomination:

     “Trainwreck” opens in theaters on Friday. “Inside Amy Schumer” is currently between seasons.  

    SEE ALSO: Amy Schumer came up with the idea for 'Trainwreck' during a very personal conversation with Judd Apatow

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    NOW WATCH: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler reunite in the only movie that dares to open up against 'The Force Awakens'

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    Apple Music wants to replace Spotify and every other music subscription service, and because it comes preinstalled on every iPhone — and is included with the latest software update — Apple has a huge leg up on the competition.

    It also has a shiny new 24-hour internet radio station called Beats 1. Streaming specific songs on demand with Apple Music will cost $10 per month, but Beats 1 is free for everyone.

    Apple is offering a three-month free trial this summer to try to get people hooked on Apple Music. 

    Here are 18 of the best tips and tricks to get the most out of Apple's new service while you try it out.

    SEE ALSO: How to decide whether switching from Spotify to Apple Music is the right choice

    SEE ALSO: There's never been anything like Apple's new radio station — and I'm completely hooked

    Bring your Spotify music into Apple Music

    While there's unfortunately no easy way to bring over full Spotify playlists to Apple Music, a tool called STAMP will scan your Spotify library and add all of your music to Apple Music's main library. 

    This means that you'll have the songs from your Spotify playlists available in your Apple Music library, but you'll have to recreate your playlists manually. 

    STAMP also supports rival music subscription services Rdio and Deezer.

    STAMP is free to use, but it only lets you import up to 10 songs at once without paying 5 € (about $5.44) to fully unlock its functionality. You can download STAMP on this website, and it's available for Mac and Windows.

    Double tap to love genres and artists

    When you first open Apple Music, you're given the option to pick which music genres and artists you like. Apple uses these picks to help present you with playlist suggestions.

    You tap each bubble to like it and get more like it, but you can also double tap to love a bubble. So if you really like a certain artist or genre, double tap it to get similar recommendations.

    Add more kinds of music you like after setting up Apple Music

    Did you know you can add more kinds of music you like whenever you want in Apple Music? To refine your playlist recommendations even more, head on over to your account window at the top left of the screen.

    Then go to "Choose Artists For You" and start tapping more bubbles!

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    tatiana maslany

    Our national nightmare is finally over.

    After being snubbed the last two years, “Orphan Black” star Tatiana Maslany has finally received an Emmy nomination.

    When the 67th Emmy award nominations were announced on Thursday, the loyal fans of “Orphan Black” were ecstatic to hear Maslany’s name get called in the category of outstanding lead actress in a drama.

    This moment has been long awaited for fans (or should we say #CloneClub) of the show.

    Following the 2014 Emmy nomination announcement, Maslany’s snub became a trending topic on Twitter.

    And the show got in on the disappointment, too.

    Earlier this year, Maslany even addressed being snubbed in a Rolling Stone interview

    ROLLING STONE: It’s insane that you've never gotten an Emmy nomination — do you think there's a prejudice against acting in genre shows?

    TATIANA MASLANY: There’s an idea that the acting is less important than the special effects [in those shows], but what's funny about our show is that the special effects and the acting are one and the same. They couldn't exist without each other. It's not like we're sending spaceships flying around — we're just putting two characters played by one person in a room together. To me, our show is more of a character drama with elements of comedy and horror than a sci-fi show.

    But it’s all smiles this time around.

    Here’s Maslany’s reaction to the news.

     And Amy Schumer (a fellow nominee) also gave a shout out on Twitter.

    Maslany was nominated for a Golden Globe in the best actress drama category in 2014 for “Orphan Black.”

    “Orphan Black” is between seasons and airs on BBC America.

    SEE ALSO: BY THE NUMBERS: 'Game of Thrones' leads list of Emmy nominations with 24 nods

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    NOW WATCH: This new 'Peter Pan' movie with Hugh Jackman looks like it's completely reimagining Neverland

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    "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" had a huge showing at this year's San Diego Comic Con, like holding panels for fans and even throwing a free "Star Wars" themed concert. At the event, Harrison Ford spoke about how the franchise has changed his acting career, and how it will changes the lives of actors like Daisy Ridley.

    Produced by Corey Protin. Video courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.

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    Trainwreck LeBron James.JPG

    Warning: spoilers ahead

    LeBron James is certainly not the first or last professional sports star to be cast in a movie. But he’s one of the few who can actually act.

    In “Trainwreck,” the newest Judd Apatow comedy starring Amy Schumer (who also wrote the screenplay), James plays a version of himself who is good friends with a sports doctor named Aaron (Bill Hader) who falls in love with Schumer’s character, Amy.

    It feels like a stretch that James would ever be buddy-buddy with a sports doctor in real life, but for a comedy it’s incredibly effective, and that’s thanks to the surprising acting chops of the four-time NBA MVP.

    James knows how to deliver a joke and looks calm in front of the camera, which has always been what kills the appearances of sports stars in the past (think Brett Favre in “There’s Something About Mary” or all the NBA stars outside of Michael Jordan in “Space Jam").

    brett farve something about mary And Apatow/Schumer gave James a great character trait — trying desperately to be relatable when you’re a huge superstar.

    The first time we see James, he shows up to Aaron’s office to find the sunglasses he left behind. When Aaron says, “You drove back 40 minutes to get your glasses?” James answers back, “I’m not giving Sunglass Hut another $30!”

    The fiscally conservative attitude shines through later when James and Aaron have lunch and multimillionaire James is adamant that they split the check. When Aaron finally gives in, James realizes he left his wallet in the car.

    James holds his own opposite Hader, never looking overwhelmed and never trying to perform with an overplay of emotion.

    The funny thing is how James was even considered for the role.

    Schumer had James’ name originally in the script, but not because she's a huge basketball fan. In fact, Schumer, like her "Trainwreck" character, knows nothing about sports. 

    “He's the only basketball player I’ve ever heard of,” Schumer told Entertainment Weekly for their July 3 issue. But she was in luck.

    James has shown in the past that he can be a performer. He has cohosted the ESPY Awards and hosted "Saturday Night Live," but a movie is a different animal, especially when it's not just a cameo and the athlete is a crucial part of the story line.

    Trainwreck LeBron James2James especially shines in "Trainwreck" when he is playing basketball one-on-one with Aaron and they are talking about Amy (while James blocks every shot Aaron puts up). At one point — again, poorly trying to relate to his buddy — James goes on a long tangent about the consequences of having sex without protection. Not with a condom, but a lawyer. He explains the horrible aftermath of having sex with a gold digger (a common peril for someone of his fame) and in mid-sentence starts spouting lines from the Kanye West “Gold Digger” song.

    James definitely has a second career he can embrace once he hangs up the sneakers.

    “Trainwreck” opens in theaters on Friday.

    Here’s a bit more of James showing off his acting chops. Watch this Funny Or Die video he did with Schumer, Apatow, and Hader on his pitch for a “Trainwreck” sequel (that features a lot more of King James).


    SEE ALSO: Amy Schumer came up with the idea of "Trainwreck" during a very personal conversation with Judd Apatow

    MORE: Everything you missed from last night's athlete- and celebrity-filled ESPY Awards

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    southpaw jake gyllenhaal

    Five years ago, father-son producing partners Alan and Peter Riche surveyed the movie landscape and decided it was time for a boxing movie to be made.

    The sweet science depicted on screen has always interested the two. Alan still remembers taking a much younger Peter to a repertory theater to see the classic 1931 movie “The Champ,” starring Wallace Beery as a washed-up alcoholic boxer who tries to turn his life around for the sake of his young son, played by Jackie Cooper.

    “It’s a favorite of ours,” Alan told Business Insider, “and we decided to do our version of ‘The Champ.’”

    Alan has been producing movies since the early 1970s with credits over the years that include “Empire Records,” “The Family Man,” and the movie version of “Starsky & Hutch.” His son Peter has also had his own individual success, first as a talent and literary agent, followed by developing over 100 screenplays as VP of production for the company his father headed before the two teamed up to start their own.

    Peter and Alan RicheThe Riches have been in the business long enough to know every project has its peeks and valleys, but getting a boxing movie they would call “Southpaw” off the ground turned out to be one of their most challenging yet.

    Peter said the initial idea was “The Champ” meets “Raging Bull,” an authentic look at boxing but with a story that would be as gripping and raw as the action displayed in the ring.

    Also, they needed to, as Peter put it, “flip it,” to make the story stand out from the classic boxing tales they were hoping to emulate.

    He suggested to his father that instead of it being a father-son story, like “The Champ,” that it be about a father and his daughter.

    EminemBut Peter also came up with an idea that would make Hollywood stand up and pay attention to the project.

    Rapper Eminem should play the boxing father.

    “We had both seen ‘8 Mile’ and loved it and thought he was really interesting and had a real presence on screen,” Alan recalled.

    “I thought this guy hasn’t done a movie in a number of years, this might be interesting to him and, dare I say, a sequel to ‘8 Mile.’ Not literally in story, but a good fit for him,” Peter told BI. “We knew how important being a father to his daughter is. We didn’t fear going to Eminem and saying this is an amazing role for you and if you got yourself in shape it would be a tour-de-force.”

    Perhaps the Riches could catch the reclusive rapper at the perfect moment. Though he came on for one episode to voice a character for the popular Comedy Central phone pranking show “Crank Yankers” in 2004, and had a memorable cameo in Judd Apatow’s “Funny People” in 2009, Eminem hadn’t starred in a movie since 2002’s “8 Mile,” which was partially based on his life growing up on Detroit's impoverished 8 Mile Road in the mid-’90s. On the music side, he’d just released his seventh album, "Recovery" in June 2010, which debuted No.1 on the Billboard charts and was received well by critics.

    8 mile eminemIn October 2010, the duo pitched the idea to Eminem’s manager David Schiff, and according to Alan, within 24 hours they heard back from Schiff saying the rapper’s team wanted to do it.

    The film would follow boxer Billy Hope, the reigning junior middleweight boxing champion, whose life is turned upside down following a horrific event that causes him to lose custody of his daughter and jeopardize his boxing career.

    Once Eminem was on board, “Southpaw” was on the fast track. The Riches brought on “Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter to write the script. And by December 2010, DreamWorks signed on to make the film. In June 2011, it was reported that Antoine Faqua ("Training Day") would direct. 

    “We knew Antoine boxes at least five days a week,” said Peter. “So we knew this person would make the boxing look authentic. He went out to Detroit and had a meeting with Eminem and the feedback we got back from both camps couldn’t have been better,” Peter recalled. “Basically we were moving like a train to a green lit movie.”

    Antoine FuquaBut according to the Riches, four weeks before Eminem was to begin training for the movie they got a phone call that the rapper no longer wanted to do it.

    “We were told that he really loved it, but that he feels he’s a musician first and an actor second and he had a lot of inner energy going on for his next album and that’s where his muse was taking him,” said Alan.

    Eminem would go on to make "The Marshall Mathers LP 2," which was released in 2013.

    “That was the moment of pain,” Peter said after getting word Eminem was out. "That was the low moment.”

    In a recent interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1 Radio, Eminem said he “wouldn't have been able to do” “Southpaw” due to scheduling issues related to making the album.

    With Eminem out, DreamWorks lost interest in the project. Thankfully, Fuqua still wanted to direct.

    Following some talks with MGM to take the project, which Alan said “never got into negotiations,” Harvey Weinstein came calling.

    “He had read the original script and very much wanted the project originally,” said Alan of the legendary producer who has been behind Best Picture Oscar-winners “Shakespeare in Love,” “The English Patient,” “Chicago," "The King’s Speech,” and “The Artist.

    The Weinstein Company bought the film rights in 2013 while the Riches continued looking for their Billy Hope.

    Aaron paul coachella“We talked at length with Aaron Paul,” said Alan. “Travis Fimmel from ‘Vikings,’ Charlie Hunnam from ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ but Harvey Weinstein always had it in his head that it would be Jake Gyllenhaal.”

    Gyllenhaal had been on a stretch of taking on challenging and physically demanding roles, including 2012’s “End of Watch,” 2013’s “Prisoners,” and 2014’s “Nightcrawler,” in which he dropped 30 pounds to play a freelancer shooting gruesome accidents and crimes to sell to the local news stations.

    When the Riches, Fuqua, and Sutter had a meeting with Gyllenhaal about coming on the film, he was still frail from the role and as Alan recalls, “was still in the head of that ‘Nightcrawler’ character.”

    gyllenhaal nightcrawler“To Antoine’s credit, he looked into Jake’s eyes and knew he could do the work with him,” said Peter.

    Gyllenhaal trained twice a day for six hours, and gained the 30 pounds he lost for “Nightcrawler,” plus adding on 15 more for the role. Then during production, Peter said Fuqua and Gyllenhaal would work out every day before shooting.

    gylenhaal southpaw trainingThe performance Gyllenhaal gives in “Southpaw” is as intense as the training he did, already leading to Oscar buzz for the actor. 

    He's even received praise from the original actor for the role.

    “Jake smashed it,” said Eminem in the interview with Lowe.

    In fact, Eminem loves the movie so much he made two original songs for the film and is releasing the soundtrack on his label.

    Looking back on the last five years, Alan and Peter don’t dwell on the struggle (“We're doing ‘Tarzan’ for Warner Bros. and that’s taken 13 years to get made," said Alan) and instead believe the experience has made the trust and love they have for one another even stronger.

    “It had its challenges but it was worth every minute," said Peter about “Southpaw." “It was grueling but we would do it all over again tomorrow.”

    “Southpaw” opens in theaters July 24.

    Watch the trailer:


    SEE ALSO: Here's an incredible hand-written letter and illustration from Eminem to Tupac's mother

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    emmy noms announcement 2015

    It's always fun to watch the announcement of the Emmy nominations in a room full of TV fans.

    From their gasps and cheers, one can already see a list of those actors and shows the award show voters missed and who was able to skirt all predictions and make it onto the list.

    In snubs, we saw that "Empire" star Terrence Howard was passed over, among others who deserved a crack at the Emmy.

    Surprises included several first-time nominees, such as "Black-ish" star Anthony Anderson and "Orphan Black's" Tatiana Maslany. 

    Here's Business Insider's list of snubs and surprises from the 2015 Emmy Nominations:

    SEE ALSO: Here's the full 2015 Emmy nominations list

    More: 6 burning questions ahead of tomorrow's Emmy nominations

    Ellie Kemper, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" (Netflix)

    Snub: How are you going to nominate a show and then totally ignore the actress who makes that show work? That's what happened with Ellie Kemper and "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt."

    Terrence Howard, "Empire" (Fox)

    Snub: The man not only played a dying president of a major record company and the patriarch of a family at odds, but he starred on the year's most successful series, Fox's "Empire." That wasn't enough to nab an Emmy nom?

    Kerry Washington, "Scandal" (ABC)

    Snub: After becoming the first Black actress to be nominated for a lead role in a drama series in 18 years, Kerry Washington was hot on the pursuit of being the first black woman to win the award. But, it seems that pursuit is now in the hands of "How to Get Away With Murder's" Viola Davis and "Empire's" Taraji P. Henson.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

    NOW WATCH: What really happened to Jon Snow in 'Game of Thrones'?

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    community joel mchale danny pudi

    "Community" is finally getting some Emmy love!

    The recently axed NBC show which was picked up for a sixth season on Yahoo, just received its first Emmy nod, giving the streaming site its first Emmy nomination, too.

    "Community" didn't get a nod for acting or directing though.

    The series received an Emmy for best stunt coordinator.

    Ben Scott, Stunt Coordinator -- Outstanding Stunt Coordination For A Comedy Series Or A Variety Program

    It's not the Emmy anyone expected, but hey, it's an Emmy!

    And now, even if the show doesn't continue on for another season, it can always be referred to as Emmy-nominated series "Community."

    So there's that.

    Here's to #sixseasonsandamovie human beings.

    SEE ALSO: Check out all of the 2015 Emmy nominations

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    NOW WATCH: This new 'Peter Pan' movie with Hugh Jackman looks like it's completely reimagining Neverland

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    At this year's San Diego Comic Con, Walt Disney Pictures released a behind-the-scenes video for the upcoming film "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." The video reveals some new interesting details that were not know before. We break the video down and show you the most interesting nuggets. 

    Video by Corey Protin. Original reporting by Steve Kovach

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    British artist Willard Wigan creates micro-sculptures that fit inside the head of a needle.  In addition to his original artwork, he has created a miniature "Ant-Man" figure ahead of the blockbuster's release, and the work is on display in London at "Antsibition."

    Video courtesy of Reuters

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    orange is the new black alexWhile Netflix's original series "Orange Is The New Black" has been known to defy categorization, the show will have to face off against tough competition in this year's  Outstanding Drama Series category at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards.

    After a new rule from the TV Academy deemed all half-hour shows "comedies" and all hour-long shows "dramas," Netflix petitioned the Academy in March to get a waiver for the hour-long "OITNB" to enter the 2015 field as a comedy. The petition was struck down, however, as Variety reported, and the show now enters the "Drama" field for 2015 after winning three Emmys in comedy categories for 2014. 

    As a result, "OITNB" becomes the first show to be nominated for both "Outstanding Drama Series" and "Outstanding Comedy Series," the category where it lost to ABC's "Modern Family" in 2014.

    uzo aduba SAG awards 2015 orange is the new black

    In total, "OITNB" garnered four nominations at Thursday's Emmy nomination presentation in Los Angeles.

    Uzo Aduba — the actress who plays Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren on the show — hosted the presentation with Cat Deeley ("So You Think You Can Dance") and also received an "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series" nomination for her role in the second season of "OITNB." Aduba won an Emmy last year for "Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series" when the series still competed as a comedy.

    "OITNB" also received two other Emmy nods — "Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series" for actor Pablo Schreiber (George "Pornstache" Mendez) and "Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series."

    In the hunt for "Outstanding Drama Series," the show will face off as an underdog contender against juggernauts "Game of Thrones" and "Mad Men." Rounding out the highly competitive category are Netflix's "House of Cards," ABC's "Better Call Saul," Showtime's "Homeland" and PBS's "Downtown Abbey."

    The 67th Primetime Emmys will air live on September 20 from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. 

    SEE ALSO: The 13 biggest snubs and surprises from the 2015 Emmy nominations

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    NOW WATCH: Here's how the world's most notorious drug lord escaped from his high-security prison cell

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    50 Cent

    50 Cent's legal team will head back to bankruptcy court in Hartford, Connecticut on Friday morning to square off with lawyers representing Lastonia Leviston.

    Leviston is the woman who won a $5 million suit against the rapper in the wake of a sex tape scandal. Between what 50 Cent owes Leviston and a separate party after losing a lawsuit to a headphones manufacturer, the famous rapper lost more than $20 million in lawsuits in less than a year.

    But one legal expert thinks that 50 Cent's situation could get even worse in court. 

    50 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on July 13, which is more similar to a corporation's bankruptcy than a typical individual's proceeding. If a motion is filed to force his case to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy instead, the famous rapper might all of a sudden find himself losing everything. 

    If 50 Cent's bankruptcy case is changed from a Chapter 11 filing to a Chapter 7 filing, it means a court-appointed trustee would take control of his assets and begin liquidating them.  

    "This is where filing Chapter 11 could backfire on him," says Timothy Walsh, a partner at law firm McDermott Will & Emery in New York. 

    This would just be the beginning of the beleaguered rapper's woes. 50 Cent would also have to forfeit a portion of royalties he's due from films, albums and video games in which he's appeared. Property and cars could be seized and auctioned off to immediately pay the people he owes.

    50 Cent has already declared bankruptcy, but legal sources say the rapper is likely insolvent and not broke. This means his liabilities exceed his ability to pay them back, at least right now. 

    In an interview following his bankruptcy filing, 50 said the move was to take "precautions that any good businessperson would take." 

    A lawyer who spoke under the condition of anonymity said 50 Cent may have enough assets to pay back the people he owes about $22 million after losing two big lawsuits in less than a year's time.

    If that's the case, it is likely the rapper will be permitted by a judge to resolve his debts via a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. This will give him time to sell assets and line up payments to his creditors.

    Once 50 Cent's financial statements are brought to light, it could have a big impact for the people who have won legal judgments against him. They would be unsecured creditors, which puts them at the back of the line to get repayment. If 50 Cent has other outstanding bills those would take priority over the lawsuits. This includes mortgage payments and auto loans. 

    At this point, it's not clear what Leviston's lawyers will propose to get their client the $5 million judgment she's due. But 50's troubles could begin to get deeper, as early as tomorrow morning. So far, 50 Cent's finances haven't been revealed in court. They're currently subject to a court-ordered seal.

    No matter what happens next, it's a long fall from grace for the rapper who has thoroughly chronicled his conspicuous consumption through social media like Instagram. 

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    NOW WATCH: Teenager survives a plane crash, walks for two days, and hitches a ride

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    rapper 50 cent

    On Monday, Curtis Jackson — better known as the rapper 50 Cent — filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

    In May, Forbes estimated his net worth to be $155 million, making him one of the richest rappers in the world.

    So why file for bankruptcy protection?​

    "The filing allows Mr. Jackson to reorganize his financial affairs, as he addresses various professional liabilities and takes steps to position the future of his various business interests," the rapper's attorney said in a statement to Billboard. "This filing for personal bankruptcy protection permits Mr. Jackson to continue his involvement with various business interests and continue his work as an entertainer, while he pursues an orderly reorganization of his financial affairs."

    "Reorganize" is a vague term. Specifically, Chapter 11 allows the debtor to create a plan to pay his debts and how much of them he's able to pay, and then present it to his creditors for approval, explains Robert J. Semrad, senior partner at DebtStoppers Law Firm of Robert J. Semrad & Associates, LLC. 

    The debtor uses both his existing assets and any income going forward for these payments. And while he's putting together a plan, his creditors have to leave him alone — that's where the "protection" comes in. 

    Usually, once the debtor has made the payments determined in the plan, any remaining debts or amounts are discharged, with the exception of certain types: taxes, student loans, child support or alimony, criminal fines, and debts of which the debtor is aware but hasn't included in his plan.

    Chapter 7, on the other hand, would liquidate assets and divide them among remaining creditors in a one-time payment, discharging debts that the existing assets don't cover except for those that fall in the categories listed above.

    50 CentTo file, a debtor has to show that they cannot keep pace with their debts, explains Complex. They must be able to prove that they'll run out of money if they keep paying at the current rate, or that they need a chance to restructure their assets in order to have enough to pay.

    Once a debtor has filed, the process takes time. "When bankruptcy is filed, all the creditors have to stop any collection activities unless they have permission from court," Semrad says. "During that time, the debtor has months or even years to put together a plan to show how he's going to pay and how much he'll pay." Semrad has seen Chapter 11 cases stretch on for up to four years before the repayment plan is implemented.

    "Walt Disney had filed for bankruptcy before. Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy," 50 Cent told E! News on Tuesday while promoting his new movie, "Southpaw." "It means you're re-organizing your finances. But it does stop things from moving forward that you don't want moving forward." 

    The rapper may be referring to the ruling that came through only days before his bankruptcy filing: He was ordered by the court to pay $5 million to his rival Rick Ross' ex-girlfriend, Lastonia Leviston, who sued him for posting a sex tape online in an alleged attempt to embarrass Ross.

    "Yeah, I need protection," 50 Cent said on TBS's "Conan" this week. "You get a bull's-eye painted on your back when you're successful, and it's public. You become the ideal person for lawsuits."

    50 cent concert

    In fact, Semrad says that the ruling in this case, from the New York State courts, may shed some light on why 50 Cent decided to file now: Leviston was awarded $5 million, plus punitive damages, which haven't yet been determined. Those damages have the potential to increase her payment to as much as $10 million or $15 million, Semrad estimates.

    Semrad explains that the timing of the rapper's filing makes it likely that he's trying to achieve two things in particular:

    • To get the Leviston case moved from the New York State courts, which have already ruled in her favor, to the bankruptcy courts, which may choose to award a lesser amount in punitive damages in order to leave more money for 50 Cent's other creditors
    • To delay any debt payments for as much time as possible, in the hope that creditors will become impatient and willing to take less than they're owed, just to have the money in their pockets

    "The $5 million has already been determined," says Semrad, speculating 50 Cent might want to "put the $5 million into the bankruptcy case and treat it like any other debt."

    "We think this is a failed attempt to avoid paying this woman who has been hurt so badly by his actions," Hunter Shkolnik, Leviston's lawyer, told Business Insider.

    An anonymous source familiar with the matter told Business Insider that if this is indeed an attempt to delay or lessen the payment to Leviston, the rapper isn't the first to use this tactic. For instance, O.J. Simpson was still held in prison but could not duck legal liabilities to Nicole Brown Simpson's survivors, even after his bankruptcy filing.

    SEE ALSO: 9 rich and famous people who filed for bankruptcy

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    lil wayne birdman

    Earlier this month, Lil Wayne partnered with streaming music service Tidal to release a mixtape exclusively through the service.

    The release came as Lil Wayne has been embroiled in drama with his record label Cash Money and its CEO,Bryan “Birdman” Williams.

    According to TMZ, Cash Money struck back on Thursday with a $50 million lawsuit against Tidal.

    In January, Lil Wayne sued Cash Money in excess of $51 million while also requesting freedom from the label. Lil Wayne's legal team claimed the label breached his contract by withholding money he's owed for his album 'Tha Carter V,' which was due to release months ago but was withheld by the label.

    Cash Money is suing Tidal for streaming the aptly-named  'Free Weezy Album,' claiming they have exclusive rights to Lil Wayne's music, and saying it's "a desperate and illegal attempt to save their struggling streaming service."

    According to the lawsuit, Tidal has defended its actions by claiming Lil Wayne gave them permission to stream the album in exchange for partial ownership of the company. But according to Cash Money, Lil Wayne's contract has exact wording specifically forbidding the artist from licensing his music to other parties without their consent.

    lil wayneCash Money also completely trashed Lil Wayne's album, saying it received "tepid reviews" and could hurt the label's attempts to market Wayne's music and brand.

    The major lawsuit comes directly after an indictment earlier on Thursday of Birdman and Young Thug and their supposed involvement in a alleged plot to kill Lil' Wayne in Atlanta. Jimmy Winfrey a.k.a Peewee Roscoe, Young Thug's tour manager has been charged with the shooting itself, while Birdman and Young Thug received no official charges.

    Business Insider has reached out to Tidal for comment and will update the story if/when we receive a response.

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    BoJack Horseman

    When you're creating an animated show revolving around anthropomorphic animals, there are certainly a lot of creative liberties you can take.

    Of allthe cartoons that have ever involved human-like animals, few have been as unique in their approach to the subject as "BoJack Horseman." The show chronicles a depressed former sitcom star (Will Arnett) who happens to be a talking horse. In BoJack's world, humans and animals live amongst each other, and nobody bats an eye at it.

    In order to maintain this unique and detailed world, the "BoJack Horseman" animators have to follow one small but essential rule: No tails.

    BoJack Horseman Season 2

    Lisa Hanawalt, the show's production designer and co-producer, has been drawing pictures of animals since she was a kid without tails. She has been friends with "BoJack" creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg since they first met at Gunn High School in Palo Alto, California.

    Hanawalt says the absence of tails is just part of her "personal style" of drawing.

    "It's just sort of...not how I draw animals,"Hanawalt tells Business Insider. "I've drawn a couple animal people with tails in my personal work but it makes more sense to draw them without, and I'm not sure why." 

    This decision isn't always easy though. There are some animals that are truly defined by their tails. Hanawalt almost broke her own rule when designing the lemurs in season one.

    BoJack Horseman Lemurs

    "Even for the lemurs in the first season I was like, 'Well should they have a tail?' Because with lemurs, the tail is pretty important. And we tried a version with them and a version without, and we were like 'Yeah, they just need to not have tails.'" Hanawalt said. 

    However, there are times when rules do need to be broken.

    For Lenny Turtletaub (J.K. Simmons), the hot shot producer who happens to be a tortoise, Hanawalt decided he needed to keep his shell on. 

    BoJack Horseman

    At one point during season two, a scorpion will make an appearance, and a scorpion is nothing without its stinger.

    "So he's got his big tail thing but I rationalize it by saying its coming out of his upper back." Hanawalt said.

    This might be because there is a fine line to balance between bringing these anthropomorphic animals seem human while reminding us that they are human. While Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tompkins) might not have a tail, he still chases the mail truck just like any dog would do.

    BoJack Horseman

    "In some ways we're making it up as we go along." Hanawalt concluded.

    The entire second season of "BoJack Horseman" premieres on Netflix on July 17.

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    AND: This brilliant animated comedy on Netflix has mastered the art of writing for binge-watchers

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    NOW WATCH: If this hilarious trailer doesn't sell you on Season 2 of Netflix's dark cartoon comedy — nothing will

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    "Super Mario" may be an Italian plumber, but that's the last thing you're thinking about while punching question mark blocks. He's just a little cloud of pixels with a tiny brown mustache, right?

    But in the next "Super Mario" series entry, there's one bizarre, unmissable piece of art that's clearly human:

    You see that giant human hand? How could you not! 

    In "Super Mario Maker," Nintendo takes the worlds of the original Super Mario Bros. and combines it with the worlds of "Super Mario Bros. 3," "Super Mario World," and "New Super Mario Bros. U." But it's not some compilation of old games – as the title implies, "Super Mario Maker" is a game about creating new Mario levels using the worlds of classic Mario games. 

    And that's where the giant human hand comes in.

    You create new worlds using the Nintendo Wii U gamepad, the tablet-esque gamepad that comes with Nintendo's newest game console. What happens on the gamepad is mirrored on-screen, except your real-life hand is mimicked on-screen using the hand seen above.

    During a meeting with Nintendo on Thursday in New York City, I tried the game and was immediately struck by the strangeness of a disembodied human hand – bearing little similarity in looks to my own – acting as a stand-in for my actual hand. Yes, I'm a white guy, but my fingers are far from long and slender (sadly). 

    What if I were, say, a 10-year-old black girl? Or a 30-year-old Japanese man? Or literally anything other than an adult white woman (which the hand appears to belong to)?

    Given the mainstream appeal of the mustachioed hero and his ongoing battle against Bowser, you'd think Nintendo – a company that's repeatedly shown willingness to be inclusive – would have thought of this.

    When I asked Nintendo reps about the hand and if it could be changed, they confirmed that it couldn't be. They also reacted with surprise that there wasn't an option to swap it out. And hey, the game launches on September 11, so Nintendo could still alter this by launch. Even after the game comes out, Nintendo could issue a patch to the game that adds an option to change this.

    Given the nature of how much work goes into actually progamming these games, it's extremely unlikely any change could be made by launch. So the best hope is probably a patch after the game goes to market.

    This isn't a huge deal, and I'm not exactly offended. It's just a bizarre and glaring oversight from a company that knows better, especially when it comes to games starring its mascot.

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    AND: EA Sports' once took a hugely unpopular risk that led to one of the most successful sports game franchises ever

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    ant man costume

    "Ant-Man" doesn't have the same superhero appeal as Captain America, Iron Man, or Thor.

    He's not as big, or strong, or superpowered. But as the star of his first standalone film, people might soon look to Ant-Man as their favorite Avenger.

    The movie is lighthearted in every sense of the word. There's no overwhelming or incoherent plot line, and your enjoyment of the movie doesn't rely on seeing or enjoying the other Marvel films. It's also not about saving the world or the universe; sure, Ant-Man needs to stop a super-powered villain to save his daughter and stop an evil corporation from gaining a powerful weaponized suit, but the stakes aren't nearly as lofty as other Marvel films.

    The story is relatively straightforward: Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas, is a scientist who has created something called the "Pym particle," which powers the Ant-Man suit, capable of shrinking and growing back to normal size with the click of a button. But after Pym refuses to give his invention to the government agency S.H.I.E.L.D. — run by Tony Stark's father (played by John Slattery) and Captain America's love interest from the 1930s Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) — he starts his own company, which is eventually led by his protégé, the brilliant but headstrong Darren Cross (played by Corey Stoll).

    corey stoll ant manYears later, Cross is ready to unveil his own Ant-Man suit and sell it to the highest bidder: In this case, the evil corporation H.Y.D.R.A. But Pym is too old to use the suit to steal Cross' creation, and he doesn't want his daughter Hope (played by Evangeline Lilly) to use it. (There are some negative effects to using the suit over time.)

     So Pym seeks out Scott Lang, played by Paul Rudd, an intelligent and even altruistic burglar — he robbed a millionaire who stole money from people and returned it to those folks. Lang is down on his luck after getting out of jail. But after Pym gets in touch with Lang and asks him to become Ant-Man, it's all a matter of training for the big heist.

    flying ants ant manThe second half of "Ant-Man" feels like "Ocean's 11" or "Mission Impossible" mixed with superheroes and, uh, ants. A lot of different kinds of ants (four to be exact). But that's a good thing! While there are plenty of laughs in the first half of the film, the entertainment is certainly kicked up a notch in the latter half — complete with an enjoyable and somehow not cliché training montage, as well as some clever visual gags and some excellent Marvel fan service. It's a little predictable, but it's got some surprises everyone will enjoy.

    "Ant-Man" achieves a rare balance that other Marvel movies have difficult achieving no matter how good they may be. Thanks in large part to Rudd, who is charismatic but also a total goofball, "Ant-Man" manages to be a hilarious movie, and an enticing visual marathon, but also emotional at the right times. Last year's "Guardians of the Galaxy" is the only other Marvel film that has come so close to achieving this kind of balance. You actually care about the characters, and you want them to succeed — even the side characters, played by Michael Peña, David Dastmalchian, and T.I. (yes, the rapper T.I.) add a strong dose of fun and variation.

    You don't need to be a Marvel fan to root for "Ant-Man." The film's final act will have you wanting more of Rudd, Douglas, and co. — and luckily for fans, the final line of the film before the lights come back on promises "Ant-Man will return."

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    Ant Man

    Warning: If you haven't seen "Ant-Man," there are major spoilers ahead!

    "Ant-Man" is finally here, and with it one of the new summer blockbuster traditions returns: The Marvel post-credits scenes. 

    If you're heading out to see the new film this weekend, don't head out right before the movie ends. 

    Unlike "Avengers: Age of Ultron," which only featured one scene after the stylish main credits, "Ant-Man" has two: One after the main credits (the "mid-credits" scene), and another after the long crawl.

    If you headed out early or were left scratching your head, here's what you should know.

    The Mid-Credits Scene

    What happens:

    In probably the most puzzling choice for a Marvel post-credits scene, the first rejoins Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) at home with his daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly). Pym tells her there's something she should see. 

    evangeline lilly ant man

    Pym reveals the wall at the back of the vault where he kept the Ant-Man suit he gave to Scott Lang was in fact false, and behind it lies a newer, more advanced suit modeled after the one her mother, Janet Van Dyne, wore as The Wasp. (We never see Janet in the movie, but she briefly appears in costume during a flashback scene. Janet's Wasp costume, however, was identical to the one Hank wore — just with wings). 

    The new suit is predominantly blue and silver, and the tech powering it looks far more advanced. Pym tells Hope that it was a "prototype" that he and Janet were working on together. He says he thought they were working on it for Janet, but he supposes that they were really working on it for Hope. 

    Hope, meanwhile, tears up with validation, before saying the final line in the scene:

    "It's about damn time."

    What's so puzzling about this scene:

    Frankly, it has no business taking place after the credits. It's such a clear conclusion to Hope's arc throughout the film — who spends most of it resenting Hank for not letting her wear his suit and take on Cross herself (while also demonstrating that she's far more capable a choice than Scott) that it deserves to be part of the film proper. It certainly is a better place to leave Hope than her actual last scene — which is making out with Scott. The WaspAs for the future of the Marvel Universe ...

    It seems like it's clearly setting up Hope Van Dyne as another hero in the Marvel Universe. But which one? Smart money says she assumes her mother's code name and becomes the Wasp, much like Scott Lang took on Hank Pym's old Ant-Man alias. 


    "Ant-Man" is extremely careful to never show Janet Van Dyne's face. Even in photographs! That, taken in conjunction with an Easter egg director Peyton Reed hinted at that sharp-eyed viewers should be able to see during Scott's climactic trip into the Quantum Zone seems to suggest that Marvel has plans for Hank Pym's lost love, plans that might even result in someone being cast to play her in the future. 

    If that's so, then it adds an interesting wrinkle: If Janet Van Dyne returns, will she be the Wasp? And if so, what will Hope be? 

    It should be noted that Hope Van Dyne does not really exist in the comics. There is a Hope Pym that resides in an alternate universe where all the Marvel heroes have grown old and their children have now taken over, but there she's the villainous Red Queen.

    She looks like this:


    Given that Marvel's plans for the next few years are pretty thoroughly laid out, it's doubtful we'll see this — but given the studios penchant for remixing the greatest hits of the comics, don't be surprised if it's referenced somehow. 

    The Second Scene

    Remember "The Winter Solider?" bucky barnes the winter soldier The next scene is brief, and a bit unclear as to what's happening.

    We see Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/The Falcon (who appears in one of  the very best scenes in "Ant-Man") meeting up with Steve Rogers in a garage somewhere. They're in a jam — they've found Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), who went missing at the end of "The Winter Soldier." 

    It looks like he's in bad shape, but we don't know why. Cap and the Falcon (in their civilian garb) need help, but they can't call Tony Stark — they say he'll be busy with something called "the accords." They have to go off-book for whatever it is they need to do. But it's no problem, because Falcon says "I know a guy," right before the message "ANT-MAN WILL RETURN" appears on-screen. 

    What this means:

    The next post-credits scene is a cryptic nod to the next Marvel movie, 2016's "Captain America: Civil War," but also picks up a plot thread from the previous Cap movie. 

    There's not nearly as much to unpack here, other than the first notion of what may cause a rift between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark: Steve goes on a mission without any oversight, and Tony is working on some sort of policy. The center of it all then, will probably be Bucky Barnes. 

    It's a hunch, but I feel pretty good about it. 

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    destiny gjallarhorn

    "Destiny" is about to get some major changes, and players aren't happy about it.

    In developer Bungie's weekly Thursday night blog post, community manager David "DeeJ" Dague explained that most popular weapons will be "rebalanced" shortly before the launch of "The Taken King," the next major game expansion launching in September.

    Some weapons will be "buffed," or made stronger, while other weapons will be "nerfed," or made less powerful or effective. Of those weapons getting nerfed, the exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn, widely considered to be one of the best weapons in the entire game (it's also the rarest, making its acquisition very YouTube reaction worthy), is getting a pretty severe reduction to its damage output.

    The biggest perk of Gjallarhorn is something called "wolfpack rounds": when your rocket hits an enemy, it splits into cluster missles that hit the enemy again, so you're basically doing double damage. Soon, though, Bungie will reduce the damage from these wolfpack rounds. The extent of the damage reduction is unclear, but considering how it's an overpowered, overused item in the game, many fear for the worst. 

    Here's Bungie's sandbox designer Jon Weisnewski explaining the changes to Gjallarhorn:

    If Destiny had a nuke it would be the “Ballerhorn.” We definitely intended to have a high damage Heavy Weapon that was ideal for PvE destruction. What we did not intend, and what we unfortunately saw, was pick up Raid and Nightfall groups gating participation based on whether or not players had this weapon. Gjallarhorn was so strong that for many people it had become the only answer to getting through tough encounters, and therefore they were less willing to spend time with other players that didn’t have it. 

    We strive for Destiny to be a place where a single weapon or strategy does not dictate how, or with whom, you spend your time. In the new world Gjallarhorn is still worthy of its legacy as an exotic Heavy Weapon, but we hope it promotes inclusive behavior rather than exclusivity.

    destiny pve_statsAs Weisnewski points out, many current "Destiny" players are relying too much on Gjallarhorn to get them through missions and activities, and some players also refuse to let others play with them simply because they don't own the weapon. Of course, that isn't their fault; Gjallarhorn is one of the rarest weapons in "Destiny" — you can't buy it right now, and it can only drop as a reward for completing certain activities.

    In my opinion as a longtime "Destiny" player, nerfing Gjallarhorn a bit seems completely reasonable. As Bungie has repeatedly stated, "Destiny" has a 10-year game plan, where players will be able to play with these characters and weapons — with new content added on a consistent basis — for an entire decade. And when it comes time to balance weapons, Bungie needs to obviously address overpowered, overused weapons, Gjallarhorn included.

    All weapons in "Destiny" will get their day in the sun. When the game first launched, the exotic auto rifle Suros Regime was probably the most powerful, overused item in the game. After some rounds of weapon rebalancing, considerably fewer people use Suros Regime, and they're moving onto other weapons. Bungie wants this kind of fluidity, where players will regularly rotate their favorite weapons, in hopes to keep players interested over the next 10 years. It will be interesting to see the extent to which Gjallarhorn is actually affected by the time Bungie releases its patch, which should be shortly before "The Taken King" launches September 15.

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    fantasyland, disneyland, 1955

    The "Happiest Place on Earth" turns 60 on July 17.

    In 1955, Walt Disney and President Richard Nixon led the opening ceremonies in Anaheim, California. The park held just 18 attractions, and Sleeping Beauty's Castle wasn't even open to the public yet.

    Today, the park hosts more than 16 million visitors annually.

    To celebrate its diamond anniversary, we're taking a look back at how Disneyland came to be.


    SEE ALSO: 14 hacks that will make your visit to Disney World way better

    Walt Disney, pictured in 1950, wanted to build a family-friendly theme park across from his studios in Burbank, California, but local officials turned it down for fear that the carnival atmosphere would bring crime to the area.

    Source: USA Today

    Disney settled for 160 acres of orange groves in beautiful Anaheim, California. Construction began in 1954, just 12 months before the park's official opening.

    Source: USA Today

    The park cost $17.5 million to build. In order to finance the project, Disney partnered with ABC to produce a weekly one-hour program, titled "Disneyland." It featured classic characters and fairy tales, documentary shorts on science and technology, and progress reports on the park's construction.

    Source: The Walt Disney Family Museum

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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