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    Black Widow Disney final

    After being in six Marvel Cinematic Universe movies as Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson is finally getting paid big time.

    The actress is going to be taking in $15 million for her upcoming standalone movie, a salary that equals what Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth both earned on “Avengers: Infinity War,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    If you think six movies (counting “Avengers 4”) is quite a long time to get a raise (Johansson earned a low seven-figure check for the first “Avengers” movie back in 2012, according to THR), it’s actually par for the course when it comes to how Disney and Marvel Studios pay stars. Basically, the longer you stay in the franchise, the more you’ll eventually make.

    Here’s how much 5 other actors have been paid during their time in the MCU:

    SEE ALSO: The screenwriter of "First Man" spent 4 years researching Neil Armstrong to craft a true-life story even some hardcore space historians didn't know

    Chris Hemsworth — $150,000 for “Thor” (2011) / $15 million for “Avengers: Infinity War” (2017)

    The actor didn’t have many credits to his name when he came on to play Odin’s son in the first movie, so he didn’t have much leverage when it came to negotiating a salary. But clearly things have worked out well for him.

    Chris Evans — $1 million for “Captain America: The First Avenger” (2011) / $15 million for “Avengers: Infinity War” (2017)

    This Chris likely got a little more because he had better name recognition when he agreed to play Steve Rogers. In fact, he had already played a superhero. He was Johnny Storm in the early 2000s version of the “Fantastic Four” franchise.

    Chadwick Boseman — $2 million for “Black Panther” (2017) / Upcoming MCU movies: Unknown

    For Disney standards, starting out at $2 million isn’t bad. And being part of one of the biggest Marvel hits of all time certainly led to Boseman getting a nice bonus. He’ll definitely be looking at bigger paydays playing T’Challa going forward.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Venom Tom hardy

    With "Venom" now in theaters, and unexpectedly breaking box-office records, it marks the latest addition to the long-running "Spider-Man" franchise.

    Of course, "Venom" is nothing like any previous "Spider-Man" movie — it doesn't even feature the famous wall-crawling superhero. Instead, it tells the origin story of one of his classic villains, as reporter Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) is taken over by an alien parasite and transformed into the anti-hero Venom.

    The path for the "Spider-Man" franchise has been anything but steady. What began in 2002 as a phenomenon with Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" derailed when the film studio Sony rebooted the character in 2012 with "The Amazing Spider-Man," just five years after Raimi's disappointing "Spider-Man 3."

    After Sony and Marvel Studios struck a deal, the character was rebooted yet again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this time to better results with "Spider-Man: Homecoming" last year. But Sony still maintains distribution rights and creative control, and can therefore develop its own movies based on the character — including "Venom."

    With the character arguably more popular than ever on screen thanks to the MCU and "Venom," more movies will be coming. "Homecoming" sequel "Spider-Man: Far From Home" arrives in theaters next year, and Sony is developing more villainous spin-offs like "Venom," including Kraven the Hunter and Morbius movies.

    Below is every Spider-Man movie, ranked from worst to best:

    SEE ALSO: Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo may have revealed the title of the next 'Avengers' movie in a censored interview, and a fan might have uncovered what he said

    7. "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" (2014)

    The first "Amazing Spider-Man" hardly justifies its existence, which makes its sequel all the more pointless. It doesn't do itself any favors by failing to learn the lessons of "Spider-Man 3" — there are too many plot points and too many villains. We get the Green Goblin (again), Electro, and five seconds of the Rhino that actor Paul Giamatti somehow agreed to.

    6. "The Amazing Spider-Man" (2012)

    "The Amazing Spider-Man," from director Marc Webb, is more of an excuse for Sony to keep the rights to the character than an actual movie. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone's chemistry is the best part, but beyond that, it's basically a remake of Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man." We had already seen the origin story done as well as it could be. There was no reason to do it all over again.

    5. "Venom" (2018)

    "Venom" is by no means a good movie. But in a few years, I'll remember it more than the "Amazing Spider-Man" movies simply for how it has managed to become a success story despite poor reviews. For better or for worse, Venom is here to stay, and that's more than can be said of "The Amazing Spider-Man."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    First Man Daniel McFadden

    • "First Man" screenwriter Josh Singer spoke to Business Insider about the controversy surrounding the fact that, in the movie, there is no scene of the American flag being planted on the moon.
    • Singer told Business Insider that "if you see the film you understand why" that kind of scene isn't in the movie.


    Before pretty much anyone saw “First Man,” the opinion of some was that it wasn’t patriotic. Why? Because the movie doesn’t have a scene in which Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin plant the American flag on the moon. 

    And no one was more upset about this misconception than the person who spent four years researching and crafting the screenplay, Josh Singer.

    “One of the things that upset me the most about the flag conversation is this is very much a celebration of blue collar work, or patriotic sacrifice, which is what Neil embodied,” Singer told Business Insider.

    Singer said he and director Damien Chazelle’s main goal with the movie was to delve deep into the life of Armstrong and what he was dealing with not just technology-wise to get to the moon, but also personally.

    But despite that focus, the movie is still patriotic, even though we don’t see our heroes stick the flag into the moon's lunar surface. In fact, the flag is shown in all its glory on the moon in a gorgeous wide shot that’s made even more majestic and patriotic as it was part of the footage that was shot on an Imax camera.

    "To be perfectly honest, I can understand why people who haven't seen the film are questioning why that isn't there, but if you see the film you understand why," Singer said. "The film is so deeply patriotic to begin with it's not necessary. We also don't have the call to Nixon. We're trying to get under the myth."

    “First Man” opens in theaters Friday.

    SEE ALSO: The screenwriter of "First Man" spent 4 years researching Neil Armstrong to craft a true-life story even some hardcore space historians didn't know

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    Resident Evil 2 Licker

    • The latest game in the Resident Evil franchise is "Resident Evil 2," a remake of the 1998 classic.
    • "Resident Evil 2" is rebuilt from the ground up, blending the horror elements of the original with the action-oriented gameplay of newer "Resident Evil" games.
    • "Resident Evil 2" takes gore to another level, using an updated graphics engine to show the damage done to zombies in real-time.

    Picking up Capcom's remake of "Resident Evil 2" for the first time, I thought I knew what to expect. I've beaten the 1998 original, and I still remember the parts that scared me out of my seat. But less than 10 minutes into the demo at New York Comic Con, I felt myself gripping the controller in fear all over again.

    Returning to the zombie-infested Raccoon City Police Department as rookie cop Leon Kennedy felt surreal; the setting was immediately familiar, but the remake's overhauled graphics and camera angles gave me a new perspective. Even with my memories of where to go, it took some time to navigate the dark hallways, as the game's dynamic lighting left me relying on Leon's flashlight to guide the way.

    Resident Evil 2

    By the time I encountered my first zombies, I was fully on edge, despite carrying a full clip of pistol ammo. I could see their bodies falling to pieces as I fired, but they just kept coming, with some even attacking from the floor. Damage done to the zombies and monsters appears in real time — this "Resident Evil 2" remake benefits from the fresh game engine Capcom developed for "Resident Evil 7." Before I could find a way to restore power to the dimly lit hallways, I was forced to run for my life back to the main lobby and look for another way to escape.

    The "Resident Evil" series is credited with coining the term "survival horror" to define the unique genre the games pioneered in the late '90s. "Resident Evil" made players feel vulnerable by stealing away their sense of control and limiting their resources, a stark contrast from the superheroic protagonists of most action games.

    Resident Evil 2 Cerberus Dogs

    Building from the success of the first game, the developers of "Resident Evil 2" understood how to manipulate the technology of the time to build a terrifying experience. Fixed camera angles made the game feel less focused on the player, instead emphasizing the horrific setting and leaving the potential for surprises lurking off-screen. With difficult controls and limited weaponry, each confrontation was a stressful choice between fight or flight. Surviving the game meant properly managing items, solving puzzles under stress. and staying aware of your surroundings.

    This changed with "Resident Evil 4" and its sequels, as Capcom shifted the game to an over-the-shoulder camera and more action-oriented gameplay. While the run-and-gun style of the newer games found an audience, fans of the earlier games complained that "Resident Evil" had abandoned survival horror to become a more generic action franchise.

    RE2 Old NewThe redesigned "Resident Evil 2" strikes a healthy balance between the two styles of gameplay, giving players greater control with the over-the-shoulder camera, but continuing to limit resources as they explore the constant dangers of the police department. Using the updated RE Engine, "Resident Evil 2" completely recasts the game's visuals, creating a dark and frightening environment to match the suspense of the gameplay.

    The game's storytelling has also been revamped, expanding short conversations into full-blown cutscenes. Leon's story is one of two campaigns in "Resident Evil 2." The other story belongs to Claire Redfield, who battles the mutated Doctor William Birkin in her version of the demo.

     Dr. Birkin pursues Claire through the tunnels beneath the police department and Claire is forced to flee and search the area for ammo to defend herself. While the fight is rather basic in the original game, the remake makes the updated boss battle feels suspenseful in all the right ways. Birkin's behavior has been improved to make him a true threat, and the improved controls give Claire more of a fighting chance.

    In the original game, the two story campaigns were interconnected and the order they were completed impacted the course of the story, as well as the items you can obtain in the game. Capcom said the storytelling in "Resident Evil 2" has been modified to make the plot more cohesive, though the two campaigns remain separate.

    Even as someone who finished the original game, the "Resident Evil 2" remake feels like a refreshing experience and achieves a wonderful balance between classic survival horror and modern gameplay. "Resident Evil 2" will be released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on January 25, 2019, you can check out the story trailer below.


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    • Billy McFarland, who organized last year's Fyre Festival, has been sentenced to six years in prison.
    • McFarland pleaded guilty to wire-fraud charges made against him in relation to Fyre Festival in March. Fyre Festival instantly became infamous after hundreds of attendees were left stranded in the Bahamas.
    • In June, McFarland was arrested again on charges of selling fake tickets through a different company, called NYC VIP Access, starting in late 2017. He pleaded guilty to those charges in July.
    • Here's a look back at what happened at Fyre Festival. 

    Billy McFarland, the 26-year-old founder of the nightmarish Fyre Festival that left hundreds of attendees stranded in the Bahamas last year, has been sentenced to six years in prison.

    "The remorse I feel is crushing," McFarland said during his sentencing on Thursday, Vice News reported. "I lived every day with the weight of knowing that I literally destroyed the lives of my friends and family."

    According to Vice, victims of his scams also testified against him. One investor, Joe Nemeth, said that McFarland had "financially ruined" his and his wife's life.

    "It took me 20 years of saving my lunch money to save $180,000. I hope the justice system has the last laugh at Mr. McFarland," Nemeth said in court on Thursday.

    McFarland has been awaiting sentencing since pleading guilty to wire-fraud charges made against him in relation to Fyre Festival in March.

    In July, he pleaded guilty to a second fraudulent scheme completely separate from Fyre Festival, in which he sold tickets to exclusive events such as the 2018 Met Gala, Burning Man, Coachella, the Grammy Awards, and the Super Bowl, through a company called NYC VIP Access.

    Fyre Festival, which promised to offer attendees a VIP experience when they set off to Great Exuma in the Bahamas, turned into a nightmare. Attendees encountered delayed flights, half-built huts to sleep in, and cold cheese sandwiches to eat.

    Find out what happened below:

    SEE ALSO: Fyre Festival founder sentenced to 6 years in prison after pleading guilty to defrauding investors out of millions of dollars in various ticketing schemes

    The three-day party was supposed to be on a private beach on the island of Great Exuma in the Bahamas.

    It was supposed to be over two weekends in 2017: April 28-30 and May 5-7.

    It was described as an "immersive music festival."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    creed ii

    "Creed II," the sequel to the 2015 "Rocky" spin-off starring Michael B. Jordan as Apollo Creed's son, comes to theaters next month. But if you're itching for some "Rocky" before that, YouTube has you covered.

    YouTube Movies is currently offering the first five original "Rocky" movies for free. YouTube launched its movies section in 2011. Most are only available for purchase, but there are select titles available for free, which seems like a little-known fact in this age of streaming services. One note: they do have banner ads that pop up periodically but you can click them away (there are no video ads).

    Other free movies include "The Terminator," "Legally Blonde," "Zookeeper," "The Man in the Iron Mask," and "Agent Cody Banks."

    The only "Rocky" movies not available are 2006's "Rocky Balboa" and "Creed."

    • Watch "Rocky" here.
    • Watch "Rocky II" here.
    • Watch "Rocky III" here.
    • Watch "Rocky IV" here.
    • Watch "Rocky V" here.

    "Creed II" finds Adonis Creed facing the son of Ivan Drago, the man who killed his father in the ring in "Rocky IV." It comes to theaters November 21.

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    Ryan Coogler

    • Ryan Coogler has signed on to write and direct the sequel to "Black Panther," according to The Hollywood Reporter.
    • Production will begin either at the end of 2019 or early 2020.


    Ryan Coogler has signed on to write and direct the sequel to his massive hit "Black Panther."

    The Marvel movie that made over $1.3 billion at the global box office solidified Coogler as one of the top directing talents in Hollywood, as the movie followed the success of his previous hit, "Creed."

    Coogler is set to begin writing the sequel to "Black Panther" next year with an eye to begin production in late 2019 or early 2020, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    The director is also working on the drama, "Wrong Answer," which will star Michael B. Jordan (who has worked with Coogler previously on "Fruitvale Station," "Creed," and "Black Panther"). Coogler is also the executive producer on the LeBron James-starring "Space Jam" sequel.

    SEE ALSO: "First Man" screenwriter explains what upset him the most about the flag-planting controversy

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    George Costanza Penske File Seinfeld Lazy Bad Employee

    • WikiLeaks on Thursday published a document it said showed the exact locations of over 100 Amazon data centers.
    • Previously, for security reasons, only the general areas of these data centers were known.
    • WikiLeaks said the document showed that Amazon often uses pseudonyms for the data centers, including one in Manassas, Virginia, where Amazon is known as "Vandelay Industries" — a nod to the TV show "Seinfeld."
    • According to WikiLeaks, the document says Amazon employees at the Manassas data center wear Vandelay Industries badges and use the George Costanza-imagined company name in all correspondence with the building manager.

    WikiLeaks on Thursday published a document it said showed the exact locations of over 100 Amazon data centers. Previously, for security reasons, only the general areas of these data centers were known.

    WikiLeaks said that to keep these locations secretive, Amazon uses various pseudonyms for facilities.

    Most notably, according to the document, at Amazon's IAD77 data center in Manassas, Virginia, Amazon is known as "Vandelay Industries" — a nod to George Costanza and his shenanigans at the unemployment office in season three of the TV show "Seinfeld." 

    WikiLeaks said the document showed that all Amazon employees at the IAD77 data center wear Vandelay Industries badges and use the Costanza-imagined company name in all correspondence with the building manager.

    There are 38 data centers in Virginia alone and several in the Bay Area and near Seattle, according to the document, which WikiLeaks said was a "highly confidential" internal report from late 2015. Amazon has centers across Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia as well. 

    WikiLeaks also published a map that it said pinpointed the locations of Amazon's identified data centers.

    The WikiLeaks report said that Amazon, the largest cloud provider for the US intelligence community, is bidding on a $10 billion contract to build a private cloud for the Department of Defense. The bids are due Friday.

    Amazon did not immediately return a request for comment.

    SEE ALSO: Kanye West revealed his iPhone lock code while in the Oval Office, and it's 000000

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    Music Modernization Act

    • The White House hosted some prominent entertainers on Thursday to celebrate President Donald Trump signing the Music Modernization Act, which ensures the rights of songwriters in the digital era.
    • Kid Rock, The Beach Boys cofounder Mike Love, country singers John Rich and Craig Morgan, and Christian rock band MercyMe were among the musicians in attendance.
    • Later on, rapper Kanye West and retired NFL player Jim Brown joined Trump for a working lunch to discuss a handful of issues.

    The White House welcomed a star-studded group of guests on Thursday to attend President Donald Trump's signing of the Music Modernization Act, and Trump's working lunch. The president also had a sit-down in the Oval Office with rapper Kanye West and former NFL player Jim Brown.

    The Music Modernization Act, named for retiring Rep. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia and retiring Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, who is also a songwriter, secured widespread bipartisan support.

    The Act updates current music licensing law to enable songwriters to be adequately compensated from revenues originating from online music streaming, allow producers to earn royalties from songs played over online and satellite radio, and ensure royalty payments for the writers and performers of songs written before 1972.

    Musicians including Kid Rock, The Beach Boys cofounder Mike Love, and Christian rock group MercyMe attended the bill signing. NFL legend Jim Brown and Kanye West later joined Trump in the Oval Office for a working lunch and a televised meeting with reporters. West previously met with Trump shortly after his election in 2016

    Here are all the celebrities who appeared at the White House on Thursday:

    Kid Rock

    Robert James Ritchie, better known as the musician Kid Rock, attended the signing for the Music Modernization Act at the White House in his signature rockstar garb and sunglasses. 

    “This business of music is a pretty dirty business ... but this is a great start to protect songwriters, producers, engineers — the unsung heroes behind many of these songs that go out there,” he said of the Act.

    Kid Rock himself is one of Trump's most prominent supporters in the entertainment community, and even floated a run for Senate in Michigan, although he later revealed it was a promotional tactic for his most recent album. 

    Sam Moore

    Trump welcomed Sam Moore, a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer best known as one-half of the soul and R&B duo Sam & Dave, to the White House and wished him a happy 83rd birthday, which he celebrates October 12.

    "He looks good," Trump joked. "83! That means there's a future for us."

    Trump gifted Moore a pen used to sign the Act. Moore praised Trump for helping get the act signed into law. 

    "When Mr. Bush was in we couldn't get it done. When we had Mr. Obama in, we couldn't get it done. But we got it done with this man," Moore said 

    Mike Love

    Mike Love, the Grammy Award-winning cofounder of The Beach Boys who also holds a spot in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, also appeared alongside Trump for the bill signing. 

    "People can say what they want, but you've always been a big supporter of some of the best music America's ever made," Love said of Trump.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Screen Shot 2018 10 11 at 6.16.28 PM

    • CNN host Don Lemon had some sharp words for Kanye West after the rapper's visit to the White House on Thursday.
    • The 41-year-old artist and designer visited the Oval Office to discuss job opportunities for former convicts, but that was largely overshadowed by a 10-minute monologue he gave on a range of other issues.
    • Lemon held his head in dismay after watching a clip of Kanye's remarks on CNN.
    • "I have no animosity for Kanye West. I'm just going to be honest and I may get in a lot of trouble for it," Lemon said. "I actually feel bad for him. What I saw was a minstrel show today."
    • Lemon mentioned that Kanye's mother, Donda West, would be "embarrassed" by his recent actions.

    CNN host Don Lemon slammed Kanye West after the artist's visit to the White House on Thursday, calling it a "minstrel show" and an "embarrassment."

    The 41-year-old rapper visited the Oval Office to discuss job opportunities for former convicts, a goal that was largely overshadowed by a 10-minute monologue he gave on a range of other issues in front of President Donald Trump.

    Kanye also referred to himself as a "mother f---er" and reiterated his full endorsement of Trump as a throng of TV news cameras and journalists watched.

    "Let's stop worrying about the future. All we really have is today," Kanye said while wearing a hat emblazoned with the Trump campaign's slogan "Make America Great Again."

    "Trump is on his hero's journey right now, and he might not have expected to have a crazy motherf---er like Kanye West."

    Lemon held his head in dismay after watching a clip of Kanye's remarks on CNN.

    "I have no animosity for Kanye West. I'm just going to be honest and I may get in a lot of trouble for it," Lemon said. "I actually feel bad for him. What I saw was a minstrel show today."

    Lemon, who is black, said Kanye was "embarrassing himself," adding that he was not only "embarrassing Americans, but mostly African-Americans."

    "I couldn't even watch it," Lemon said. "I had to turn the television off because it was so hard to watch."

    Kanye West Donald Trump iPlane

    The CNN host echoed what other media personalities said on Thursday and suggested Kanye was in need of professional help. Kanye, who voluntarily admitted himself to a hospital for exhaustion and sleep deprivation in 2016, faced widespread criticism after his release for making erratic, politically charged statements.

    "Him, sitting there being used by the president of the United States," Lemon said, "The president of the United States exploiting him, and, I don't mean this in a disparaging way, exploiting someone who needs help."

    Lemon implored Kanye to "back away from the cameras" and lay low so he can "deal with his issues."

    He continued: "If anyone around him cares about him ... they need to grab him and snatch him up, and get Kanye together because Kanye needs help."

    Lemon, who said he does not belong to a political party, rejected the notion that his views on Kanye were politically motivated.

    "This has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative," Lemon said. "This has to do with honesty. And we have to stop pretending ... like this is normal."

    The CNN host said he believes Kanye's mother, Donda West, would be "embarrassed" by her son's recent behavior. Donda died in 2007 from coronary artery disease and complications after surgery. Kanye's mother has been one of the most influential figures in his life.

    Lemon recounted his text messages with one of Donda's friends from Chicago: "Donda would be embarrassed by this. She would be terribly disturbed by this. And Kanye has not been the same since his mother died."

    "Kanye, back away from the cameras, go get some help, and then come back and make your case," Lemon said. "If you want to be conservative, if you want to support Donald Trump, that is your business. But as you're doing it, have some sense with it. Make sense. Educate yourself."

    Following Kanye's visit, other media personalities weighed in on the freewheeling press conference at the White House.

    "If you think you're going to get a thoughtful play-by-play and political analysis, you're not, because that was an assault on our White House," MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle said.

    "I'm just stunned across the board," Ruhle added.

    SEE ALSO: Kanye West revealed his iPhone lock code while in the Oval Office, and it's 000000

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    Charlotte Moore

    • Charlotte Moore, one of the world's most powerful TV executives, has taken a brutal swipe at Netflix and Amazon.
    • The BBC's director of content said they have an "insatiable greed for data-gathering" and are motivated by profit, rather than what's good for audiences.
    • It is the latest swing in a sustained attack from the BBC on America's big tech companies.

    One of the world's most powerful TV executives has taken aim at Netflix and Amazon.

    In a speech on Thursday night, the BBC's Director of Content Charlotte Moore said the US tech giants have an enormous thirst for data and are motivated by profit, rather than what's good for audiences.

    "So much of what’s driving the rapid change in our industry is about technology, not creativity. The television landscape is increasingly defined by what will deliver the biggest profits for companies, not the best programmes for audiences," she told an audience in London.

    "I worry that the insatiable greed for data-gathering is actually serving the wrong master. That entire businesses are focused on what they can take from audiences, instead of what they can give back."

    It is the most brutal swipe yet in a sustained attack from the BBC on America's big tech companies. The corporation is worried that the global TV market could be dominated by a small handful of companies, who do not have the same public service remit of the BBC. It wants the government to step in and regulate these firms to level the playing field.

    The broadcaster is funded by the British public and has a duty to air TV shows that appeal to audiences of all backgrounds, as well as foster new talent and empower the UK's £2.7 billion ($3.6 billion) production sector. Moore is in charge of all the BBC's TV output, and the shows she commissions travel around the world. Shows like "Blue Planet II," "Doctor Who," and "Top Gear."

    Moore argued that while the BBC's funding for content is shrinking, Amazon and Netflix are growing in power. And she doesn't think that's helpful for the British TV industry.

    "Netflix’s current budget for programmes is $8 billion. Amazon’s is $5 billion. But their investment into new UK programmes is only around £150 million a year. Less than 10% of their catalogues is made up of content produced in the UK," said Moore, who was delivering the Steve Hewlett Memorial Lecture.

    "In a world of incredible, unprecedented choice, the irony is that British audiences may find it harder and harder to choose the stories that matter to them most."

    Netflix declined to comment. The company only uses the data it collects on viewing habits to inform it commissioning decisions. It also has a healthy relationship with the UK's top broadcasters, coproducing and financing programming. It's why hit BBC1 drama "Bodyguard" is being beamed to viewers across the world on Netflix.

    Amazon did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.

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    Nicki Radzely

    • Nicki Radzely, the cofounder of Doddle & Co., appeared on "Shark Tank" in January to pitch the Pop Pacifier.
    • During the episode, Daymond John told Radzely her company "sucks" and questioned why she had valued her business at $5 million.
    • Radzely ultimately accepted a $250,000 offer from Kevin O'Leary.
    • Looking back, Radzely said she loved that John insulted her because it gave her more airtime and a chance to address other investors' and viewers' concerns.

    Nicki Radzely didn't go on "Shark Tank" to make friends.

    She knew she'd be pummeled with hard questions — and potentially insults — about the product she was pitching, the Pop Pacifier.

    Radzely is the cofounder of Doddle & Co., a company that makes baby products, including pacifiers and teethers. The Pop Pacifier is designed to stay clean because the nipple pops back in every time it falls.

    When Radzely went on the show in January, Doddle & Co. was four months old, and she was asking for $250,000 in exchange for 5% of her company, meaning she had valued the business at $5 million.

    Daymond John took the lead on questioning Radzely about the cost, her sales, and why she thought the company was worth $5 million.

    When Mark Cuban and Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, proclaimed the product a "hit" with parents, John jumped in to say it "sucks." It was a pun, since the product was a pacifier — but you would imagine that the comment would sting nonetheless.

    That wasn't Radzely's reaction. "I thought it was fantastic," she told Business Insider. Radzely also got a kick out of John putting the pacifier in his mouth during the episode.

    "I think he was giving me a wink through his comments and actions to get us on air and to give some rise to our brand," Radzely said.

    "He asked hard questions," she said, "which helped me prove to the other investors that were sitting there that I could answer them and that there were no major flaws or gaps in our story."

    She added: "The questions that people were probably thinking, sitting at home watching, he asked. So it gave me a moment to clear that air."

    Radzely received multiple offers, including a joint offer from Blakely and Lori Greiner. Ultimately, Radzely accepted Kevin O'Leary's offer: $250,000 for 10% of the company.

    Today, Doddle & Co. has reached nearly $1 million in sales.

    Radzely said she "loved everything" that John "said and did."

    "It only helped us," she said.

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    Tencent music

    • Tencent Music is reportedly delaying its US initial public offering because of stock-market volatility.
    • The offering could value the business in excess of $25 billion, making it one of the biggest IPOs ever for a technology company.
    • US markets just suffered their steepest drop since February as concerns about rising interest rates and trade tensions sparked a sharp sell-off. 
    • Tencent Music’s parent company Tencent has had more than $200 billion of market value wiped out since February.

    Tencent Music Entertainment is reportedly delaying its US initial public offering because of the recent stock-market volatility.

    The IPO, which was initially scheduled for October 18, will be postponed until at least NovemberThe Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, citing sources familiar with the matter. The offering could value the business in excess of $25 billion, making it one of the biggest IPOs ever for a technology company.

    The China-based streaming-music service already met with its underwriting team this week to discuss the price range for its IPO, but they decided to wait several weeks on worries that the recent market sell-off could weigh on the pricing, The WSJ added. 

    US market have been hit hard in recent days, with the S&P 500 declining more than 6% so far in October as concerns about rising interest rates and trade tensions weigh. The Dow Jones industrial average shed more than 1,300 points over the last two trading sessions. 

    And the carnage isn't just limited to the US. China's markets are among the hardest hit, with the benchmark Shanghai Composite, down more than 20% this year and at the lowest level in four years. Tencent Music’s parent company, Tencent Holdings, has dropped more than 20% since releasing its quarterly results on August 15, and has seen $200 billion of market cap wiped out since February.

    Tencent Music operates several popular music brands in China — including QQ Music, Kugou, Kuwo and WeSing — and had more than 800 million unique monthly active users in the second quarter of 2018, according to a public filing.

    For the year ended December 31, 2017, Tencent Music said it earned RMB1.32 billion ($199 million) on revenue of of RMB10.99 billion ($1.66 billion).

    The company also said it generated a profit of RMB2.11 billion ($320 million) in the first half of this year, almost three times as much as its RMB732 million profit during the same period in 2017.

    Now read:


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    haunting of hill house netflix 2

    • Netflix's new horror series, "The Haunting of Hill House," is also a surprisingly emotional family drama, and one of Netflix's best original shows.
    • Director Mike Flanagan ("Gerald's Game") creates a creepy mood throughout the series that leaves the viewer in suspense.
    • The show's true horror beyond ghosts, though, comes from our real-life human fears.
    • The show's revelations are surprising and satisfying, and will leave viewers talking.


    Some of the best horror movies are also engaging family dramas. A recent example is this year's "Hereditary," which director Ari Aster has described as "a family tragedy that curdles into a nightmare."

    Netflix's new original TV series, "The Haunting of Hill House," could also be described that way. It takes the concept and expands it over the course of 10 serialized television episodes. Not only is the show a chilling horror series, but it's also an emotional story of a family being torn apart, often by the supernatural forces at work against them, but also by their own faults.

    It's also one of Netflix's best original series.

    "The Haunting of Hill House" is loosely based on the 1959 novel of the same name by Shirley Jackson. It follows the Crain family between their present lives and the past, when they lived in the haunted Hill house for a summer. The parents, Olivia (played by Carla Gugino) and Hugh (played by Henry Thomas in the past, and Timothy Hutton in the present) move them and their five kids to the house to flip it, but mysterious forces beyond their control upend their plan. 

    Years later, the Crains are still haunted by their past, even though they don't want to admit it, and spread out between the east and west coasts. The oldest, Steven (Michiel Huisman), is a horror author. His sister, Shirley (Elizabeth Reaser), who is a funeral director, condemns Steven for using their family trauma to sell books, and urges their siblings not to take his royalty checks. Theo (Kate Siegel, who is the standout performer) is living in Shirley's guest house and is a child psychiatrist with a mysterious gift that requires her to wear gloves at all times. The youngest, twins Luke (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and Nell (Victoria Pedretti), have a mental connection with one another, but Luke is a drug addict and Nell is still fixated on her time in the house thanks to a recent tragedy.

    the haunting of hill house

    The show flashes between the present and past, and most episodes focus on a particular family member. But it always feels integral to the story, and never like a gimmick. By the end, every plot thread is addressed in a satisfying, and shocking, conclusion.

    As a horror series, the show raises the bar for any future shows in the genre. There's your typical jump scares, but the true horror in the show plays out in more subtle, chilling ways thanks to director Mike Flanagan, who has made a name for himself as a horror director in recent years with "Oculus," "Hush," "Before I Wake," "Ouija: Origin of Evil," and "Gerald's Game." He's also attached to direct the "Shining" sequel, "Doctor Sleep."

    Flanagan sets an eerie mood throughout the show in which the viewer is kept in suspense. But it's not just ghosts that make the show scary. Like any good piece of horror, "The Haunting of Hill House" exploits our most common human fears: death of a loved one, addiction, betrayal, etc. And it does so in surprisingly emotional ways.

    It's tough to go into too much detail about the show without diving into spoilers. Some of the best parts involve revelations I didn't see coming. That's why, though, that this is going to be a massive hit that people will be talking about, and not just because it makes for a perfect Halloween binge.

    "The Haunting of Hill House" is available on Netflix starting Friday.

    Watch the trailer below:


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    cruel intentions

    Choosing a movie to watch on Netflix shouldn't be a struggle. 

    Every week, we look through what's available on the streaming service and recommend seven movies you can watch over the weekend. Some of our selections recently came to Netflix, and others have been available for a while.

    From Netflix's new original drama "The Kindergarten Teacher" to the 90s classic "Blade," these are some awesome movies on Netflix you can watch this weekend.

    Here are seven movies on Netflix you should check out (along with their scores from Rotten Tomatoes).

    Note: Not all of these films are available in countries outside the United States. Sorry!

    SEE ALSO: Director Ryan Coogler is reportedly returning for the 'Black Panther' sequel

    "The Kindergarten Teacher" (2018) — a Netflix Original

    Netflix description: Convinced that one of her young students is a prodigy, teacher Lisa becomes obsessed with nurturing his talent -- despite his father's objections.

    Critic score: 89%

    Audience score: 80%

    This movie is worth watching for Gyllenhaal's performance alone, as she beautifully captures a character that can be very hard to watch in a sympathetic way. 

    "Blade" (1998)

    Netflix description: Vampire Blade and his mentor battle a vampire rebel who plans to take over the outdated vampire council and resurrect voracious blood god La Magra. 

    Critic score: 54%

    Audience score: 78%

    The plot is lame, but the action is quite thrilling, and Wesley Snipes is great. While "Blade" is a bit cheesy, it's still a classic 90s action movie that's perfect for your lazy weekend binge session. 

    "Cruel Intentions" (1999)

    Netflix description: Quenching a thirst for dangerous games, a promiscuous teen challenges her stepbrother to deflower their headmaster's daughter before summer ends.

    Critic score: 48%

    Audience score: 81%

    Like "Blade," "Cruel Intentions" is, at its heart, a dumb movie — but it's a 90s classic nonetheless. If you didn't grow up with this movie, it's still exciting to see Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon, and Ryan Phillippe very young and trying their hardest to sell their so-bad-it's-good dialogue.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Americans

    2018 is wrapping up, and some your favorite TV shows like Netflix's "House of Cards" are ending their runs. And a lot of shows have ended throughout the year. 

    Shows that ended in 2018 include FX's critical darling "The Americans," which aired a stunning series finale after a six-season run in May. Other shows that have already ended include ABC's "The Middle," "Scandal," and "Once Upon a Time."

    A majority of these shows were popular with critics or audiences throughout their runs, and some, like "The Americans" and Fox's "New Girl," considered among the best shows on TV.

    But every show has to end at some point. These have run their course, and their networks decided it's time for them to go.

    Is your favorite show coming to an end this year? Has it already ended?

    Here are all the shows coming to an end in 2018:

    SEE ALSO: Scarlett Johansson will make $15 million for her Black Widow movie — here's how that compares to 5 other Marvel Cinematic Universe stars

    "Portlandia" — ended March 22, after eight seasons on IFC

    "Love" — ended March 29, after three seasons on Netflix

    "Scandal" — ended April 19, after seven seasons on ABC

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    First Man Universal final

    • Ryan Gosling delivers another Oscar-worthy performance in "First Man."
    • It looks at the life of astronaut Neil Armstrong in the lead-up to him being the first man to walk on the moon.
    • Director Damien Chazelle ("La La Land") tells a story that showcases the perilous work to get to space, but is also an intimate look at what was going on in Armstrong's life during that time.

    After the incredible success the two had on “La La Land,” Ryan Gosling and director Damien Chazelle reteam to make a very different movie with “First Man” (opening in theaters October 12).

    It’s not an astronaut movie in the vein of “The Right Stuff” or “Apollo 13,” where the Space Race missions are the main focus. Though Chazelle’s movie certainly has a lot of NASA mission control shots and astronauts in space, its focus is the life of Neil Armstrong, the first man to ever set foot on the moon. And as the movie shows, he's a man driven by a ghost from his past.

    Based on the James R. Hansen authorized biography of Armstrong, Chazelle doesn’t do the typical biopic treatment that would portray someone of Armstrong’s stature as larger-than-life. Instead, in this film, Armstrong couldn’t be more of a regular guy. And a main part of his life that sets the tone of the movie is the death of his young daughter in 1962 (she had a malignant tumor in her brain and died of pneumonia), seven years before he walks on the moon.

    Gosling plays Armstrong as a man deep in his thoughts. Though the movie is filled with fantastic looks back on the marvels of NASA making space travel a reality in the 1960s (and the dangers that come with it), it’s also an intimate story filled with tight shots of Armstrong not just working out the problems at work, but dealing with the death of a child at home.

    Chazelle doesn’t do this with Armstrong going into crying fits or arguing with his wife (played by Claire Foy) at home, but just by a look he gives, or a pause in what he’s doing. It’s the type of style Gosling has excelled at his whole career: taking a minimalist approach to his acting and saying more with a look or gesture than with words. (The work here should definitely put him in line for another Oscar nomination.)

    This leads to some moments in the movie that are a little slow and drawn-out, but the dangerous history of the Space Race always kicks things back into gear. There’s the trial-and-error of Project Gemini, which made it possible to put a man on the moon, and the death of the astronauts on Apollo 1.

    So when it’s Armstrong’s turn to head to the moon on Apollo 11, the stakes couldn’t be any higher and Chazelle shows the drive Armstrong has to make it a success.

    The ending of the movie is one of the most satisfying of any film I’ve seen this year. The powerful images (which I saw on a giant IMAX screen, are worth the price of admission alone) matched with the score by Justin Hurwitz is a thrill.

    There’s been a lot of social-media chatter about the presence of the American flag in the movie during the scenes on the moon, and having seen the movie, all I can say is it is there in all its glory during multiple shots.

    No doubt there’s an incredible sense of pride and marvel at American ingenuity while watching these scenes, but from the start Chazelle tells the story of one man’s journey to find internal peace, and it is perfectly brought together in the end.

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    jim carrey

    • Actor Jim Carrey has gained a reputation this year for being a political artist. He regularly posts new drawings on Twitter.
    • Later this month, he'll open an art exhibit showcasing his work.
    • We've rounded up Carrey's most memorable drawings that grabbed headlines and controversy ahead of the opening of the exhibit.


    Actor Jim Carrey is making a comeback on the screen with his new Showtime series, "Kidding," but his main claim to fame this year has been his outspoken political statements against President Trump and the Republican party.

    Carrey has grown a reputation for being a political activist and artist, and until "Kidding," he was somewhat of a recluse in recent years to focus on his new passion for art. He regularly posts new drawings to his Twitter, which has garnered over 18 million followers, and he has been the topic of numerous headlines because of his sometimes controversial drawings.

    According to The Los Angeles Times, Carrey is set to open an exhibit featuring his artwork in Los Angeles later this month, where his drawings will be shown to the public for the first time outside of Twitter. The exhibit, called IndigNation,” runs from October 23 to December 1 at at the Maccarone Gallery.

    "I get furious," Carrey told the Times of the current political climate. "Somedays, you feel like you’ve fed the dinosaur. But at some point, the truth has to tip over in the win column. And right now, the truth is taking a beating. Right now, we’ve got liars and salesmen, people who want to single us out because of the color of our skin. We’ve got policies based on skin color in 2018. Christ! It’s incredible to me."

    Ahead of the opening of the exhibit, we looked back at Carrey's most memorable drawings:

    SEE ALSO: Jamie Lee Curtis fired back at Fox News after it criticized her for using guns in the new 'Halloween' movie

    September 24

    Carrey called Brett Kavanaugh, the newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice accused of sexual misconduct, an "entitled little s---" and suggested a new uniform for Justices: a ski mask over the face.

    August 21

    After Trump's former associates Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen were both found guilty of separate federal crimes, Carrey drew Trump hanging from a flag pole and called him "the Great Spewdini," because he had spewed lies "to escape the straight-jacket of his un-Presidential criminality."


    June 19

    Carrey delivered a scathing commentary of Trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy, which separated children from their parents at the border, with a parody of Trump's book "The Art of the Deal." Carrey called it "The Art of the Meal," and depicted Trump about to eat an immigrant baby.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Fortnite on Android

    • "Fortnite" on Android is now available to anyone with a supported Android device.
    • The game is free as always.
    • Don't go looking for "Fortnite" on Google Play — it isn't there. Here's how to download the game!


    The biggest game in the world is finally opening up to everyone on the biggest mobile platform in the world: "Fortnite" on Android is now available for everyone.

    When the game originally arrived on Android earlier this year, it was only available to select Android devices — and even if you had a device, there was a sign-up form and a waiting list. No more! 

    As of this week, "Fortnite" can be played on the vast majority of new-ish Android phones. Here's the full list of officially supported devices:

    Fortnite on Android (supported devices)

    Don't see your phone and/or tablet on there? Don't fret! The game's maker, Epic Games, says that your device may still work as long as it has the following specs (or better):

    -OS: Recommended Android 8.0 or higher, 64-bit

    -RAM: 3 GB or higher

    -GPU: Adreno 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher

    Interested players can snag the game for Android through this website — if you're reading this on your Android phone and want to jump right in, click this link instead.

    Not seeing the game on Google Play? That's because it's not available through Google Play! Unlike most Android games, "Fortnite" is skipping Google's Play Store.

    Instead, the game is only available directly through Epic's website — updates come directly from Epic, thus enabling faster fixes.

    But the game isn't just skipping Google Play so it can be updated more easily. As a major bonus to Epic Games, all the money made through "Fortnite" on Android goes directly to Epic without having to pay the 30% cut Google takes from Google Play Store games. 

    Fortnite (mobile)

    "Fortnite" on Android operates very similarly to how the game already operates on iPhone.

    Controls are represented as virtual buttons on-screen, but it's otherwise the same insane game you can play on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One: A 100-player fight to the death in an environment that's getting smaller over time.

    SEE ALSO: When ‘Fortnite’ finally arrives on Android, it’s skipping Google’s storefront — and the CEO of Epic Games told me why

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    Beautiful Boy Amazon Studios final

    • Timothée Chalamet's gripping performance in "Beautiful Boy" proves he's one of the best young actors working today. 
    • Both and and Steve Carell, playing his father in the movie, deserve Oscar nominations.


    Every weekend we pick an indie movie currently playing in theaters we think is definitely worth your time and money, and this week's is "Beautiful Boy."

    Some movies that show the horrors of life are not intended to scare audiences, but give them a sense of hope. And "Beautiful Boy" is one of those movies.

    Giving a unflinching look at addiction, the performance by Timothée Chalamet playing Nic Sheff — who is spiraling out of control due to his addiction to methamphetamines despite the tenacious drive by his father, David (Steve Carell), to get him sober — is one you will not forget anytime soon. 

    Nic is a charming kid going into college who on the surface seems to have it all. But underneath, his need for drugs ends up crippling his life and his relationship with his family. 

    But unlike many movies about addiction, director Felix Van Groeningen doesn't solely focus on Nic's journey. He also focuses a good amount on what David is going through: his trips to the doctor to better understand his son's addiction, the flashbacks he has to much simpler times when Nic was a boy, and the excruciating-to-watch confrontations between father and son when the frustration with the disease hits its breaking point. The movie shows how the addiction cripples Nic, but also how despite it all, the bond between David and his son is stronger. 

    Chalamet, who proves here that he's definitely one of the best young actors working today, and Carell give Oscar-worthy performances. And the movie's look may also find awards consideration. Set mainly in the San Francisco area, the camera work at the locations by cinematographer Ruben Impens is breathtaking — a subtle juxtaposition with the not-so-pretty topic the movie covers.

    See where "Beautiful Boy" is playing near you.

    Our indie movie picks from previous weekends:

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