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    colbertIn his commencement speech at Wake Forest University this morning, comedian Stephen Colbert offered the class of 2015 one key piece of adviceWhatever else you do, develop your own set of standards.

    "It may seem counterintuitive now, but when you leave here, you may miss being graded on all your work," Colbert warned. "There are no objective criteria for achievement anymore. People my age will sometimes say to you, 'Hey, that work you did, that thing you said, that cause you championed? It's not good.'"

    Those are the moments when your own internal metric is most critical. "Having your own standards," the late night host advised, "allows you to perceive success where others may see failure."

    To illustrate the point, Colbert turned to his own career. "I have a pretty good idea of what jokes will get laughs and what jokes are iffy, but I'm going to say them anyway, because I kinda like how iffy they are," he said.

    It's that ability to function without external validation that he says let him "keep going at times when no one laughed, or when I thought the person I was interviewing was going to throw a punch at me." 

    But while he acknowledged that "any standards worth having will be a challenge to meet, and most of the time you will fall short," he encouraged grads to go easy on themselves. "From now on, you fill out your own report card. So do yourself a favor. Be an easy grader. Give yourself extra credit." 

    "You have the power — you are your own professor now," he continued. "Which I know is a little creepy, because that means you're showering with your professor. But you have tenure. They can't fire you."

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    Jay Z

    When Jay Z  launched Tidal  his new music streaming site  in March, he promised to give exclusive content to subscribers, who pay between $9.99 and 19.99 per month.

    jay z tidalThis weekend, the rapper delivered on the promise by performing the first of two special "B Side" shows in New York City, which was streamed live for subscribers.

    During the concert, Jay Z took the opportunity to respond to critics of Tidal. Skeptics have even included fellow famous musicians like Mumford & Sons, Lily Allen, and Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard, who told The Daily Beast that Tidal "is going to fail miserably" because of it's approach of making rich musicians richer.

    "So I’m the bad guy now, I hear, because I don’t go with the flow," Jay Z said to 3,000 fans at Terminal 5 on Saturday, according to PageSix. "I’m never gonna go with the flow, I’m never gonna let nobody take over our music . . . This Tidal thing is all about the music. We gonna preserve the music, we ain’t gonna let nobody take our music. We ain’t gonna let nobody offer our music up and do what the f--- they wanna do."

    Jay ZJay Z proceeded to do a freestyle rap that slammed YouTube, Spotify, and Apple, among others.

    Check out some of Jay Z's lyrics below:

    “I understand if you don’t understand, I figure I’m Jigga
    That’s where we differ
    I take what’s mine, you accept what they they give you, I get you
    I don’t take no checks, I take my respect
    Pharrell even told me go with the safest bet
    Jimmy Iovine on for the safety net
    Google dig around a crazy check
    I feel like YouTube is the biggest culprit
    Them n—-s pay you a tenth of what you supposed to get
    You know n—-s die for equal pay right?
    You know when I work I ain’t your slave right?
    You know I ain’t shucking and jiving and high-fiving, and you know this ain’t back in the days right?
    Well I can’t tell, how the way they killed Freddie Gray right?
    Shot down Mike Brown, how they did Tray right?
    Let them continue choking n—-s,
    We gon’ turn style, I ain’t your token n—-.”

    The rapper continued:

    “You know I came in this game independent right?
    Tidal, my own label, same difference
    Oh, n—as is skeptical when it’s their own sh-t
    You bought nine iPhones and Steve Jobs is rich
    Phil Knight is worth millions, you still bought them kicks
    Spotify is nine million, they ain’t say sh-t
    Lucy you got some splainin’ to do
    The only one they hatin’ on looks the same as you
    That’s cool, I know they tryin’ to bamboozle you
    Spendin’ millions on me to tryin’ to confuse you
    I had to talk to myself, Hov you should be used to it
    It’s politics as usual.”

    Watch the video of Jay Z's performance below:

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    mad max tom hardy

    Despite taking years to make it to the big screen, "Mad Max: Fury Road" opened with a $44 million gross and an incredible 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. A sequel seemed almost inevitable at this point.

    Well, now it is official: there will be another "Mad Max" sequel on the horizon.

    Director George Miller joined Twitter Sunday to announce the big news: 

    He followed up on this tweet with some more details.

    “We’ve got one screenplay and a novella. It happened because with the delays [on 'Fury Road'], and writing all the backstories, they just expanded,” Miller explained on a podcast Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith

    Miller revealed to Goldsmith that the first of those sequels will be called "Mad Max: The Wasteland."

    Miller told Film School Rejects that he has "two others" already planned and roughly written out.

    “We kept working on them while we were working on other things.” said Miller.

    There are no details on the plot just yet nor is there an official release date. However, we'll all be waiting eagerly, flaming electric guitars in hand.

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    NOW WATCH: Before you see ‘Fury Road,’ watch the 1979 trailer for ‘Mad Max’ that started it all

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    It was the year 2000  seven years before anyone had even heard of Kim Kardashian or before Beyoncé walked red carpets nearly nude.

    Up until this point, red carpets were fairly tame, fully-clothed affairs.

    That is, until Jennifer Lopez arrived to the 2000 Grammys in that now infamous green Versace gown with a neckline that plunged down to her naval and was held together simply by fashion tape.

    Jennifer Lopez Versace DressIt was even Diddy-approved.

    JLO and PuffyAnd before Kim Kardashian self-admittedly "broke the internet" with her bare-bottom photos, J.Lo's dress really did.

    In an essay published in January on Project Syndicate, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, writes: "At the time, it was the most popular search query we had ever seen. But we had no surefire way of getting users exactly what they wanted: J.Lo wearing that dress."

    As a result, Schmidt says, "Google Image Search was born."

    Schmidt further explained how Google expanded from just text to images:

    Our co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin – like all other successful inventors – kept iterating. They started with images. After all, people wanted more than just text. This first became apparent after the 2000 Grammy Awards, where Jennifer Lopez wore a green dress that, well, caught the world’s attention.

    E! News recently asked Lopez if she knew she inspired the photo-based search tool, to which she responded, "I heard that, who knew?!" 

    But Lopez has yet to receive any compensation for her contribution. "I'm a little bit upset about it," she joked. "I'm sure Versace's in on it as well."

    When asked whether or not she wished she had gotten something from it, she teased, "Just a small part of it... a truck full of money."

    Today, Google has thousands of options when looking for J.Lo's Grammys dress.

    Jennifer Lopez Versace dress google image search

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    NOW WATCH: How Elon Musk saved Tesla in just two weeks when Google was about to buy it

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    Mad Men Cast Photo 2

    Before production kicked off on season one of "Mad Men," costume designer Janie Bryant created collages of images from magazines for each of the main characters called "mood boards." 

    These clippings were taken directly from the era, and they provide a strikingly accurate representation of what the characters would eventually become.

    The mood boards can currently be seen in full at the "Mad Men" exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image, which runs until June 14.

    Here are a few of the mood boards:

    Don Draper (Jon Hamm) would fit in well with most of the men who worked on Madison Avenue at the time.

    Don Draper Mood BoardBryant did a lot of research into Joan's (Christina Hendricks) hairstyle.

    Joan Mood Board Mad MenThe board is situated right next to Joan's green, blood-spattered dress from the infamous scene in which an executive loses his foot to a lawnmower.

    It looks like glasses were supposed to be a big part of Peggy Olson's (Elisabeth Moss) look, despite the fact she never wears a single pair during the show's run.

    Peggy Mood Board Mad MenSimilar boards were created to detail the show's equally detailed sets.

    The Draper House in Ossining was designed to look like a typical post-World War II suburban home.

    Draper ResidenceDraper Living Room

    Though "Mad Men" kicks off in 1960, the kitchen in the home the Drapers occupy during the show's first three seasons is "decorated in a colonial style that was common in the 1950s."

    According to the Museum, creator Matthew Weiner "felt it was important - and more natural - to create a visual world that suggested a continuity with the past." In the "imagined backstory," the kitchen was remodeled in 1957.

    Even their bathroom was ripped right out of that time period.

    Draper BathroomAnd here's the inspiration for Megan Draper's (Jessica Pare) home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Laurel Canyon. It draws much inspiration from the turmoil of 1960s L.A.

    Megan Draper House Mad MenWhile maybe hard to see, the California driver's license in the far right corner belonged to Charles Manson.

    Megan moves to LA in the late 1960s around the time of Manson. A popular theory arose two years ago that Megan Draper is Sharon Tate, and would meet a similar, tragic fate. While "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner himself disproved the theory, Manson and Tate no doubt had influence on the show's later seasons.

    The mood boards, and many other pieces of "Mad Men" history, are currently at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York through June 14.  

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    NOW WATCH: How the stars of AMC's blockbuster 'Mad Men' have changed over the years

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    Ed Helms University Virginia UVA Graduation Commencement Speech

    Actor Ed Helms spoke Friday at the University of Virginia's commencement ceremony and ruthlessly addressed the retracted Rolling Stone article that threw the campus into the center of a national debate about sexual assault this academic year.

    "It has been said that a rolling stone gathers no moss," Helms told graduating seniors. "I would add, that sometimes a rolling stone also gathers no verifiable facts, or even the tiniest morsels of journalistic integrity."

    The comment drew significant applause.

    Much of Rolling Stone's story on sexual assault at the college has been disproved since the article's initial publication in November— by outside media reports, a police investigation, and a report from Columbia Journalism School.

    "Rolling Stone tried to define you this year," Helms said. "As a result, not only was this community thrown deep into turmoil, but the incredibly important struggle to address sexual violence on campuses nationwide was suddenly more confusing than ever, and needlessly set back."

    Helms is best known for his roles in the TV show "The Office" and "The Hangover" movies. You can watch his full speech at the University of Virginia below:

    SEE ALSO: UVA dean sues Rolling Stone for defamation

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    Warner Brothers just released a new trailer for its upcoming take on the Peter Pan legend entitled "Pan." Directed by Joe Wright ("Pride and Prejudice" and "Atonement"). It chronicles the relationship between a young Peter Pan and the man who would later become Captain Hook (Garrett Hedlund).

    In this story, which can be categorized as a "prequel," both Pan and Hook face off against Blackbeard, played by a barely recognizable Hugh Jackman. The movie promises astonishing visuals, along with a strong female supporting cast including Academy Award-nominee Rooney Mara and supermodel Cara Delevingne.

    "Pan" opens on October 9, 2015.

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    Snoop Dogg is backing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. 

    In video posted by The Hill on Monday, the rapper argued that it's time for the first female president. 

    "I feel like we’re at that stage in life to where we need a perspective other than the male's train of thought," Snoop Dogg explained on Bravo the day before. "To have a woman speaking from a global perspective as far as representing America, I’d love to see that. So I'll be voting Ms. Clinton." 

    Snoop Dogg is just the latest hip-hop artist to reveal his support for Clinton, the Democratic front-runner in 2016. Waka Flocka Flame also endorsed Clinton in AprilAnd earlier this month, rapper Ja Rule said he'll be voting for the former secretary of state

    Ja Rule, however, also praised former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R).

    "I like Hillary. I like Hillary. But, you know, it's crazy because ... I also think Jeb is a good candidate as well," he said on Fox Business. "But, you know, I don't — I'm a Democrat, so yeah, so I would vote Hillary."

    Additionally, R&B artist Ne-Yo indicated he's inclined to support Clinton. And megastar Beyoncé reportedly attended a Clinton fundraiser— which Clinton excitedly tweeted about last Friday: 

     Watch Snoop Dogg explain his support for Clinton below on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live":

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    jon hamm mad men finale

    Following Sunday night's series finale of the AMC drama “Mad Men,” which hit a record ratings high, the New York Times talked to lead actor Jon Hamm about this thoughts on the finale.

    Hamm said that he and "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner talked about the ending “for a long time,” and that the show runner was fixated on the finale ending with Draper’s eyes closed and a smile on his face.

    Don endHere’s Hamm's interpretation of that moment, and the Coca-Cola ad that followed:

    "My take is that, the next day, he wakes up in this beautiful place, and has this serene moment of understanding, and realizes who he is. And who he is, is an advertising man. And so, this thing comes to him. There’s a way to see it in a completely cynical way, and say, 'Wow, that’s awful.' But I think that for Don, it represents some kind of understanding and comfort in this incredibly unquiet, uncomfortable life that he has led. There was a little bit of a crumb dropped earlier in the season when Ted says there are three women in every man’s life, and Don says, 'You’ve been sitting on that for a while, huh?' There are, not coincidentally, three person to person phone calls that Don makes in this episode, to three women who are important to him for different reasons. You see the slow degeneration of his relationships with those women over the course of those phone calls."

    don phone sad 2 s7 mad menThe emotional phone call Don has with Peggy was a challenge to shoot. Hamm explains:

    "[With January Jones and Kiernan Shipka], we shot those on set. So you can actually have the person sitting right off camera, reading the lines to you. [For Elisabeth Moss], we were three and a half hours up the [California] coast, on the edge of a cliff. When he hangs up with Peggy, that was an incredibly difficult scene to shoot. We were in the middle of nowhere, and they were going to just have someone else read the lines, off-screen, for me. Elisabeth wasn’t there, but both Elisabeth and I suggested that it might be better if we could have an actual connection on the phone. So she was on the other end of the phone. I’m sure there are other takes of that scene where I’m much more emotional, and Matthew chose to use the ones that are a little more confused and restrained. He’s completely bereft, and because of that, he is then open to hearing this information and this story from this stranger."

    don phone season 7 mad menHamm believes how we leave the characters in the finale is not necessarily how their lives will turn out:

    "The world doesn’t blow up right after the Coke commercial ends. No one is suggesting that Stan and Peggy live happily ever after, or that Joan’s business is a rousing success, or that Roger and Marie come back from Paris together. None of it is done. Matt had said at one point, 'I just want my characters to be a little more happy than they were in the beginning,' and I think that’s pretty much true. But these aren’t the last moments of any of these characters’ lives, including Betty. She doesn’t have much time left, but damn if she’s not going to spend it the way she wants to spend it."

    Roger Sterling and MarieHamm said at a Television Academy event last weekend that after playing Don Draper he’s going to “fade into nothingness and no one will remember me.” Does he really believe that?

    I think every actor thinks that when they end a job. You only hope that something else comes along. Do I think I will fade into obscurity? Hopefully not yet. But probably at some point, I will. Because that’s the nature of all things flesh. That’s how it works. It’s a hell of a thing, to end something like this. Is my melancholy seeping through enough? [laughs] In a much more healthy sense, we all put this show to bed quite some time ago, and said our goodbyes and cried our tears. Everybody’s moved on. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s next things. As I said to someone, I’ll see you on 'The Love Boat.' And if you print that, somebody, somewhere, is going to pitch that.
    Read Hamm's full interview with The New York Times here.

    SEE ALSO: This moment in the pilot episode of "Mad Men" predicted how Don Draper would end up

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    NOW WATCH: How the stars of AMC's blockbuster 'Mad Men' changed over the years

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    mad men series finale ratingsIn addition to ending its story on a high note, AMC's "Mad Men" series finale has also nabbed the series' highest ratings ever.

    Sunday's show-closer attracted 1.7 million viewers in the cable network’s key demographic of adults, aged 25 to 54 years old, according to Nielsen's live plus same day viewing numbers. That is the series’ highest audience ever in the key demo.

    Overall, the show attracted 3.3 million total viewers. That is “Mad Men’s” third most-watched episode of its seven-season run. The Season 5 and Season 6 premieres are the No. 1 and No. 2 most-watched episodes of the series’ run, respectively.

    AMC will release its ratings report on Friday in order to reflect three days of delayed viewing, which can often double these initial numbers in the case of “Mad Men.”

    “Mad Men” ended on Sunday with main character Don Draper (Jon Hamm) on a journey of contemplation. During which, he would come up with one of advertising’s most iconic commercials: Coke’s 1971 “Hilltop” promo.

    SEE ALSO: Here's what Jon Hamm thinks happens to his Don Draper character after the 'Mad Men' finale

    MORE: Here's one of the happiest moments from the ‘Mad Men’ series finale

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    NOW WATCH: How the stars of AMC's blockbuster 'Mad Men' changed over the years

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    Alysia Reiner and Sarah Megan Thomas

    There's a new Wall Street movie in the works – and it happens to be written, produced, directed, and starred in by women.

    'Orange is the New Black' star Alysia Reiner and co-producer Sarah Megan Thomas are raising funds for their feature-length independent film, Equity, which is set to begin shooting in New York and Philadelphia later this spring under the direction of Meera Menon.

    The film is about "a top female investment banker fighting to keep her Wall Street firm in the lead as she shepherds the IPO for an emerging tech company," according to Reiner and Thomas' company website.

    The protagonist, Naomi Bishop, will struggle to "balance business and ethics in the post-financial crisis world where regulations are tight but aspirations remain high."

    The lead role has not yet been announced, but Reiner and Thomas will both act in other roles.

    The script, written by Amy Fox, is based on interviews the filmmakers held with male and female bankers across Wall Street, according to CNN Money.

    Rainer and Thomas have spoken with some big names in dealmaking, including James B. Lee Jr., Barbara Byrne, Alexandra Lebenthal, and Elaine La Roche, Bloomberg reports.

    Thomas, whose husband works on Wall Street, told Bloomberg the intention of the movie is not to "vilify" bankers, despite the sexism and other obstacle that the heroine will encounter.

    We'll let you know when the trailer comes out.

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    NOW WATCH: Sallie Krawcheck's Advice For Wall Street Analysts

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    girl reading

    Your 20s are a time for figuring out who you are and what you want from life.

    While the only way to learn is to survive the inevitable cycle of successes and failures, it is always useful to have some guidance along the way.

    To help you out, we've selected some of our favorite books that likely never made your high school or college reading lists.

    It's an eclectic selection that focuses on topics like identity, how you see the world, and laying the foundation for a fulfilling career.

    Here's what we think you should read before you turn 30.

    'Meditations' by Marcus Aurelius

    As you become an adult, you realize that there will never be a time in your life where everything is just as you hoped it would be.

    "Meditations" is a collection of personal writings on maintaining mental toughness from the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, who ruled from 161 to 180 AD and became remembered as one of the great "philosopher kings."

    As Gregory Hays notes in the introduction to his excellent translation, Marcus wrote his musings on resilience and leadership in a "dark and stressful period" in the last decade of his life.

    The emperor's version of Stoic philosophy has remained relevant for 1,800 years because it offers timeless advice for gaining control of one's emotions and progressing past all obstacles in one's path.

    Buy it here >>

    'The Myth of Sisyphus: And Other Essays' by Albert Camus

    We all have a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and we start to question that reason after entering the real world.

    As "The Stranger" author Albert Camus sees it, all people find themselves in an irrational world struggling to find meaning for their lives where there is none.

    His main message, however, is that just as the legend of Sisyphus tells of a god who was eternally punished by having to push a rock up a hill only to have it fall down each time he reached the peak, we should embrace the drive for meaning and lead happy, fulfilling lives with a clear-eyed view of the world.

    Buy it here >>

    'Crime and Punishment' by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    Regardless of your personal philosophy, there will be times when the world pushes against you and you wonder why it's worth trying to better yourself and help others.

    Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel is not only a gripping story, it's an argument against the nihilism that was popular among Russian intellectual circles in his time.

    "Crime and Punishment" is the tale of a 23-year-old man named Raskolnikov who, acting on a nagging urge, murders two old women and then struggles with processing the act.

    Dostoyevsky argues that rationalism taken to its extreme ignores the powerful bonds that connect humanity and give us responsibility over each other.

    Buy it here >>

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    sansa game of thrones

    A US senator just declared that she's fed up with "Game Of Thrones." 

    On Tuesday, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) tweeted that she is "done" with HBO's hit show after watching Sunday's episode, which included a controversial rape scene.

    In the much-discussed scene, Sansa (Sophie Turner) is sexually assaulted on her wedding night by new husband Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) while another character, Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen), is forced to watch.

    The scene is actually a toned-down version of how it was originally depicted in the book, according to "Game of Thrones" fans.

    The show has previously been criticized for its depictions of sexual violence. And the most recent episode has rekindled a critical debate over whether the show and the book series trivialize violence towards women.

    As Talking Points Memo notes, McCaskill has been an advocate for greater safeguards against sexual assault. Last year, the Missouri senator sponsored a bill that would have held colleges more accountable for sexual assault on campus, and made it easier for survivors of sexual assault to seek help. McCaskill has also pushed for greater protections for soldiers who are sexually assaulted while serving in the military.

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    NOW WATCH: How a legendary rock band ended up influencing the 'Game of Thrones' books

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    In the mid-1990s, Microsoft founder Bill Gates was a pretty radical dude. Here he is jumping over a chair for no reason on live TV:

    Bill Gates chair jumping

    He's still pretty radical, of course. He's got a foundation with his wife that's aiming to eradicate several diseases in the next 15 years, for instance. 

    But back in the mid-'90s, he was a bit more comical in his radicalness. Look no further than the crazy video of Gates giving an internal Microsoft presentation from within classic computer game "Doom" for proof of said radicality.

    Bill Gates in "Doom"

    The video is a little anachronistically awkward. A technology company CEO shooting monsters with a shotgun isn't so awkard, but the party where he shoots an undead marine is a bit on the unsettling side. And what's that robe about?

    The real reason behind Gates' appearance in a classic game was to talk about how Windows 95 – the groundbreaking computer operating system that set the standard for modern Windows – was "the game platform." 

    He told viewers that over 75 games would arrive on Windows 95 by the end of the year, and Microsoft will "clean up this DOS mess." Truly, this video is steeped in the year it was made. Watch the whole thing right here:

    SEE ALSO: There's a ton of hype around this reboot of a classic '90s video game — and this leaked footage shows you why

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    NOW WATCH: Watch Microsoft's Insane Holographic Computer In Action

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    Warner Bros. just debuted a trailer for a new Zac Efron movie and it looks a lot like "The Social Network" for DJing.

    Following last summer's smash hit "Neighbors," Efron will return to college in "We Are Your Friends."

    This time around, the 27-year-old will play an aspiring DJ who tries to break through onto L.A.'s electronic music scene.

    The film comes from first-time director Max Joseph, who has made a name for himself as the cinematographer on MTV's "Catfish." Now, he looks to tap into another big cultural trend by tackling the ever-growing popularity of EDM. It co-stars Wes Bentley ("American Beauty") and Emily Ratajkowski ("Gone Girl").

    "We Are Your Friends" comes out in theaters on August 28, 2015.

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    taylor schilling orange is the new black

    If you're using someone else's Netflix password, you're not alone. 

    A new report from Parks Associates, a Dallas-based market research firm, found that more than 10% of households in the U.S. that have a broadband connection and watch a subscription streaming service like Netflix or Hulu Plus use an account that someone outside of the house is paying for.

    The firm found that 11% of people who use Netflix, 10% who stream Hulu Plus, and 5% who use Amazon Prime Instant Video use someone else's account information to access the services.

    Not surprisingly, Parks Associates found that younger people share accounts more than older people. Of 18 to 24-year-olds who use a streaming service, 22% are using one that belongs to someone outside of their household.  

    parks associates password sharing chart third quarter 2015The report comes amidst tremendous growth in new and existing streaming video services. Last month HBO launched HBO Now, a standalone streaming service that allows people in the U.S. to stream HBO without subscribing to cable or satellite. Earlier this year, Dish, the satellite company, launched Sling TV, a package of live TV channels streamed online that starts at $20 a month.

    People are watching less live TV than they used to and ratings are down. Americans are ditching expensive cable and satellite TV subscriptions, or not signing up for TV once they live on their own, and choosing streaming video services like Netflix instead.

    For the first time ever, pay TV providers — think cable and satellite companies like Comcast and DirecTV — lost TV subscribers in the first quarter of the year, a traditionally a strong period for them

    For the most part, streaming services have not cracked down on shared password use. Netflix's "Standard" $8.99 per month plan actually allows for two people to stream on different devices at the same time, while an $11.99 per month "Premium" subscription, which the company launched two years ago, allows for up to four people to stream concurrently.  

    Both HBO Now and HBO Go, the streaming service that's available only to those who subscribe to HBO through a TV company, allow for three concurrent streams.  

    The idea with these services is that an immediate family can have one account, so parents can watch something while two kids stream something else.

    In the past, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has downplayed password sharing, saying in a call with investors two years ago that the company doesn't think that a lot of people share passwords with "marginal acquaintance[s]."

    But last year, Hastings had a more memorable response after an analyst asked the question again, noting that Richard Plepler, the CEO of HBO, had recently said that sharing HBO Go passwords had "no impact on the business."

    "So I guess Plepler ... doesn't mind me then sharing his [Netflix] account information," Hastings joked. "So it's and his password is 'netflix bitch.' "

    Plepler, for his part, told CNN's Brian Stelter last month that HBO looks at password sharing “very carefully." For now, however, the number of people sharing passwords on HBO Go is “just simply not a big number.”

    The Parks Associates report doesn't include password sharing figures for so-called "authenticated" apps, like HBO Go, that require a subscription to pay TV to use. 

    Parks Associates found that 57% of households in the U.S. that have a broadband connection use a subscription streaming video service, but Parks Associates surveyed households in the third quarter of last year, before the release of HBO Now and Sling TV. 

    SEE ALSO: Streaming services really are convincing people to ditch cable, and it's only going to get worse

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    The second trailer for "Pixels" — this summer's Adam Sandler movie about classic video games out to destroy us all — is a lot like the first. Aliens are on an arcade game-inspired rampage, and only Adam Sandler and his pals (Kevin James, Josh Gad, and Peter Dinklage) can save us because they're all former arcade champs. 

    The new trailer introduces the entire gang, which includes "Game of Thrones" star Peter Dinklage as former Donkey Kong champ (and current prison inmate?) Eddie Plant.

    We see him do a little impression of Kong. It may be the best part of the trailer. 

    "Pixels" arrives in theaters July 24, 2015.

    dinklage donkey dance

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    If you're a human with a phone or TV, chances are you've at least heard of "Game of War."

    The mobile war strategy game, made by Machine Zone, with spokeswoman Kate Upton is making a ton of money (currently, it's has the second highest gross in the App Store), and it's also clearly spent a ton of money in advertising.

    But is "Game of War" worth the hype?

    After trying it out for a couple of weeks, we have to answer a resounding no. This game is disaster.

    Here's the load screen. This is important because, if you don't have a reliable internet connection, you will be spending a LOT of time staring at this screen. You can't play "Game of War" without a connection.

    Chances are you've seen one of the game's ads, since they're plastered everywhere. This one came up in another game altogether ("Trivia Crack").

    Once you get it open, this is what you see. Find the arrows confusing? That's how our eyes feel. There is way too much to look at here and click on. Some are ads to buy in-app purchases, some are actual gameplay controls, some are resource monitors, and the list goes on and on.

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    You'll be surprised to find that these icons of American pop culture have one thing in common — a Canadian passport. Watch and learn.

    Produced by Justin Gmoser

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    e keeping up with kardashians about bruce ratings part 1

    Bruce Jenner is the breadwinner this week on E! Entertainment's "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

    Sunday's Part one of the specials dubbed "Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce" brought in 2.92 million total viewers, according to TheWrap. That represents a 40% increase over the previous Sunday's episode audience of 2.09 viewers.

    The series also attracted 1.15 million viewers in the younger-skewing Adults, aged 18 to 34 years old, also a 40% bump over the previous episode. Furthermore, it scored a 33% increase in the group most popular with advertisers, Adults 18-49 and the older-skewing 25-54 year old demo.

    The ratings for Part 2, which aired on Monday, are not yet available.

    These were much-needed increases for the series, which seems to have shored up a trend of audience decline in recent seasons. 

    The current 10th season premiered on March 15 and held steady with the previous season's premiere with 2.55 million total viewers. That could be attributed to curiosity surrounding Bruce and Kris's recently finalized divorce and reports of Bruce's transition to a woman at the time.

    On "About Bruce," E! airs several intimate meetings between the former Olympian and his family that took place in January. Emotions are still very raw as Bruce was still planning his transition and had yet to shoot the Diane Sawyer interview for ABC. It would air on April 28 to an audience of 17.1 million viewers.

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    MORE: He or she? Kim Kardashian explains how to refer to Bruce Jenner as he transitions to a woman

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